Saturday, April 4, 2015

Omar gets Adopted!

After months and months of medical care, rehabilitation, socialization, and a good diet, my NEBTR foster Omar has been...

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Friday, April 3, 2015

All About That Sun - Fena

All about that sun, 'bout that sun....

Posted by NEBTR Fena Virtual Foster on Sunday, March 29, 2015

Molly loves her Beauty Sleep...

Another lazy Saturday for Miss Molly

Posted by NEBTR Molly Virtual Foster on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015

Chili Says Thanks for the Easter Basket

Walter White Says Thanks for the Easter Basket

Mavis Loved Her Easter Basket

Happy Second Gotcha Day Cody

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oliver Thanks the Easter Bunny

Former Foster Oliver was treated to one of Poochey Chef's Easter Baskets by his forever Grandma Ellen Thelin.    Oliver loved it!

Scooby Says Thanks for the Easter Basket

Scooby here! Just wanted to say THANK YOU sooooo much to Afia Avsar, er, um, well the Easter Bunny, for my amazingly generous Easter basket! I LOVED the treats, you can see me sitting nicely for one! And the charm makes me look soooo handsome! Lots of love and licks!!!!!


Sarah Rogers

Bella Wants Attention

Bella wants mommy to pay attention to her not work

Posted by Torrie Moore on Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pepper Thanks the Easter Bunny

Pepper would like to thank Easter Bunny Betsy Rex for her Easter basket. She just got home from her surgery so this was...
Posted by Amanda Unger on Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bentley Bean Thanks the Easter Bunny

Bentley Bean wants to thank Easter Bunny Emilia Andrzejewska for the basket of goodies!He's sporting the paw charm already. :)

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Happy Gotcha Day Remy

Gigi and Reese Love Each Other

Cupcake and Cooper Squirrel Watching

Cupcake Says Thanks to Easter Bunny Cupcake

Cupcake wants to Thank Jennifer Hanly for sending her the wonderful Poocheychef easter basket filled with goodies. She is going to share them with her friends here. Thanks for making her first Easter in a home special.
Foster mom
Cupcake is so very welcome!!  She is such a cutie. My Lola hopes that Cupcake & her foster siblings enjoy them!!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mac Doesn't Want to Get Up

No foster momma...its Monday...dont make me get up ~Mac

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Monday, 30 March 2015

Reese and Gigi

Bentley Bean Dapper After Surgery

Myrtle Before and After Surgery

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO: Donated, Prayed, Shared, Sent healing thoughts. It all came together to help save the life...

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Remy's Meds

Remarkable Foster Mom!

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Happy Gotcha Day Stella

It's been a whole year since Stella joined our family. She has brought lots of love with her. She is really a sweet and happy girl. Still a nervous nelly when I leave, but getting better. Thank you NEBTR for all you do and helping me find her.


Hello from Foster Holden

Hello friends!! It's me, Holden! I've been in foster care for about a month now and I'm doing great! My foster mom took me to the vet the other day and I was nervous but did just fine. Mom suspected I had a skin problem due to yeast since I was scratching a lot and there was swelling and a few swollen lymph nodes. Another sure sign was my can bathe me and a day later I have a very distinct, very pungent smell that takes a lot of scrubbing to even get off her hands after the pets me.

I don't mean to be so smelly but mom still loves me and thinks I'm the cutest! She switched my food over to a limited ingredient formula without any potatoes and grains to get my omegas back to a normal level and get the yeast problem under control. The vet agreed that that's what she thinks it is as well so she also gave me a medicated shampoo that mom has to let sit on me for TEN MINUTES! Pure Torture in that tub!!!

She does have to do it three times in the first week alone. Wahhhh! And then only once a week and that should get rid of that pesky fungal yeast on my skin. And the food switch should do the rest! But my body is currently detoxing from the old food I was eating before I came into foster care so it should be another week before I feel the results. I can't wait!

Otherwise, I'm doing great and mom said I'll be up for adoption soon!!! She wants to keep me but I get really nervous around the other dogs in the house. I'm not aggressive towards them and if they're calm I don't mind them sleeping with me as long as mom or dad is snuggling me too. When they bark I get a little uncomfortable and nervous so we can't be left unsupervised together ever. I'm not used to the other dogs in the house either so I'm possessive over my food. If there's food in my dish I guard my gate and can get a little growly. I'd prefer a home by myself or with a very timid and low key dog.

I'm potty trained and have very good manners! I'm shy around new people but after a few minutes I warm up and do my happy dance!! I'm attaching a few pictures of me as well! One from my bath tonight and just a few other model shots! Thanks friends!

Holden & Shawna

Sully Gets a Pupcake celebration of my Golden, Yogi's, bday!!  Yum he said!  Look how good he sits and waits :)


More on Mackster

Mackster visited the vet today, very healthy guy, 30 lbs, had his rabies shot, titers done, fecal and heart worm tests, and his first dose of tick preventative.  He and Abigail are enjoying each other's company, playing and going for walks together.  He now has a new winter coat, matching harness, collar, and leash in bright , cheery colors to match his personality, and a big chew bone.  Loves to play and go for walks, observe the neighborhood through the window, lay on the couch, and go for car rides.  Like any Boston, likes to cuddle, especially under the covers when we go to bed.  Perfectly housebroken, he's going to make a wonderful family dog.

Jeanne Dross aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail and foster Mackster

Petunia Says Thanks for the Easter Basket

Miss Petunia isn't very good with sit and stay for a picture but boy did she have a blast digging through the grass in her Easter basket!  Poochey Chef did an amazing job.  Petunia made a mess that was well worth it.!  The treats all smelled so good she didn't know what to try first.  She even shared one with her foster brother Leo.  Thank you so much for your generosity Lesley & Jim, you made her day!!

