Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brady & Rudy get presents!

Foster mom Christine says that the duo pair of Brady and Rudy are finally settling down and wanted to thank Brady and Rudy's secret admirers!! All of their favorite items came today! 

Since Rudy had some dental work, foster mom is holding onto the dinosaur chew toy until he gets better. But they both sure look happy.

Former Foster Jaxx likes his bone

Former foster Jaxx is doing well - here's a silly video of this gentleman chewing on his bone after his breakfast. We think he chews very nicely. (although he did steal the bone from his sister Josie!)

More on Vic and Bruno

Here are some photos of Vic & Bruno supervising dinner preparation last night. Bruno is obsessed with food, and Vic is obsessed with balls.  Everyone has been sniffing through the gates at each other, and I let my dominant female meet the boys today. It went VERY well. She likes Bruno best, Vic hardly got a sniff.


Thank you so much Chris Cassner for taking these beautiful boys into your home!










Roxy Gets Ready for Halloween



Karen Rittenhouse:

Roxy (our NEBTR adoptee) and her brother Mugsy can't wait for Halloween.

Jill’s Pups

2013-06-15 08.57.11

We welcome Jill Charles to NEBTR.  She writes,  “I have 2 bugs, 2 boxers and 3 sons. I am a vet tech and work at a animal hospital.I have fostered for 5 years. I love to foster. I'm very excited to help any way I can. So what ever you need, let me know.”

Welcome Jill!

Patsy Loves Her Jerky Treats

We finally found a chewy treat that Patsy can enjoy for a long time.  She so loves her treats!!
This is her video.  It says it all.


Patti M.

NEBTR Tee Shirts - CORRECTION - Last Day to Order!

Two more shopping days left!!!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Vic and Bruno - Learning in their foster home....

Vic and Bruno's foster mom has settled any food issues that have existed in the past with these two boys. They needed some training when it came to food time. This is the first step of their journey toward getting them ready for their forever families.

Fostering is so important and so rewarding and we give Vic and Bruno's foster mom, Chris, big kudos for catching and correcting this issue early on.

Buster Gets Ready for Halloween


Buster with new outfit.


Janet Hassell

Update on Foster Sherry

Hello everyone! Just a quick update on Sherry! She's doing we'll and loving life! I took her back to the vet yesterday and she is now on a two week antibiotic course for an infection on her lip. The vet said it's quite common. She's had this since I got her and I was cleaning it multiple times daily and using an ointment and so on and so forth and it would clear up but come back after about a week from her digging at it. As it turns out the vet believes it is due to allergies and her continually irritating that spot in specific. She she it should clear up quickly and told me to put Sherry on Benedryl to see if it helps with the allergies. She thinks its most likely due to the season and outdoors but it if continues during winter then we have to start testing for food allergies.

In other news, Sherry has lost almost two pounds!!! She looks great and has so much energy! The vet was very impressed. She now weighs in at 21.5 pounds! I've also noticed a significant difference in her skin and coat as well. She use to shed like crazy and she had very dry, flaky skin and now she's shiny and silky and hardly sheds at all. She's such a happy girl! She loves hiding and burying my other dogs toys on them :) She still does need to be separated from my resident dogs but she will often play through the gate with my Boston and lately I've witnessed a few play bows which is HUGE for her! She's good with my ten year old toy fox terrier because he couldn't be more uninterested in her so the two of them can be trusted together as long as there isn't food involved. She's only had one instance where she chased him away from her food bowl. She didn't attack him but she made it very clear to stay away from her stuff. That's all for now!

Shawna and Sherry
Cicero, NY

Cleo and foster sister have a Birthday Party

Can you say Pupcake?

We think Kristy is a great foster mom for baking cupcakes for her girls!  Cleo and her foster sister both had birthdays this week so she made them some dog friendly cupcakes (or pupcakes). All it takes is 1 pupcake, 2 girls who smell the pupcake and then the "chow down"!

Looks like think they enjoyed them.

Kristy writes:

"I found the recipe here:
I cut the recipe waaayyy down so that it only made 4 small ones and I stacked 2 together.
We then decorated the top with a few doggie treats and a little extra peanut butter.
Cleo ate hers like she had stolen it and we were going to take it from her while my Lucy politely nibbled hers off of her plate. They are so opposite it cracks me up!
I wish Cleo could relax around food more. She always seems to think she has to inhale everything or else some one is going to take it away."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bruno' Play Time

Here is Bruno getting some play time. He loves these big stuffed toys!

