Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Foster Baby

Baby is one of NEBTR's newest fosters. I picked him up from the owner that surrendered him after 9 years. Baby is a 10 year old un-neutered male weighing in at 23.5 lbs. He did very well in the car on the ride home and at the vet. He is in good health except for an ear infection. So far he is getting along with his foster brothers Chester and Jake. He is very sweet and seems to love all people. I will keep you all posted on his progress. and send more pictures soon.

Wendy Conway
Phoenix, NY

Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on Ginger

Ginger is staying cozy on this cold night with her feline brother Dr. Gonzo. Her forever mom Jodi Lynn Moss writes, "Yup she came home December 4th! She is daddy's "baby boos" and my "peanut little squirt" we are both so in love with her. She is so silly and wacky at times and so cuddly and sweet. Cynthia and Craig were great foster parents, they knew she would fit right at home in our family! Ginger is a gem of a companion. :)"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 Things Your Dog Wants from You

By Jennifer Quasha
So it’s a New Year, and although he or she can’t tell you, your dog has some resolutions—what he or she wants from you! You may see a seated dog looking up at you waiting for a treat and think all is well, but trust me—it isn’t, she wants more.

Here are the five things your dog really wants from you in this New Year:

1. Love, love, love: Your dog wants you to love her—more! Instead of simply showing everyone the new pic of her on your iPhone, spend time with the gal. Sure I tell the world how obsessed I am with my beagle, Sugar, by the pathetic bumper stickers plastered on my car, but I know she loves our snuggle time. When Sugar’s lying on the couch and I come over to give her a nice long rub and cuddle, her eyelids go to half mast, and doggie bliss has officially descended. She looks into eyes and she holds my gaze—it’s doggie nirvana. So spend more time: car time, couch time, walk time. Whichever way works best for you--show them the love. Step it up a notch.

2. A pack leader: Who’s the boss? My spoiled above-mentioned beagle gets treated like a queen—until she doesn’t. And I decide when that happens. Dogs need a pack leader and if they don’t get one—they become one. You don’t want your dog running your house, even if she runs your heart. Dogs need rules and boundaries that are understood and consistent, or dogs will take advantage. And I know. For example, my beagle is allowed on some couches and chairs and not on others, and she knows which ones. Except every once in a while she’ll jump up someplace she knows she’s not allowed. If I let her get away with it, in a few days she jumps up wherever she wants to. The self-professed Queen needs to revert to princess status. And as much as I hate to do it, if I don’t, I know I will find her lounging on my bed snacking on a bag of chips she’s jumped up on the counter to get. And just in case you think I’m cruel, if you ever find me lounging on my bed snacking on a bag of chips, you can kick me off too.

3. Food: My beagle loves dearly anyone who has ever fed her. It’s a very simple way to be allowed into her very simple little heart. She might get this from me. We are simple creatures. And who doesn’t want more food? I usually do, but I know how to zip my lips. Your dog needs you to make the right decision. She can’t stop the madness on her own. Studies done in 2011 by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention says 55% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese. No surprise there, but dogs need to rely on their owners to regulate their food intake. They need you to help them stay healthy. If you don’t, it ain’t pretty. Once I can home to find that Sugar consumed an extra-large box of cereal. My unmoving, comatose beagle resembled a stuffed pig. Do your pooch a favor, make sure you’re doling out the right amount of food.

4. Fun: In the immortal words that could have been sung by Cyndi Lauper: “Dogs just wanna have fu-un!” Sugar could spend all day taking a walk, playing tug-o-war, visiting other dogs, and keeping me company. That said: so could I. But life gets in the way. And though I know life can and does, I also know I could spend a little more time having fun with Sugar, for Sugar. What does your dog like to do best? She told me to tell you that she wants it more.

5. Exercise and health: Well, truth be told, Sugar likes exercise more than I do. I look upon a three-mile walk as forty minutes I could spend sitting on the couch reading. But I know it’s good for me and for her to get up and out. Dogs want to be outside, exploring, playing, and rolling around in stinky stuff. They really want exercise, and most dogs need more—it’s the other half of that diet/exercise plan we food lovers need to put into play.

So ring in the New Year considering doing what your dog really wants. Who knows, it might just be your best year yet.

Jennifer Quasha is a writer and most recently the co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog's Life: 101 Stories about the Ages and Stages of our Canine Companions" and "Chicken Soup of the Soul: My Cat's Life: 101 Stories about the Ages and Stages of our Feline Family Members." Check out her website at

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fena Has a New Toy

Update on Bertha

Hi All

I wanted to say thank you to NEBTR for bringing Bertha into my life
She is the most wonderful dog I have ever had.

Ellen Hansen
New York

Sweety Finds Her Forever Home

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sweety has gone to her new forever home . The Bovas adopted her on Thursday. They drove a few hours from Camillus NY to Saugerties with "Happy Birthday," "It's a Girl," and "Welcome Home" balloons and a whole gift basket of goodies for her. She was a little nervous but she quickly made friends with her new family. I am sure she is spoiled rotten already. Jeanette promised lots of updates so I will be sure to pass them along.

Jeanette said that something about her really struck home with her. She is aware that she is a little older and a puppy mill girl and felt this was what was tugging her to Sweety.

Elly Monfett
Saugerties NY

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Final Stats for 2011

With the birth of 3 puppies that Lara and Jesse helped Mandy, their foster and a PM survivor, deliver on New Year's eve, we were able to take in 136 Bostons this past year.

The year prior was 93. Prior to that was 80. Not a good indication of where we are going, and having already been contacted to help 7 since Jan 1st, our wish for a quieter year doesn't look promising.

Thank you to each of you who give your time, your homes, your tears for each lost soul and the joy of another successful adoption.

I am so proud of us.


Sheryl Trent, President NEBTR

Meet New Foster Stanley

Meet Stanley....A new foster. He likes peace and quiet and someone to sit next to. He loves to snuggle! He is doing well getting settled in his new home and the resident Boston...Mr. Benny.

Dawn Stone
Allentown PA

Monday, January 16, 2012

Oscar Loves Daddy

Update on Mugsy

Happy living life with his sistery Cheney after being saved by a vet and then adopted by Lisa Fink Shampaner, another caring vet. All just before he was scheduled to be pts. He couldn't be luckier or happier! Aren't they the cutest faces ever?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Carmine Has a Forever Home

Carmine has a forever home! Many thanks to foster mother Heather and Christine Salerno, who did her first transport.

The minute we pulled off 787 Carmine knew he was heading home. When we got to Ed's house, Carmine looked straight at him, then tried to jump out the door. Fortunately, I had the harness attached to the doggie seat belt, but when I let go he jumped right out and ran to Ed, giving him lots of kisses. He toured the house, jumped on Ed's bed, which is where he will sleep, and then he and Ed played a tug game. After that, Carmine opened the door to the dog crate that was there, smart dog, and attacked the bedding.

He and Ed are very happy together, when I departed they planned to play for a bit then take a walk in the neighborhood. He is the sweetest little guy, I don't know why someone would surrender him because he is an angel; Ed is a really nice guy, I know he and Carmine will be happy together.

So nice to see one of our fur kids happy in a new home.

Again, thanks to Heather for fostering and congratulations to Christine who is so happy to do her first transport. Volunteers make it all happen.

Jeanne aka Rosie's mom, Albany NY