Saturday, January 11, 2014


He's a sleepy pup after our jog!


It's been just over a month now, and between de-toxing and new 
surroundings, Hamilton is coming around. He's turning out to be just a 
big puppy that has no idea just how big and intimidating he can be. 
When he first arrived he was charging the gates and ready to rip into my 
dogs. I had to keep him separated for everything. Now look at him! He's 
not 100% yet, but he has come a LONG way from when he first arrived. :)

Here are some of the recent photos of Hamilton's progress.
Chris & Hamilton

What a fantastic job you and your husband are doing for him, Chris!

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thanks from Marley Moo

Conny McGraw :

    I just got a wonderful present from my first ever foster boy Marley Moo.
    Thank you Mar Mar and Linda Hull Danis.
    I love the gift and the note that was in the gift. — with Linda Hull Danis

Maxy Moo Exploring the Yard

Happy 9th Birthday Buzzy!

Lisa Vaughan writes:

Happy 9th Birthday to my former foster Bizzy! She's been with her amazing family now for 4 years. She originally was a mill mommy.

Happy birthday little lady!!! Still remember the day I pulled you from the mill with Frodo like it was yesterday! So happy you are celebrating your bday with your amazing family!

Bizzy is so fortunate to have been adopted by Adam and Tasha Lichtman and is living a wonderful life with them!

Maxy Moo starting to relax!!

The spread eagle is always a good sign! Lol

Foster Failure Buddy

Our foster failure Buddy the "boskimo"(BT/American Eskimo) is well prepared for the blizzard!

How cute!
Hopefully the Eskie genes will mean he doesn't mind going out :)  He looks thrilled - NOT!
He looks thrilled - NOT!

Duncan loves to give kisses!

We cant wait for the 40 degree weather this weekend so we can go on some jogs!

Oh how sweet! So nice to see Duncan so loved!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Former Foster Marty goes Bowling

Sunday Valentine the Acrobat

Foster mom I wanted you to see me doing my balancing act!

Do any more of my foster brethren out there sit in silly ways like this?

Love, Sunday

Silas Snuggles In

He is snuggly warm in foster brothers bed. You would never know he has 3 beds of his own. 
DuBois Pa

Rocco and Louie in Their Baby Hoodies

Rocco and Louie in their baby hoodies.

The little one is 6/9 months (too big) and Rocco is 12 months!  A bit in between sizes, but super cute!!! ($4 each at Walmart).


Duffy Is Adopted and Thanks His Santas

Good news for Duffy!  He was adopted before Christmas by Julie Strulson.  His foster mom Loretta Dolan wants his Santas to know that all his gifts went with him, and wants to thank everyone for their generosity.

Last Package of secret santa for Tigger

Thanks to Linda Ash for his cozy bed & other goodies from Linda, Judy Kuneth and Mary Beth Owens, Tigger has been blessed in so many ways!  Thank you to all for your generosity!  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Maxy is Coming Along!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rocco's New Home!

Rocco now Rocky has found a wonderful forever home in N.J. with the George family.  He now has a younger brother Beans and a great family to love home. Don't they look so cute together. Way to go BIG brother Rocky!!! Will miss you.
Gretchen & Jim

Congratulations to Gretchen and Jim on your hard work.  Thanks for giving Rocky new life! 

Happy Second Gotcha Day Maggie!

Rudy's Bath Time

What a good boy, Rudy!

Teddy Has His Game On

Look at Teddy at home with Dr. Fred and Hazel!  What an amazing life he has and how fortunate he is to be loved by Dr. Fred, Hazel and his animal sibling!  This is one of our best all time success stories.

Sherry Gets Adopted!

Sherry was adopted yesterday by Janice and Bernie McNelis from New Jersey. They are second adopters from NEBTR (previously adopted Charlie who passed about 9 months ago) and are the perfect family for my foster Sherry. I already miss her terribly and driving away was one of the hardest things I've had to do but I know she is very happy and very loved and will be for the rest of her days. Congratulations to Sherry and the McNelis'!! I've attached a picture below of the happy family

Good luck Sherry and great job foster mom Shawna Merritt! Thank you for loving her and finding her a great home. Congratulations!! 

Brady gets a Bath

What a trooper!

Lily Adopted! (picture)

My parents just sent me this picture while they were waiting for Judy to 
arrive to meet Lily for the first time and take her home.
They said she was in tears when she saw Lily!
Maria's Dad met my Dad today at the Bridgeport ferry to take Lily across 
to Long Island to meet her new Mommy, Judy.
Thank you Conni for fostering Lily TWICE and to Maria for facilitating 
Lily will now live as an only dog with a retired Mom with a big fenced 
yard and a pool near the Hamptons!
I look forward to hearing all about her new adventures!

Jerrilyn Walter

Rainy Day Blues for Rocco and Louie

Max (Maxy Moo) - Getting Comfortable

Here is Maxy Moo sleeping on the eye open he can catch me if I dare to leave the room...

Jerrilyn Walter

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday Valentine the Adventurer

oops...mama lost my snow prints!!
Marjorie - SV looks wonderful! Thank you for caring for her so lovingly.

Maxy Max getting settled

He still needs our prayers and good wishes, but he is certainly being cared for.

Former Porter (now Brain) says Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from former NEBTR foster Porter, now named Brain. 

Brain is just having a fabulous time with his Dad, living it up in NYC. 

Look at how content his face is and how bright his eyes are! Truly a very happy boy!! (Two of them - his Dad is quite ecstatic as well!)

He re-named him after the cartoon Pinky & the Brain...( see below)

- how cute is that!

Sunday Valentine thanks Secret Santa!

Sunday valentine here!

I decided to venture out of the little place that foster mama had shoveled out and explore the world, but all I found was snow. And more snow! When my paws got cold, foster mama came out and rescued me <3

Just wanted to check in with you. And I really want to thank my secret Santas Allye and Ellen!! I have lots of bones to chew on and I had a beautiful Christmas stocking. And mama is encouraging me to play with my toy! 

Mama will show you how happy I am with my new things and on my adventure!

Love, Sunday Valentine

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rudy and Brady say ThankYou Secret Santa!

Brady and Rudy want to say THANKS to ALL their secret Santas!!!

Happy Gotcha Day Molly

Molly and Her Gotcha Cake

Oscar and the Dead Duck

Elena Braves the Snow

Gunner Loves His New Toy From Santa

Gunner is Available for Adoption

Elena Catches the Snow

Spot is Adopted

Update on Spot

Pray for Patsy

Gunner Models His Sweater from Cindy

Gunner Thanks His Santas

Maxy Moo is Resting

Maxy Moo is enjoying the heating blanket in his bed. He has a long road ahead of him but he is now resting comfortably. Huge thanks to all of his supporters. 

Please welcome our new foster Max. He was severely neglected and needs round-the-clock care. He is now on the road to recovery.

 xo Jerrilyn

Visit with Former Foster Prince


We went to visit our former foster Prince today who was adopted from us about 3 months ago. When we first got him he was clearly neglected. He smelt terrible and his skin was in awful condition.

Today he is like a completely different dog! He is happy, healthy, and very loved! He is being treated like the Prince that he is.

Moreen Nickerson

Aww always nice to see such a wonderful success story.. You have given him a new lease on life.  He looks fabulous!

This is what he looked like before.  He was infested with fleas and his skin was raw and red. You can really appreciate the change by looking at this picture!