Wednesday, June 22, 2016

River Hiking

River had a blast exploring mother nature at a secret waterfall location! 


New Foster Dino

New foster Dino.  He is an absolutely gorgeous and very sweet four-year-old boy.

Finn the Imp Update

So Finn progresses more and more. 

One of my very good friends came over yesterday to take some pics of him for his page. To do so we had to work on his fear of strangers first. He did good. He barked for a little while. Then, with the help of a bit of cream cheese he got closer to her and even licked her hand.   

He relaxed and let us play with him and take some great pics. Finally you can see his amazing colors and his beautiful face. 


Sweet Pea's First Day

Sweet pea enjoyed a relaxing first day of her new beginning. She seems to be adjusting well and has not lost her appetite or spunk!

Nicole G

Happy Gotcha Day Bentley

It was a pawty in our house tonight!! It's been 1 year since we got Bentley (Bean)! She celebrated with her foster siblings Rascal and Ruby. Everyone enjoyed all the cake and treats!
Huge thank you to our friends at the Dining Dog in Allentown, PA. They make the best dog friendly cakes and treats!
Here's some pics from the pawty!

New Foster Sweet Pea

Aahhh, the Sweet smell of freedom! - Sweet Pea

Former Foster Rex (Emmet) and Kona

Ada and Ella May Love to Play Ball