Saturday, January 10, 2009

From Bea's Forever Mom

Here is the email I got with the update on Bea. She is living in luxury! (Cody is Bea's mom's other Boston who is also 5)


Hi Lisa,

Sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you until now. I had this awful flu and today is the first day I am functioning normally. The good thing is that I stayed home from work all week and got to spend a lot of time with Bea and Cody. So I wanted to update you.

The dogs are doing extremely well and absolutely adore each other. Yesterday, they played so much all day that they were like zombies, sleeping by 7 pm and out cold. They both sleep with me in bed and we have a system where Bea sleeps on my left and Cody sleeps on my right. In the morning, they wake up and immediately begin play. It's a sight to enjoy for me.

Bea has transformed--literally. Her back legs have gotten stronger in just a week. She leaps and bounds after Cody, and even my parents were saying how she already looks ten times better. Pretty soon, with all of the play time, I think she will have full use of all limbs. She basically has that right now.

I don't have a digital camera but I am buying film for my camera today and will start taking pics. Bea has a beautiful new collar and raincoat, and we visited my vet just to get a file on her started and have her checked out. I started her on her heartworm meds and she is eating Hills Science diet, what my vet loves (and he is an amazing vet).

Bea had a few accidents but she is getting much better. I am using the bell method where I leave a bell by the door and ring it when we go outside, and I lather her with affection and treats when she goes potty outside. It is working very well. The only accident she had was yesterday, during a downpour, where she refused to leave the house and managed to sneak away and poop on the carpet. But after that I bought her a rain jacket so no more excuses for me or her:)

I'll send you pics as soon as I get them done. I wanted you to know that she is in puppy paradise and so spoiled. This morning, we were outside playing fetch with Cody. I try to teach her to fetch but she is more interested in chasing Cody at this point. But I couldn't stop laughing because she chases leaves!! Poor thing doesn't know anything about life yet. She will though.

Anyway thanks again and I apologize again for being so ill and short when I met you. I'm terrible at being sick. Hope you are well and look forward to talking to you soon.

Love always,
Cody, Bea and Theryn

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Lilly Chronicles - Part 3

Today is Tuesday the 6th.
Lilly went to the door this morning and went out with all the other
she even came in with them!!!!!!!
I am so excited!!!
she also sat on the chair with me while I watched

she is also coming up to each of us on her terms and sniffing our toes.
She has a long way to go
but this is such an exciting milestone for her.

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

-- Tammy

Sturgis the Movie Star

I met Sturgis' owner a few years ago at a function where I was with Buster. At the time she and her husband were considering adopting a Boston and once they met Buster they had no doubts. She adopted Sturgis a few months later and we have kept in contact with each other occasionally. Most recently they stopped to see me at the hospital where I work. Sturgis does therapy work there and comes to work with his own employee id badge. Now it looks like he is a movie star!


Free to perfect home!! :-) (Levittown Pa)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-11-03, 9:31PM EST

I am looking to rehome my adorable 7-year-old child. I recently got a puppy and having them both is just too hard for me to manage anymore, so the kid must go. He is a good little boy, and it breaks my heart to have to give him away. However, it is something I have to do!

About him: He is 7-year-old male full bred Caucasian child. He is house broken/potty trained (hasn't had an accident since he was three); he is very friendly and does NOT bite. He went through a biting stage when he was two years old but quickly out grew that. He loves to run and play, and will play catch with a football for hours!! He will also get along great with kids, cats and other dogs. He sometimes does have a hard time sharing his toys, but with strict discipline, he can be broken of that habit. I recommend a home with a fenced in yard where he can run around freely! He is up to date on all shots. I will be more than happy to send all paper work with him.

I will need references from anyone interested in adopting this wonderful little person. Please understand that writing this is killing me, but I need to do what is best for my son. Ever since I got the puppy I just do not have the time my son needs anymore. I need to find him a place where he can get all the love and attention a child needs.
Serious inquiries only! If all references check out, he will be free to the home I find suitable.

Thank you, and good luck, I hope my son gives you as much joy as he has given me. Please give him a forever home!

-- contributed by Donna

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This little cutie is one that one rescued from a mill situation mid October. We had the priviledge of helping to transport and hold on to her for a few hours before her final leg to her foster mom further north in PA.

Isn't Kiwi beautiful?

