Saturday, November 2, 2013

Marty likes laundry!

Some one thinks my clean laundry basket is a nice spot for a nap.

Christine Manzella

Vic’s day after

vic 5 Vic vic2 vic3 vic4 vic6
Poor Vic, just has his surgery yesterday. I couldn't find a doughnut
for his neck, so today on his way home, Harv is gonna stop and get one
for him. Meanwhile I've used some foam padding that was left over from
a flooring installation we did. He doesn't like it, but it's doing the
job and looks funny and it making me smile. I don't think
this contraption will last the day, but for now it's working.
Here are some photos of Vic last night, and today in the giant collar I
made for him. This is not his best Halloween for sure! Poor Vic.
Chris & Vic
Feel better soon Vic. Next Halloween be a blast for you

Happy Birthday Hailey Joy


Heather Braun:

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet beautiful loving miracle baby Boston Hailey Joy. A light in my life. I'm grateful every day for her.

Update on Rosie and Chloe

Girls are great. Rosie is the one with my other son Aidan. Chloe is watching the voice with me. Both titers came back good. So VAX are good and Chloe' s lump is a lypoma. Ya all is good.
DuBois Pa

Bat Bear Wins Halloween Contest

Congratulations to Bear, the winner of our Halloween Photo Contest.  Bear owns Ellen Scovotti, qho wrote on his entry,

"This is Bear dressed as Bat-Bear. He is a rescue pup (from a different rescue) and lives in "Gotham City" / NYC."

Congratulations to the Bat Bear for his well deserved win!

Chloe and Rosie say Thank you!

Rosie and Chloe love their new bed and treats. Thank you to the wonderful person who gave them this gift. 
DuBois Pa

Friday, November 1, 2013

Spanky Jones Update

Our foster Spanky seems to be responding well to his new eye treatment. Spanky is such a good boy, he even rolls over so I can put his drops and ointments in. I know he's annoyed by it, and would rather not, but he still gets in position for me. Today he even stuck around for some belly rubs after. Hopefully once we get his dry eye under control he'll be available for adoption.

He's settled in well with my pups, though they are a little crazy for him and he still retreats to the laundry pile for some peace and quiet.

Rhea Hebderson
Rochester NY

Rhea, he looks terrific.  Thank you for taking such loving care of this little guy.

 photo 9BCF8389-B4F7-4740-9340-829B13A411B2-13608-00000E213E6E457E_zpsa6bb9093.jpg


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to get some pics of Duffy out, so that everyone can see him. I took these when he was in his crate, and he had just sat up from a nap. I think you can see that he still looks wary, but much more relaxed
than the photos of him when he was in the shelter.

Every time I took him out today, he came to me and leans against me for a back rub! I will get more photos later!

Loretta Dolan

Harley Snuggles!

Bandit Update

Bandit Update

I have had Bandit for 5 days now. He is a love and has no aggression to my other Boston. Fiona and Bandit met! We went on a walk twice now. They actually were laying next to each other last night. Bandit was passed out on the blankie on the couch and Fiona was chewing her bone until she slept. It seemed like it was the first time he truly spread out and relaxed. Bandit even was rolling around on his back and looked very happy.  

Fiona and Bandit

Boston Terrier Finger Nails


A Sunday Snooze for Sunday Valentine

A Sunday snooze for Sunday. You can see behind her the doggie door I prop open when I'm not home and she goes in and out all by herself :)
Sunday will be turning 14 in just three weeks!

Marjorie Young

Bless that little girl.
Thank you Marjorie for the great care you are giving her.

She looks so peaceful! Right where she needs to be Marjorie. Thank you.

Zeusie waking up from a nap in the sun!

Who can resist this face?

NEBTR Members Celebrate Halloween

Winter 3


Winter (the white pumpkin) and his Mum, Fizzy, who own NEBTR President Sheryl Trent.






Foster Cleo, who was dressed as a chia pet by Foster Mom Kristi Ieraci.  She doesn’t look amused!  She is SO going to get even with you!! We *know* that little stinker!!



Sophia, adopted by Allison and Bruce Crelin.  How precious!



Mickey a former foster was adopted by a very special family, the Iorfinos,  and is now an honorary PIRATE! Happy Halloween Mickey!


photo 2(1)

Here’s handsome foster Bandit in his bow tie.  Foster Mom Katelyn Laufenberg certainly made him look spiffy!




Happy Howl-o-ween from Ozzy, Yogi, and foster Mandy.  They are all at Leslie Kaucic’s house, and dressed to party!




Jennifer Hanly’s Lola makes the perfect Snow White!





Cody, who owns the Piccinich family, is dressed for his first Halloween with them.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Penny in her Halloween Costume


Sara McLaughlin 

Brady and Rudy at the Groomers

rudy1 rudy2 rudy3 rudy4 rudy5
Brady and Rudy went to the groomers this morning to get all spiffy looking for when they get to meet their potential adopters on Saturday! I found this really great place 5 mins from me and she does my rescue dogs FOR FREE!! Thank you Cheri!!
So how do we look ? Foster momma says we smell really nice and feel so soft!

Happy Halloween from Moxie



Kenny Gambpne:


Moxie (originally Soxy) is living it up this Halloween Season!

Happy Halloween from Brutus


Angie Luke Dahlman:


Happy Halloween!! The hot dog was not too happy with me.

Slumber in the Sunbeams

Sadie (front L) former foster Jaxx (back L) and Josie (right)

Former Foster Update!

DASH AND DAISY! So here they are in their costumes (separate adoptions, for those of you who didn't know them) Happy halloween everyone!