Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boomer the Barn Dog

Hi All--
Here's a picture of the precious little old guy, Boomer. A week ago yesterday, Donna made a very long drive and rescued him out of a barn where he had been tied for who knows how long.
He's been with us for a week today. I can't begin to tell you how special he is. Boomer is a sweet, loving, gentle old guy who is now a total chow-hound and wiggle butt!!!
Of course, he has totally grabbed my heart.

Boomer will need a lot of assistance. If this old guy tugs at your heart, click to sponsor him.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Hi all!

Many years ago, before I worked with NEBTR, I fostered a BT named Jasper after his owner had passed away. Jasper went to live with a very sweet old woman named Emma who was I believe 85 at the time she adopted him. Emma lived in a old farm house that she had shared with her husband who died in 1987, but she very much wanted a dog for companionship. Jasper took to Emma immediately, and lived a wonderful life with her until he died in 2003. Emma's family helped out with some of her needs, but I went to help out a couple of times each month to take Jasper's special diet and clip nails and whatever was needed.

After Jasper died, Emma was distraught, very depressed, and would call me begging me to find her another dog just like Jasper. I finally found another BT for her named Bingo who was a stray in W. Virginia. Emma came to life again after Bingo moved in. They had a bond like nothing I have ever seen before. Bingo was never more than about 10 feet from Emma, and was usually laying right next to her on the sofa.

I received a call this morning that Emma had a massive stroke last weekend, and that Bingo needs a place to go. I always promised Emma that if anything happened to her Bingo could live out his life here with me. Emma's niece hopes that Emma can someday come back home and that Bingo can go back to live with her, but it sounds unlikely considering Emma's condition at 94 years of age. She is bedridden, paralyzed on her left side and blind in one eye. She is in the nursing home that both of her sisters were in for years until they passed. So, Bingo will be coming to live with me today. Bingo was obese last I saw him a few years ago, but just as loving and wonderful as ever. I hope he can deal with all of the changes in his life, and that he will be happy here.

I hope to take Bingo to visit Emma after he settles in here - she always told me about the dogs that were at the nursing home when she visited her sisters. I have attached pictures of Emma and the very chubby Bingo.

Please keep Emma and Bingo in your prayers.