Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day Jeter!

Fred's Beach Day

Today was a great day, we are spending the weekend on cape cod.. We took Fred to the beach he ran and ran and ran until he was too tired to move. We are back at the cottage and he is snoring away now. Seeing him so happy is one of those special moments that makes me feel so proud to be fostering him.


Tess Two Months Out of the Puppy Mill

What a survivor! She has blossomed and now knows what a happy life is about. Although she has low blood pressure, her daily meds have given her a new lease on feeling good. :)


Love that she is enjoying her life, probably for the first time

Ginger Waits for Treats

Say Hello to Foster Simon

NEBTR Alum Baxter

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Update on Hermione

Hermione's fur is slowly coming back. I'd say from the looks of these
photos, she's fits in nicely! lol


King is Improving

Adopt Fiona

Nathan's Guardian Angel

Update on Delgado, Now Hamlet

Adopt Lex

Polo Says Hello

Zazzie Has Been Adopted

New Foster Bailey

Bella in Her Forever Home

Adopt Bernie

Adorable Ida

Ida likes to tuck herself into and under her blanket to sleep. It's adorable! I woke her up snapping this picture. She loves to have her ears rubbed! She will stop everything and her legs start to kick. Ida loves to look out the windows. She even sits in our front bay window to watch the outside.