She was so timid yet we knew she would learn to trust eventually

It was a warm Sunday afternoon and Kiwi spent some time
laying in the grass enjoying the sunshine while Tiff, Nick and I talked

Picture perfect! Do you have a home and a heart for this little girl?
If so, please visit NEBTR's web page and inquire about her!

Even if you are not able to adopt at this point, check out our website, it's pretty cool!

--Nick, Vicki and Tinker

Have You Smiled Today?

-- Contributed by Mary Anne Donovan

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Lilly Chronicles - Part 2

I have to comment about my dogs. Most of you know that I have a houseful. but I am not sure everyone realizes that I have 9 dogs.
5 greys
2 bostons
and 2 doxies
now..most of you think OMG 9
but let me say that They are the most caring wonderful and most forgiving dogs on this planet. (at least I think so) They know we foster. they know that all the dogs that come through here go to a forever home. They help me in training all the fosters that come here. Do they let me know which dogs better not stayhere.??
you bet! esp. my Pugsley..He is a Boston "weather" vane. If it's a dog he knows he can help me with..they stay..if not...I better get another home ASAP because he will NOT tolerate the dog at all. forward now to Lilly. Our new mill foster. All the dogs are so willing to help her. They are trying to show her how to go outside and that its alright to come in. She is so scared
that she will not even come near us if she is outside. I have tried the leash thing..but oh my she is not ready for that. So..Lilly is outside. there goes Pugsley..Pugs pees. looks at Lilly
and then comes in. Next its the others..One by one they do the same thing. Tessa even shoved Lilly like..see..this is how it's done. But Lilly still wont come in. she just shakes and runs. The dogs don't give up though..they keep trying a while until they can't pee anymore! lol then they all look at me as if to say..YOUR turn. So then..I have to go out and chase her around until I catch her.

They leave her alone too. I guess they feel she needs rest and peace. I am so amazed that my troops are so patient. They have for the most part been a great deal of support with all the rehabilitation that all these mill dogs have gotten. If it wasn't for them, I think that most of my mill dogs would be here longer and learn less.

So Kudos to my puppers, and to Lilly..she is such a sweet girl and who ever adopts her will will be the luckiest family!

-- Tammy

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daphne's Progress

I just wanted to give a recent update on Daphne (the puppy mill girl from last weekend). My husband had her to the vet on Tuesday and everything turned out great for her! No infections or parasites, Yeah! The vet did say that she has very dry skin and her teeth were in pretty bad shape. I am still waiting to hear the results of her blood test, hopefully by tomorrow. I need to have her taken back for her inoculations, and when I hear back about the blood test, I can have her spayed right away. She has made a few strides since she has been here. She does spend a lot of time in her crate in my kitchen, which is where she is most comfortable. She is very timid, but has shown some curiosity as well. She is not a big fan of being picked up though. I do not have a fenced in yard like some of you other fortunate ones, but I have started to take her outside to go to the bathroom. I have a retractable leash, which helps. I also noticed that when I take her out with my Odie, she is very alert as to what he is doing. At first, she would just stand there and sniff, but yesterday morning she started to sniff around the yard. She did not have one accident in the house yesterday, but did not poop at all. She will usually try to sneak it in the kitchen when I am not looking. She did do both outside this morning which I was very pleased. I graduated her up to my bedroom last night. I keep her in her crate with the door shut at night so I can try to work on the potty issue. However, the only problem I am facing is that I have to practically tackle her to pick her up after we are done outside. She just flips out! I am also afraid that she is going to slip out of her harness, because it is not the greatest fit, but fits better than the other sizes. Any suggestions??? I am wondering if I am starting this off way too soon, but feel that she has to learn that it is okay to be touched. I don't want to force her either. It will be a great day when she learns to follow Odie up and down the stairs. When I bring her inside, she usually will look and explore around the house, but then a within a few minutes makes her way back inside her crate. Poor things teeth just chatter! I have never heard that before. She is a very quiet, lackadaisial dog, and I hardly even know that she is here. She doesn't make a peep! She also seems to be eating and drinking for the most part except for this morning, she ate nothing. The funny thing too is that I had my friend over last night (who is pregnant), and Daphne sniffed her hand and even let her pet and pick her up! I was amazed as she won't do that for me. I am wondering if she senses that Tess is pregnant and doesn't see her as a threat.....amazing! I am also wondering if she is mixed with frenchie? I looked up frenchie/boston mix and they look just like her! I will send pics soon.