Foster Mom to Petunia & Leo

Bentley Bean and Yoda Play

Bentley Bean is sporting the doughnut....neutered yesterday ya know ;-) Aoki is the guy trying to join in the game, but just doesn't seem to know how....

Yoda Says Thanks for the Welcome Gifts

Big thank you to Stacie Kyle for sending Yoda a welcome packet. He was

Chris & Yoda

New Fosters Patsy and Gidget

Gidget is a doll!  She doesn't act like she's 13. She loves to play & chew on toys.  She stays close to me & slept quietly all night.  She has a large mamory tumor. Her previous vet said at her age he didn't want to put her under to remove it.  It doesn't seem to bother her at all.  It's obvious she was very loved by her family.  She's quite a sweet old lady. 

Patsy is also very sweet. She likes to chew on the cow hooves I bought for them but doesn't seem to know how to play It's pretty obvious she didn't spend much, if any, time in a home.  She's a bit skittish when you go to pet her but comes around quickly.  She's got a fun personality & makes a cute little face by scrunching up her nose when she's excited.

Melanie Stein

Thank you so much Melanie for opening your heart and home to these babies!

Maverick in His Forever Home

My foster boy of 7 months, Maverick, was adopted 2 months ago by the LaPolla family. On one of our regular trips to NYC we stopped and visited him in his new home. He's doing fantastic!!!! He's soooo happy! He was thrilled to see us and we couldn't have picked a more perfect family for little Mavi! He had gone through many potentials and none of them worked out for a reason. He's in his true forever home now! Here are a few pictures of our quick visit!

Shawna & Corey with fosters, Holden & Pugsley

Thank you Shawna for all you have done for Maverick, and for finding him the perfect home!

Vegas at Work

This guy is too cute! Had to share. My office buddy while I work late into the evening... :)

Judy Liu

Monday, March 30, 2015

Fena Loves her zzzzzz's

Catching some zzzzzzs on a cloudy morning....

Posted by NEBTR Fena Virtual Foster on Friday, March 27, 2015

Shelter Slam Fundraiser a Success

Hey everyone!  Shelter Slam was awesome!  There was quite a large crowd & we were able to raise $120! My friend Amy was a huge help! Can't wait to do it again next year!

Melanie Stein

What a fantastic looking table!  Not to mention those working it!  :)
Thank you SO MUCH.  Nice job PLUS the $120 !!!!

New Foster Sully

Welcome Sully to NEBTR!  He is a 6 month old Boston Terrier mix. According to his papers he weighs 25 lbs.  He is a cute guy!  He is shy meeting people and kids make him uneasy, but seems to be dog and cat friendly.  He knows sit, shake, and high five! He will sit automatically and wait for a treat. More to come as I get to know him!


Yoda Has a Bath

Yoda doesn't think that bath thing was necessary. To top it off, now he doesn't even SMELL like a dog, what was the point?

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Sunday, 29 March 2015

Poppi Watches a Basketball Game

Richard (now Poppi) watching the basketball game with his forever family. xox

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Sunday, 29 March 2015

Cooper and Luigi Have a Forever Home

Congrats to Cooper and Luigi who have found their forever home with their
foster Mom, Susanne Guth! Susanne sent me the attached picture saying "we
are now officially brothers" but I have a feeling they were brothers long
before the paperwork was signed :)

Congrats Susanne and thank you for giving these boys a forever home!


That's great!!! Congratulations to all!

More on Foster Vegas

Vegas has been with us for a week now.  I have however had the wonderful pleasure of really getting to know this amazing guy. I thought fostering a deaf dog would be a real challenge - and I was so dead wrong!

He follows me everywhere, allows me to pick him up and carry him and sits near me often. Obviously, trust is critical with this guy and he seems to latch on to one person. I have not had much time with him while he has been with us, as I have had to travel a bit. But patience is key with this guy and when I am with him I am firm but loving and patient with him as best I can be. He is a bit grouchy and has no problem letting you know when he does not like something or wants something. He is quite vocal for being deaf. We are working on manners and fine tuning some basic sign language so we can communicate with him properly. He seems to be learning quickly in a short time. He is a smart dog!

He is a playful fella for a 10yr old and has more spunk than my 2.5 yr old Boston. He has been able to co-exist with my guy this weekend as we did a more formal introduction. So far so good! Seems to do ok with other dogs. Has a very good appetite and really enjoys going outdoors.    We walk our dogs often - so he seems to be getting used to & enjoying the walking schedule. 

Judy Liu

Thank you for all that you are doing for Vegas!! He doesn't look like he is 10 years old :-)

Cupcake Has a Forever Home

Cupcake met her new family today. She will have a Boston terrier brother and a wonderful family to call her own. They drove from NJ to see if she was a good match for Bandit. She was!! So happy!!!

Kimberly Nissen-Foley

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wake up Pangya!

I'm sleeping over here, Mom. I need my space, please....

Posted by NEBTR Pangya Virtual Foster on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pangya says Spring is Here!

Shhh - I'm sneaking up on the ducks. Gonna learn all their habits, when they come into my moat, heck, I may even name them. Then I'm going to chase them! Yea- the ducks are back! Spring is here...

Posted by NEBTR Pangya Virtual Foster on Friday, March 27, 2015


Rocky and Robin Love Their Easter Baskets

Robin says Thanks to Jodi Wasniak!!  You can see in the photos he loves the toy!
Rocky says Thanks to Nancy Tilley! 
Loretta Dolan