Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update on Belle

Belle after 5 weeks

Belle and her brother Duke

It has been about five weeks since I drove to Pennsylvania to pickup our abandoned little old lady, Belle. I thought I would give you and update. Poor Belle had a few problems in the early days. She was very thin, her bones stuck out, her coat was so thin as to be non existent in places. She settled in and kept to herself at first, accepting my dogs but not interacting much. I fed her the food that came with her until I transitioned her over to what I feed my gang. There was Science Diet canned food to be mixed with her kibble so I opened a can of a chicken flavored one. Shortly after that Belle broke out in a nasty rash, mostly on her hind end and back. I treated with Benedryl and anti itch spray and cream. Did not change much. I discovered the problem was an allergy to chicken when the can was finished and we switched to a beef one. Rash went away. She is now on the lamb and rice that my gang eats, with a spoonful of pumpkin and a fish oil capsule. After reading about it here, I have also added Aloe Vera juice to all the dogs' food. Belle went to the vet this week as the titer showed she needed a distemper vaccination. She now weighs 14.8 lbs! (was 12.5 at first vet visit). Her coat is coming in nice and thick with only a few bald places left. No more bones sticking out. She is obviously feeling better and more at home. She now greets me at the door when I come home and seeks me and/or my husband out for some scratches and belly rubs or cuddling. She is wagging her little stub of a tail when we pet her and she comes running and begs like everyone else when it is treat time. Biggest surprise came this week when she actually started playing with Duke the youngest of our dogs. She was doing the "you chase me, I'll chase you" game and has initiated this a couple of times since. She also does this little happy dance when I bring the leash out. She knows we are going to playgroup! She has just blossomed in the last week or so and I am so happy for her. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her and she is an entirely different little dog from the scared, skinny little old lady I picked up in Pennsylvania.

Belle 5 weeks ago

Joan Starkey, Ontario NY

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Lucky

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Lucky! What a Lucky dog - he belongs to Amy Jansky!