Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dodger Boy!

Remember Dodger? He's our deaf little boy (1 yr old) that is living with his foster family and learning to understand sign language so that he can  grow up with good manners! Visit dodger on his Facebook page at;

Dodger is one of our virtual fosters!

Maxy in the Snow

Small, Medium and Large

From left: Toby, Ginger and Pugsley

Judy Wade

Update on Hamilton in His Forever Home

I just received this update from Hamilton's forever home. So as not to
confuse you, Bronson is their BIG chocolate Lab that towers over Hamilton.
It sounds like Hamilton is one of the family in less than a weeks time! :)
Good Dog!

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

Good Morning Chris,
I am so proud of my chocolate luv bug. Bronzon and Hamilton are playing together. Hamilton loves the toy basket. I pick them up and he dumps it over. Hamilton goes right up to Bronzon and takes a toy out
of his mouth. Bronzon just lets him have it. Bronzon then gets another toy and Hammy tries to get that one also. So Bronzon went back to the first toy and proceeded to run with Hammy following. They are getting along fabulously. Can't wait till spring when they can play outside. Bronzon could use to lose a few pounds. He needs more exercise.

I have Hamilton eating twice a day with no stomach issues. His personality is really starting to show. He loves to cuddle. He has to take a few steps back and then run a little to jump on the furniture. He can't jump
up from a standing position. He has to launch himself up.

I can't thank you enough for bringing him to us. He is such a joy. I can't imagine why anyone would neglect such a beautiful pup. He will always have plenty of love, toys, food and a warm place to sleep
with us.


 There's a lot of love in that house and all they wanted was another Boston that would play with Bronson - looks like they found that. Congratulations, Chris, on finding the right home for Hammy and getting  him adopted through your love and caring.

Dooley Finds the Sun

Dooley and his foster brothers found the sun .

Duncan is Smart!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Marty Gets Comfortable!

"Marty getting comfortable with Daisy's back! Lol #toocute

Benji is Feeling Great

Buddy Basks in the Sun

Maxy Moo After Surgery

Update on Lani

Freckles Donates in Augie's Memory

Bella and Buster Say Thanks

A big thank you to Amanda Scofield and her family for the great gifts. Dog bed,  sweaters and treats!!  They love them.
Jill Charles

Foster Dante

Dante has settled in nicely in his foster home, and has made himself right at home!  He is quite the snuggler and will lay on one side of me with his head on my lap while my resident girl is on the other.  He was a little slow adjusting to my male lab, a little growly and nippy with him, but he seems to get better every day.  His vet visit was great, no issues at all and every day he is getting better in his crate.  Here are a few more pics of him...

Carrie and Dante
Alloway NJ

He sure looks happy!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Interesting read on Celiac in Dogs

Everyone should read this.

Some reactions to Celiac can cause seizures and epilepsy in dogs; many vets do not test
for Celiac.

There is a blood test to confirm if the dog has this condition. Here is more information;

All is very interesting.


Get Well Maxy!

Friends, My heart goes out to Max ~ with the proper medication, Max will not have too terrible a time recovering from his dental extractions.  My little RoseBud recovered beautifully and quickly from her recent dental extractions but of course, she had only three teeth extracted. 
To think Max had leaves, dirt, and hair embedded in his gums is just horrible. Was Max starving so he ate whatever he could find?  I will never understand the extent of man's cruelty. 
Poor little Max ~ take heart.  You are safe now and will be well cared for from now on.

Thank you Jerrilyn.

Isabella Marcotrigiano

Maxy Moo has had surgery and had 28 teeth removed - poor guy. We wish you a speedy recovery!!

Sophia in a Snuggie

Indigo Feeling Better

Update on Maxy Moo's Surgery

Daisy and Foster Marty

"Daisy's butt = Marty's pillow"

Mandy's Sun Spot

Taking advantage of a sun spot!

Morgan Pa

She is so precious!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dooley Working

Dooley is helping me this morning with my job. I got lucky working from home and Dooley thinks that is just fine.


Bella and Buster Love the Sparkle Ball

Bella. She is so sweet and loving. She was in need of some love and attention. She sits on my lap and I massage her neck and chest,  she closes her eys and relaxes. She is a great girl.
Buster. He is so cute and funny. Its taking him a little while to warm up to us, but he is getting there. I can Tell he is still confused and not yet comfortable. He will pace some and bark randomly. But he will be just fine in time.

More Buddy Cuteness

West Virginia Hoarder Pups

We were alerted to a rescue from a hoarder in West VA over the weekend. Over 150 animals were seized and brought to Harrison County Animal Control in WV. Three of them were bostons.
With the help of a local rescue, Pethelpers, we were able to work with the animal control officers to help the bostons.
One passed at the shelter last night but we scrambled to get the other two out today.
They are currently in a temp foster home of Pethelpers in WV and Kristy Ieraci will go there and pick them up tomorrow at 11:30am.