Chris & Vic & Bruno

New Foster Duo Brady & Rudy model their harnesses

Look at Rudy and Brady - they are so proud of their new harnesses, they wanted to model for everyone. Aren't they cute?!!

Foster Stewie

Hi I Stewie. I.m almost 9 months old and my foster Mom says I’m adorable. I’m still working on housetraining but I haven’t had an accident in almost 2 weeks so Im. almost there. I’m still kind of in the chewing stage too so my foster Mom and Dad watch me like a hawk when I’m chasing my foster brother around the dining room table. When my foster brother gets tired out my foster Dad is always ready to play my favorite games, tug and fetch. My foster Mom told me she is going to find a great home for me with a brother or sister around my age that likes to rough house as much as I do. She says I’d do best in a home without young children (12+). We don’t know how I am with cats but I do like to chase squirrels in the yard. I love to snuggle with my family on the sofa and sleep in bed with them every night so I would really like my new family to have that in common with me.

Adopt Foster Smokey

Thanks to Lisa Vaughan for fostering Smokey and to Stacie Kyle for making this beautiful video!


Now let’s find Smokey a forever home of his own!

Cleo Was Cold This Morning

As soon as she came in from her morning potty break she dug herself a little cave in her blanket and went back to bed.
I can't blame her. That looks really comfy!!

~Kristy Ieraci

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Dream of a day


Update on Cuse, formerly Popeye



Little update on former failed foster and adopted happy BT Popeye, now Cusie.

"We have had a fun year with our new boy. Cusie came to us underweight, sick, frightened, and possibly abused. In the last 3 months he has really come out of his shell and his personality is charming. He is super sweet and loves meeting new people.
He has had so many new experiences this past year. We travel quite frequently but going camping this summer was the highlight. He is just pure joy to watch swimming and splashing-he is a total water boy! He has a brother, Boston, and the two are the bestest of buds. We are so blessed to give this little guy the life that all souls deserve to live.

Thank you very much! Jackie Foster

Brady and Rudy visited the Vet

I took Brady and Rudy to the vet today for their first checkup since the were surrendered to me on Sat. they did really well. Rudy weighs 26.8 lbs. and Brady weighs 24.4 lbs. 
Rudy, being the older dog, has some dental issues with his teeth in the way back. heavy tarter and gum inflammation and he may need to have some teeth extracted. he also has a heart murmur. some allergy issues too. but that was about it. he is up to date on all his shots so he didn't need the titer test. stool sample was negative for worms.  he is getting neutered on Thursday.
Brady, the younger of the 2, was a little antsy but did well also. he got the titer test  done as he was due for some vaccines. he got a grade a report from the vet. he is also going to be neutered on Thursday.

Can You Spot the Intruder?


The Boston on the left sure can!

Update on Foster Augie

 Here is sweet Augie just hanging out.

Gale Vanselous:

Hi Everyone
Just a quick update on the little guy. Augie is doing well except the rash on his tummy is back and as he is already on Benedryl I will try a couple of diet changes. & if needed go to the vet.

Augie kisses to you!

Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween  Photo Contest
Submit your entry by Facebook private message.

Marty the clean Boston

Ok, the funniest thing happened tonight with Marty. My son Jonathan had just finished taking a bath and was training the tub when Marty came in the bathroom and proceeded to investigate the water in the tub. Then he JUMPED IN!!! I was laughing so hard i had tears coming down. So i ran some more water and gave him a unscheduled bath. he stayed in the whole time,  Has anyone else's Boston ever done this???? Now i have a nice clean Boston!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gunner sunning himself

Here's the handsome man catching some rays!
I was trying to get his brindle markings - can you see them?

Sarah Perrone-Scheffler

Thanks to Nature's Variety

NEBTR would like to give a very special thank you to Nature's Variety - a small, independent pet food company in the midwest. Nature's Variety is dedicated to proper, holistic nutrition for pets and they just gave a very generous donation of their dog food to NEBTR for our foster dogs!
Our rescues need a healthy diet just as much as they need love and shelter.
Thanks Nature's Variety! Our partner in rescue!

I’ll Be Watching You


Monday, October 14, 2013

Update on Bizzy



Adam Lichtman:

Thank God for my dog. As insane and odd as she may be, somehow she manages to keep me sane.....well, as close to it as possible.

Happie and Zelda Together

Happie and Zelda

Happie and Zelda looking like they're behaving


What a wonderful happily ever after for these two! They met in foster care with Cynthia and Craig Musselman, became bonded, and were adopted by Diane Kratz as a pair. A wonderful success story! And look how happy they are!

Dooley Settles In



Someone is very comfy!