Saturday, January 12, 2013


Mariah Elliott:

Here's Simon on NYE. He's become quite a cuddler!

Simon is still available for adoption!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Beanie is Adopted

Beanie by Walter Williams

Hi, everyone.  
I am wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. 2012 was not a good year for me so I am not sorry to see it go.  I wanted to share with you how far my forever foster, Beanie has come in the past year.  When we got him he was very standoffish, but blended well with the pack after the initial isolation period.  He had never been socialized and we are still working on this as he is a very high anxiety dog.  
But his personality is coming through so much.  When my hubby was ill earlier this year, Beanie would not leave his side and still is hubby's little velcro dog. My hubby also sometimes has episodes of low blood sugar and Beanie seems to sense this and will bark at my hubby until I come to see what is happening.  I have come to learn that Beanie knows his business and we handle things before it gets serious.  
But I wanted to share what happened this past week and especially this weekend.  As most of you probably know there was a very tragic incident in Webster, NY where two firefighters were shot and killed when they went to fight a fire.  This is very close to me - about 10 miles.  I worked for 10 years with one of the men killed, so as you can understand the past week and this weekend in particular with the funeral, etc. has been difficult and I have spent a lot of time crying.  
Beanie has brought me his favorite toy at least a dozen times and placed it in my lap, when he normally does not relinquish it at all.  He must have thought this toy wasn't working so he went and emptied the toy box and one by one brought all of them to me an placed them either on my lap or at my feet. He then would climb up on the chair with me and lick my tears and laid his head on my shoulder and stayed there for over two hours.  
I think it is amazing how the compassion and love of these wonderful dogs is often unrecognized and under appreciated.  He was a great comfort to me and as soon as I can do the paperwork and get approval, his status will change from forever foster to "failed foster" as we are going to formally adopt him and make him a permanent member of the pack.  
There is no way I could let him go now. 
 Joan Stark, Ontario NY

As Heather L wrote to Joan,  "What an end to a tragic year. I'm glad to hear how Beanie has grown and been welcomed into your pack. What a gentle soul he is and he couldn't have found a better home!! You are amazing!! Thank you for everything you do! God has truly blessed you and your family."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update on Sassy

Sassy, my Mom and I wanted to thank wonderful foster Mom Elly Monfett and NEBTR for making our first
Christmas together possible. Sassy is doing very well. She is great company and a wonderful little girl.
We want to wish you and all of the NEBTR volunteers, fosters and all the little Bosties in your care a Healthy and Happy New Year filled with forever homes for everyone.

Happy New Year!
Sassy, Linda & Helen

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Foster Bubba

Ron has just joined NEBTR and is fostering Bubba, a 12 year old Boston that was in a shelter in the Pittsburgh area where Ron lives.  He has several medical issues that we will have attended to.  In the meantime, he is making himself pretty comfortable in Ron's care.

Welcome to NEBTR, Ron.  We thank you for taking this old man into your home, and soon your heart.

Ron says:

Hello all and thanks for the welcome!Bubba is an awesome little fella,well behaved and a people lover too.He seems to be in good health but will go to the vet next week for a checkup and any needed shots.For now he is relaxing and taking it easy!

Update on Brooke

Patrizia D'Milano says:

Brooke loves her toys...  Amazing for a mill girl! What a beauty she is.  She has blossomed tremendously!!! She is warming up to her sister, Jess the boxer!!! And a big thank you to Janet Hassell for fostering her!!...I think she's a happy girl!!!

Thank you...NEBTR!!!

Update on Maxy

Jodi L. Yorty:

NEBTR boy Maxy enjoying his first Christmas season with the Yorty's in PA! We are blessed to have adopted this one! Thanks NEBTR!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sophia is Adopted

Beautiful Sophia now has a forever home with Bruce Crelin.  And she has already had her picture painted by Walter Williams.  What a lucky girl on both accounts!

Special thanks to her wonderful foster mom Marjorie Young, for giving her a loving home and for finding her the perfect forever family.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bruiser is Adopted

Bruiser was adopted December 22, just in time for the holiday! Mark and Tank (also adopted from NEBtR) came and met him yesterday and made the decision to take him home. Attached is a picture of Mark, Bruiser on the left and Tank on the right.

Alissa Donnell

Congrats Alissa!!  Mark has been patiently waiting for the right match and I’m so glad Bruiser was the one for him.  Thanks so much for helping his find his way home for the holidays!!  What a wonderful holiday gift for Bruiser and his new family.

Thanks from NEBTR

Happy New Year all NEBTR volunteers!
I wanted to thank you all for stepping up with so many Home Check needs in the same areas.  Our Home Check volunteers have really been inundated with requests for their generous time to do home visits.  I have to say that I feel kind of bad to sometimes having to ask the same few people over and over again, but some of our areas don't have a lot of volunteers to do these visits.

Thanks also for everyone's prompt repsonse to the requests via email we send out. This really helps me do my job more efficiently and our anxious adoption homes are always so excited to
get this step of the process done, because it means they are that much closer to their adoptions.

Thanks everyone and Happy Healthy New Year.
Ellen Hansen NEBTR volunteer

On that same note, I would like to thank all of our amazing foster homes!
Unfortunately, the supply of needy incoming Bostons never ever stops and we would not be able to do what we do without you.
Our foster homes are the backbone of all that we do.
I know it is not always easy so - BIG THANK YOU!!!!

Jerrilyn Walter