Friday, November 18, 2011

Sir Lancelot of Boston

Meet a sweet gentleman named Sir Lancelot of Boston. He goes by Boston. He is about 3 yrs old and almost perfect except for one thing... the poor boy had a polyp in his rectum. He went to the specialist and had a biopsy that actually improved the situation. Fortunately, it was benign, but he needed surgery to remove it. His total vet bills are anticipated to be about $1500.00. He is such a great easy going dog and really deserved to have this fixed.

Boston came to me from a woman with another rescue. She had rescued him from a hoarding situation. He was the first one they saw, tied to a tree and they could tell he needed medical attention. He was infested with fleas, had worms, and was bleeding from his bum. Everytime he went to the bathroom the polyp would come out and bleed, and had to be pushed back in. He is so good about everything, trusting me from the beginning. Please help sponsor Boston's surgery and help him move on to his forever home.

--Leslie Kaucic, foster Mom

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Foster Lulu

I just wanted to share a few pictures of Lulu. She pretty much rocks :)

She gets along with cats, dogs, people, kids... She's a great little dog. Her only issue is house training and she's getting better at that.

She's getting spayed on the 18th and will be ready to go after that, if I can convince my husband to let her go... They've really bonded. We call her The Boston Bolster because she likes to sit behind him in his computer chair. She'll poke him with her paw until he picks her up and then will either lay on his lap or be a bolster.

It's going to be really hard to convince him to let her go, because I don't really want her to go either.

-Renee Posey, Foster Mom

Dog's Day at the Beach

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Foster Betsy

Meet Betsy!!!!!

Betsy was a last minute, where am i gonna put her, puppy mill girl we pulled on Saturday. She was out in the Lancaster area. (I told Lou we were just "holding" her until we found a foster, but knew he would fall in love and on Sunday he said "I like Squirt Mcgirt, I don't mind if she stays awhile"...that makes her our foster!!!!!)

She is 4 years old and supposedly hates female dogs. She is a tiny little girl, can't be more than 16 lbs. Her nipples definitely show the signs of having many litters. Overall she is friendly and loves to walk on the leash. She is getting along with male and female dogs.

She is a little skittish about hanging out in the living room but is warming up quickly. She will go sit in her bed in her crate for hours, but if you walk back to see her she gets all excited, curls her upper lip, comes out to see you, and jumps so that you pick her up. The more time she spends with us the more she follows us around.

-- Lisa Vaughan

Foster Little Koko with her new Wiggley Giggley

-- Joy Riley

Update on Magoo and Trigger

Thought I would give you an update on our Bostons since they completed another year with us last month.

Trigger is doing very well; recently had a check up at the vet and no problems. He’s a good weight, active, eats well, loves to play. We still have to watch that he doesn’t nip someone who is “tall and wears black/dark slacks”; just have no idea why that sets him off, but we suspect he had a bad experience with someone like that before we got him. He still loves to cuddle and play with Magoo when Magoo is willing to play.

We’ve had Magoo in the vet’s also; he’s doing well except that he has some kind of ulcer in his right eye that has not healed with drops. He has an appointment at the animal hospital later this month to have some minor surgery on it & hope that will resolve the problem. His arthritis has bothered him and we now give him some med prescribed by Dr. Smith & it seems to have helped. He likes to lie in the sun and sleep, but still has his playful times. His vision is very poor so he has trouble going down stairs, but not up. When he wants to go down, he barks until one of up helps him walk down. We keep him on a leash now when he goes outside because he tends to bump into things or get mixed up as to the right direction to go. He’d rather be inside.

We also had Polly at the vet; we’re pretty worried about her and think we will eventually have to put her to sleep. Her vision is poor & her appetite is not very good. We try to not pick her up unless we really have to, because she is apt to snap at us because she has a disc problem in her back. Dr. Smith showed us how to pick her up if we have to, so she won’t hurt (and so she won’t bite us). We also put her on a leash when she goes outside. It’s so sad that she isn’t able to get around like she used to. She will be 13 in Dec. and I guess that is an average life expectancy for Bostons. Trigger seems to know that he can’t get her to play anymore.

Pat Stone

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Easton Finds a Forever Home

Hi All.

About 4 months ago, we decided to keep our foster boy, Easton. He is certainly a work in progress behaviorally (understatement), but seems happy and we love him dearly. Here he is with his 2 favorite things.....his ball and his bed. :)

Just wanted to share - Happy Tuesday!

Meredith Charley

Bertha Finds Her Forever Home

Note: Bertha was turned into an animal shelter as a stray. She was then turned over to NEBTR, and NEBTR pulled her from the shelter. Her foster mom, Ellen Hansen, then brought her to her home to foster her.

Ellen first wrote, "I have a huge problem. I am IN LOVE WITH MY FOSTER. Big Bertha is the best little dog I have ever come across."

This morning, Ellen made a decision.

"Hi Everyone,

Well it looks like Bertha is here to stay. I cannot part with her.
Thanks for all the kind words and support as well as the votes!!

She has brought so much happiness and love into my life in just a few days.
This is a picture of three of the four dogs I now have. Hank was camera shy today.

Thanks so much

Ellen Hansen"

Looks like Bertha has already found her forever home with a family that loves her dearly!

Churches Take Steps to Show Love for Animals

Published: October 14, 2011
In a culture obsessed with dogs, dog whisperers and domestic pets of all kinds, religious groups are paying attention, too, with many megachurches sponsoring groups for pet lovers.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Update on Gilbert

This Gilbert. He came to us years back as a foster through Nebtr and won our hearts. Not sure if any of you would remember him. His name was Hammer when he came to us. He's sporting a pair of purple ear muffs and relaxing after a nice long walk at the park! Ah, life is good

- Judy Wade

Update on Daisy May

Well, it is just under a month since Daisy May went to her forever home. I was afraid she would have some difficulties as she came back to me after 10 days due to her new Mama's needing to go out of town for a family emergency and she didn't want to leave her with strangers. She came in here and settled in like she had never left. When I took her back after four days, she went right up to her new papa, trying to give kisses and ran all through the house to check on "her" things.

When I called to check on things, the first thing Mary said to me was "No, you can't have her back!!" Mary and Roger have another little rescue dog, a long haired chihuahua who is very skittish and runs and hides if anyone comes to the house. She and Daisy May are now fast friends and they sleep together in the same crate. They have a bed and the crate door is open but they prefer to nap in there. Mary tells me that
Daisy May even had Bella (the little one) playing which she has not done in all the time they have had her! I think Daisy May has hit the doggie lotto. She found a great home and is very happy. Housebreaking is almost 100% now and she minds well and snuggles up with them every night. A totally win win situation. Joan Stark

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mugsy Gets Adopted

Mugsy was brought in by his former owners to be put to sleep. The vet that was scheduled for his appointment contacted me prior seeing if we could take Mugsy if she could talk the owner into signing him over. Mugsy got a HUGE break that day. The vet spent 45 minutes talking his former owner out of putting him to sleep. Then the Animal Hospital paid for AAAALLLLLLLL of his bloodwork, meds, etc.

This boy got crazy lucky! He was saved by a vet and adopted by a vet! He is going to live with Lisa and Brett Shampaner. Lisa is a vet in Weehawken. He is going to have a bt/beagle sister named Cheney and a cat sister named Nermal.

He couldn't be any luckier. This little boy is going to live happily ever after with an awesome family!

Lisa Vaughan
Allentown PA