Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elena At the Beach

"This is Elena's first trip to the beach.  At first she wasn't very impressed, but once I took out her favorite fetch toy there was no stopping her!  On the way home we stopped at a hot dog truck and the owner gave us a hot dog for her!  We had a great day."

Thank you, Krista Dooley, for sharing this photo of Elena and for giving a loving, caring furever home to one of our former fosters.

Vivienne Voguing

Vivi's agent just sent me the page Vivi is on in the August issue of British it is!!
And she is DEFINITELY the prettiest one in the picture : )

Jerrilyn Walter

We also want to send healing thoughts to Vivi.  She recently suffered and eye injury, and we all want to say "Get well soon Vivi!!!"

Archie Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that Archie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  We want to tell the whole Hess family, and especially the two little boys who lost their "Smoochie," that we are so sorry for your heartbreaking loss of beloved Archie. He had the best home any dog, Boston Terrier or otherwise, could have wished for. He knew he was loved unconditionally. You did the best you could, and he is now restored, romping happily, waiting to be reunited with you someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Update on Bklyn/Brooke

Hi Everyone,

It's me again Bklyn/Brook, I just wanted to update
everyone on how I am doing. Well, I am doing GREAT.
I went to the Vet on Friday and they think I am a sweet
little girl. They said my weight is 13 pounds now and
you know what.. I am looking good.  Today my Foster Mom
took me to Petco. I never went there before in my life. It was fun.
There are lots of people that wanted to say hello to me.
I was a good girl and I didn't try to bite anyone.   LOL.
I got many more balls to play with. I can't wait until
I go home so I can play with my foster sister's with my
new balls.  Thank you so much.

Love Bklyn/Brook

;;) batting eyelashes


--  Janet Hassell

Beautiful, Janet.  Thank you for all you are doing for this lovely PM survivor


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Foster Simon

Simon sends slobbery kisses!  Foster Mom Mariah Elliott, who is lovingly caring for Simon, sends this report.  And wait until you see all the fantastic photos she took of him!  Who couldn't fall in love with this cutie?

"Simon is doing well :) here's a photo update. my niece visited recently and spoiled him with treats (she's his new favorite person). i got some goofy photos of him jumping for treats...
he's really photogenic. he has the most hilarious facial expressions :D
i've been fostering him for almost 4 mths now, and he's lost 4 lbs! which is pretty impressive. so he's looking pretty good.
also, we've figured out that he knows Sit, Down, Roll-over, and give-me-five. does he know any other tricks??"


Even a blind dog can find a sunbeam. This is Artie, who we got from NEBTR in January 2011. Doing great.

Thank you, JulieAnne, for sharing the sunbeams in your home.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Foster Dash

Erin Sullivan sends these photos of her foster, Dash.  Thanks so much, Erin, for taking such good care of this adorable little guy!

Dash at the Vet

And here is a video of him.  Even though he has a broken leg, it doesn't slow him down!

May I Sleep on Your Couch for Awhile?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hope, Now Pearl, is Adopted

I just wanted to let you know that the skinny little girl pulled from the NYC animal control a few months ago was adopted!

Hope, now Pearl, was fostered by Narelle Wolf in NYC and literally brought back to life.
She was so very skinny when Narelle pulled her out.
Pearl now has a BT brother and a backyard. She is still working on housebreaking and mastering stairs but she is very happy!

I've attached a picture of Pearl in her new cozy bed. Look how healthy her size is now!
Thank you Narelle for rescuing Hope!

Jerrilyn Walter

Hope was the perfect name when she had so little hope in her life, and Narelle was able to provide that for her.  Now she wants everyone to know she is a beautiful Pearl!

Foster Love

Foster Parents, bless you all for your big hearts, your loving care. You are the special angels that make whole the damage inflicted by others, that love another being enough to prepare and release them to a new beginning, regardless of the pain that causes you. You are the heart and soul of rescue organizations.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oliver Goes to His Forever Home

Baby Oliver has found his forever home with the Davison family: Andrew, Jim and Andrew.  He especially enjoys playing with Andrew, age 2, and thinks it is fun that his human brother sports a t-shirt with his picture on it!

Thanks especially to Laurie Williamson and family for fostering baby Oliver with such care and devotion, even to finding a pediatric specialist to check out his puppy issues.

Thanks to Megan's Dad

Each year my family has a huge theme party and this year it was Witches and Wizards. My dad has a 50/50 drawing where half goes to the winner and the other half helps fund the party each year. This year my dad said he would like to donate the party half to a "dog thing" as he put it. I of course said it has to go to NEBTR and he obliged. We raised $81 from the 50/50 and I will be putting the check in the mail today. Thanks everyone for being so freaking awesome helping these unfortunate souls we care for.

Megan Sanchez
Altoona, PA

Thanks so much to Megan's Dad for this great idea!