Saturday, August 31, 2013

Patsy Update


Here is my little Patsy snoozing after enjoying the Blue Buffalo Styx that an admirer sent her from her Amazon wish list.  She is now 19 pounds and is my little meatball!!!
Love her!!!

Patti Maddamma

Over The Top

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

New Foster Sherry

I just picked Sherry up from Blakeslee, PA last night and she's the biggest sweetheart!! She already seems pretty comfortable and loves people and giving kisses! She's 7 years old and has had very little exercise and was able to eat whenever she wanted so she's overweight but we are working on it! She absolutely LOVES our walks and I am currently transitioning her to a much healthier food and portioning her as well.
She was surrendered by her elderly owner who had Sherry since she was a puppy. She wanted Sherry to have a better life and be able to get out and exercise, walk and play more instead of being cooped up. She isn't up to date on her vaccinations but she is spayed and very very happy! She is housebroken. She loves her giant crate, which is called "the Taj" and you can always hear her snoring away in there!
She is the biggest sweetheart and will steal your heart!!
-- Shawna Merritt

Thanks so much, Shawna, for fostering this beautiful girl, and for providing a home for her until you find her forever family. 

And It's Three Days!

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Happy Birthday Gracie




I just wanted to share a photo with you. Today is our little Gracie's 4th birthday. She's a former NEBTR and we are just a week away from her 2nd gotcha day with us. She's our spoiled rotten, center of the universe, sweetest face little girl. As always, we're so grateful for your group matching us up with her! We couldn't have imagined a better fit for our family.

Thank you!

Hayley & Chris DiChiara

Mickey is Adopted



I spoke with the Iorfino Family. Apparently within hours of being delivered to his furever home he was eating, marking the yard and he was settling in. He has made himself right at home. They put Mickey's crate by their bedside.  Laura and Tony woke up to a loud roar during the night - Mickey was snoring. Tonight they will leave the crate door open and invite him to sleep in bed. They are in love and Mickey is right at home! So happy for that sweet sweet boy!

Maria Pastusz


Another great adoption, Maria.  Congratulations.   A foster mom's dream come true!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Cleo Settles In


Today was the first day that Cleo was here alone while we went to work. She did fantastic. I think she will learn our routines in no time.

We took her for a walk in the park this evening also. She is very good on a leash. She doesn't pull and stays to the side. She is just such a good girl!

Right now she's laying down chewing on her chew for the first time since she got here. I think that's a good sign :-)


Kristi Ieraci


What a wonderful update Kristy!  I'm so happy she's with you.


Cleo Goes to Her Foster Home






Cleo charmed everyone on the transport today! Such a good girl!
Here are some photos of Cleo and Cindy and Kat as well.

-- Chris Cassner




Well we're winding down the evening here. I've learned a few things about Cleo.

She loves the car as so many of you saw today.

She does not like being confined to the dining room.
She has tried extreme measures to escape from said dining room. She really just wants to be near a human.

She has a little bit of a problem with her peripheral vision. She tends to bump into things. Hopefully as she gets familiar with her surroundings here that will get better. It doesn't phase her when she bumps into things though.

I suspect that she may be hard of hearing. She doesn't seem to respond to many voice cues. Maybe I just haven't found the right one. But she also gets startled a little if she didn't see you come in to the room.

She likes to try and climb on things. She's been trying to find a way on to the dining room table. Silly thing! I may have to take the chairs out. I don't want her to get hurt.

She is very easy going. Most dogs would be so stressed out after all the changes she went through. She is taking it all in stride.

All said and done, she is an absolute sweetheart that seems to melt every heart she comes in contact with.

My dog Lucy is a little jealous whenever I come in to the dining room. She sits in the kitchen and whines. Hopefully as time goes by, they will be able to get better acquainted with each other through the gate so that they can coexist.

Thanks again to all that helped out today!

Have a good night everyone!


--Kristy Ieraci


Thanks to everyone who participated in the transport, and special thanks to Kristy Ieraci for offering to foster this beautiful girl!  You are so appreciated, Kristy, and I know that Miss Cleo can’t wait to show her love!

Major and Oliver Get a Treat

Amanda Justino:

Two former NEBTR fosters Major (on left) and Oliver (formerly Niko on right) licking their chops after a little ice cream!

Business Cards

NEBTR_new doggie



Many thanks to Chris Cassner for designing these NEBTR business cards.  They can be copied and printed up by members at local fundraising events.


Chris says:

I just checked the Zazzle website. They are having a sale on business cards, not sure for how long.

You can take the business  cards  put them in your computer file, then from your computer place them on the Zazzle card.
All you have to do is make it the correct size, pick out what color paper, and you are done. :)

Super simple! They will print BOTH sides for the same price as one side.

When people ask me about NEBTR, I'll have one of these to hand them now
instead of hoping they don't forget when they get home!
Chris & Spike

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Double the Fun



What could be more fun than adopting a Boston Terrier?  Adopting TWO!  Right now, we have three pairs, and a fourth coming in momentarily. 

We have Pugs and Leah, with Linda Vermeylan, Rocky IV and Robin with Loretta Dolan, and Chicki and Pablo with Deb Dolan.  All of these pairs have lost everything except each other, and we would love to adopt them out together.   If you go to our Blog and put in their names, you can read their stories and see their pictures.  Pictured above are Chicki and Pablo. 

Won't you open your heart and home to a bonded pair? 

