Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ran into a Success Story


Just wanted to let everyone know that I ran into a former foster! I was leaving work the other day and there was a big boston there picking up one of the kids ( I am a teacher). So of course I had to say hello! Apparently he was adopted from NEBTR. His name is Bear and he sure is a bear! He is huge! Just wanted to let those of you that remember him that he is doing well with a great family.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Midge's Adoption

Hi All - Well, Midge is safely with her forever new owners. The Seymours were sooo excited to see Midge that Mary started to cry with excitement. Me too -- Midge went right to Ron's arms and never once shivered or hesitated.... She was very relaxed in his arms and Mary kept rubbing Midge's face... The adoption went great!!! I have attached a picture of Midge with her new, happy owners....

Thanks for everyone's help as this was my foster girl.... Your patience and assistance was great and much appreciated!


Puppy Bouquet

contributed by Deb Jacobson,