 Two pics are attached - one taken during the seizure, one taken just today - sweet babies. One male, one female).

Please keep these babies in your thoughts today as they begin their new lives as cherished pets.

Adopt Dooley Video

Check out this adorable boy being fostered by Conny McGraw.
Thanks to Stacie Kyle for the amazing video!

Buddy Playing in His Foster Home

Update on Milo

Update on Maxy Moo's Surgery

  I have been waiting all day for the call from the vet which just came.
Maxy made it through his surgery just fine!
He had 28 teeth pulled - Dear Lord the poor guy.
My vet said she had never seen anything like it - he had leaves, dirt
and hair embedded in his gums causing massive infection. He was able to
keep just three teeth.
His neuter went fine as well.
I am sure the next few days will be hard for him but today begins Maxy's
life with a healthy happy mouth and body.
I am very happy for him.

Jerrilyn Walter

He is going to feel SO MUCH BETTER!!  I am so thrilled and excited for him.  I'm sure his great personality will start to shine even more now!
Feel better soo Max!!  Thanks for all you have done for hime Jerrilyn.  You are his saving angel <3 Thanks for loving him and taking care of him! You are his world!

Update on Frankie in His Forever Home

 Frankie and his brother Cooper

 Cooper on left, Frankie on right.
He's doing really well!   He's smart and catches on quickly.  He gets better with walks all the time and now runs up to all of the neighbors to say hello.  He doesn't pull nearly as much as he used to. 

He's not barking as much at strange noises.   He really hasn't barked at mail delivery in a while.   We're still working on decreasing the barking when neighbors get in/ out of their cars.   It's going slow, but gradually better.   

Frankie and Cooper are pretty snuggly when they nap during the day.   They're usually right next to each other with Frankie burrowed under his blanket.     We're still working with desensitizing him to touch.   He's getting a bit better but still needs to make some progress.   Wiping his feet after a walk is tough, he gets so wiggly and mouthy.   Still, he's made a lot of progress. 

Jamie Diamond

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Foster Cooper

Patsy's Sketch

What a great job Patti!

Update on Boston From His Foster Home

New Foster Buddy

New Foster Buddy. Thanks to Chris Seaman for opening her heart and home to him.

Update on Cleo

I got some more pics from Cleo's new family today. She is doing very well. I just love the smile she always seems to have!  The Sharps are a wonderful family and Cleo's inner diva can really shine there and they love her.

Cleo needed to find a new home when her original owner went into a hospice that didn't allow dogs..   We can only imagine how hard that must have been for her.  What a gift Kristi and her original owner have given her, a new life with a wonderful family.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for giving this precious little lady another chance.

Hamilton's First Night

Thanks for all the kind words in regards to Hamilton's adoption.
Hamilton worked very hard on becoming a good dog, and he's earned all
the rewards that come with the perfect forever home.
I woke up this morning to this photo sent by his new family. He's on 2
new dog beds they bought for him, in the corner of their bedroom with
his old blanket under him.
Good Dog! :)

Chris Cassner

I say he is a good dog!
Thanks to you Chris.
You helped him find the good dog within.

Update on Indigo

Indigo had a visit with the neurologist today. It is suspected that he has Distemper. His titer came back positive which means he either has the active virus or had the vaccination. Again still unknown, because we do not have a history on him.

If he has Distemper it is an absolute miracle to me he has survived. 80% die from this awful virus once in the neurological stage of it. Indigo will be tested again in three weeks and if titer is high it will confirm that it was in fact active Distemper virus. The other suspect is Epilepsy which we will look further into once Distemper is ruled out or cleared from his body. Whatever happens I have been reassured that he will fully recover and can live a happy life with some minimal special needs. I will update as I know more. Thank you to all his supporters who make his recovery possible.

Kristin, Tanya and Indigo

Buster Says Let Me Out

Please foster mom. I want to play.

More Marty Cuteness

 Marty is all comfy

Marty Says Cheese!

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Fosters Buster and Bella

Buster and Bella have arrived.  What a super nice pair of doggies.  Buster is the big brown boy and Bella is black and white.
DuBois pa

Maxy Playing

Maxy is starting to get playful - This is great to see!
His skin is definitely improving!  Amazing Jerrilyn, thank you for all you do!

Hamilton's Gotcha day!

Today Hamilton was adopted. He absolutely loved Laura. He 
gave her more kisses than I've ever seen him give anyone, and she didn't 
even have treats in her pocket! lol Hamilton was over joyed with the 
fenced back yard. The other dogs in the house won't play yet, but I'm 
sure given time Hamilton will have them tugging and playing chase. It 
was a nice day, although a bit sad to say goodbye, but now my dogs can 
 put on some weight. lol :)
Here are photos from the big day.  Long drive for us and it's always 
sad when they go. 

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

What a fantastic job you have done with Hamilton!!
Congratulations on a great job on finding him a forever home.

This is Hamilton with his new Dad - Good Luck Hamilton in your new home!