Adopt Leia and Pugs




These two girls were an owner surrender.  The man's wife passed away and he is moving in with his brother and sister-in- law.  They had three dogs themselves and could not take these two beauties.  So the poor owner had to surrender them (after just losing his wife).  He was so sad about this and requested that they be fostered and adopted together so I agreed.  I am going to try and fulfill his wish and try to keep them together.  We all know what a great bond siblings can have! 

Leia (1st Photo) She will be 4 in September and is a great girl.  She is potty trained and absolutely loves to play with toys.  I think that she would be a great candidate for being a dog that competes in agility.  She is high energy, although not hyper and just loves to play.  She is great with other dogs, people and kids and listens well.

Pugs (2nd Photo)  She is 12 years old and doesn't look a day over 8 (with the exception of a little gray around her eyes).  She is pretty mellow but loves to interact with my other dogs and particularly loves to go in my doggie pool.  She is hard of hearing and potty trained, and is in great health.  She has her own language she speaks when she gets excited and it almost sounds like she is speaking.  Other than that she is quiet and loves dogs, people and kids.

Both are in excellent health and UTD on their shots and will be a wonderful asset to anyone who has the love to give these beautiful babies!


Linda Vermeylen



Tail Wag Bias


Giorgio Vallortigara, a neuroscientist at the University of Trieste in Italy, and two veterinarians, Angelo Quaranta and Marcello Siniscalchi, at the University of Bari published a paper       describing this phenomenon in the journal Current Biology. The researchers recruited 30 family pets of mixed breed and placed them in a cage equipped with cameras that precisely tracked the angles of their tail wags. Then they were shown four stimuli in the front of the cage: their owner; an unfamiliar human; a cat; and an unfamiliar, dominant dog.

When the dogs saw their owners, their tails all wagged vigorously with a bias to the right side of their bodies, while an unfamiliar human caused their tails to wag moderately to the right. Looking at the cat, the dogs' tails again wagged more to the right but more slowly and with restrained movements.  However the sight of an aggressive, unfamiliar dog caused their tails to wag with a bias to the left side of their bodies.

It is important to understand that we are talking about the dog's left or right viewed from the rear as if you are facing in the direction the dog is viewing. That means that if you are facing the dog and drew an imaginary line down the middle of his back that positive right-sided signal would appear as tail swings mostly curving to your left.

Logan is Adopted

Brenda Frank:

Logan had gone to his new forever home, with the Fords, where he will have lots of loving and a sister Lola!
Thank you so much, Brenda, for caring for him and for finding the perfect forever home for Logan!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who Needs Whom?

Update on Rocky II

Rocky has settled into his home. His adopters are wonderful and just the nicest people. I am facebook friends with them now, so I see their updates about Rocky. After a day or two she posted that Rocky jumped into her lap and cuddled with her. So cute. And I just got this email from them:

Hi Erin,

Rocky is doing really great! I expected that it might take at least 2 weeks or more for him to feel comfortable, but he seems really happy here with Tony and I. We take him on walks and of course he has marked every spot available. And he is eating well, that was the biggest worry I think I had for his transition. He is definitely funny, sweet and very intelligent and I love him with all of my heart!

Erin, I know that Rocky has made a very smooth transition with us because of all of the love you gave him! I will keep in touch to let you know how he is and if I every get the knack, I will figure out how to e-mail you pictures.


What a wonderful update on Rocky, Erin.  You did a fantastic job in preparing him for his new life with this great family.  You must be so proud - we are too!

Nebtr in In Good Health Rochester

NEBTR was in a local article this month in In Good Health Rochester.  Several of our members were featured, including Heather Coursen, Betty Ann Manganello, and Joan Stark.  Click on this link to read the whole story.

Beanie’s Favorite Place



Beanie's favorite place to lay is right in front of the door - and won't move when I have to go out. Good thing he doesn't try to collect a toll.


Joan Watt Stark

Update on Peety


Remember Peety? He was surrendered in 2007 and spent a year in foster care because of his fear aggression until a wonderful woman named Lisa saw that face on Petfinder and knew he was meant for her. As you can see he's thriving in his new home and since he lives so close we visit a few times a year.


Robin Callinan Leone

A Roll In The Grass Is Better

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Monday, August 26, 2013

Such Misery...

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Adopt Foster Maya




This adorable girl is ready for adoption!  If you are interested, fill out an adoption application on our website.

Special thanks to Stacie Kyle for the wonderful video!

Bostons Rule

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Monday :-((

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

More on Oreo

Oreo, my new rescue dog

Oreo got some belly rubs on her walk today.

Narelle Wolf

Thanks so much, Narelle, for opening your heart and home to this beautiful girl!

SNORT’s Tyler: A Success Story


Ok, NEBTR, I know he is a pug and not a Boston, but hey. Sometimes you need a success story, right?

Tyler came to SNORT morbidly obese at 50% body fat, and an untreated diabetic. Over the next couple months we got his insulin dosing sorted out, shaved 5 lbs off his chubby body,  and finally found him a fabulous home with Arpad and Kelly of SNORT who fell in love with him after they watched him for us over a long weekend.

Arpad and Kelly are wonderful folks who have lots of  experience with diabetic dogs and are willing and able to give Tyler the care he needs for the rest of his life. They are still working on helping him lose that last 5 lbs, but hey, aren't we all?

Many thanks to all of you who helped us get the hang of the diabetes program (Phee's mom, Angel), and many Congratulations, Arpad, Kelly, and Tyler :)

Many Blessings to you all!
Erin Sullivan

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thought for the day

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Update on Olive



Olive has been adopted now for seven years by Tammy Trivelpiece, who had been her foster Mom when Olive came to NEBTR.  She is thirteen now, going on fourteen.  How fortunate she is to be loved by Tammy and her family!