Saturday, July 26, 2014

Former Foster Shamrock now Buster

Hi everyone,

Shamrock now Buster was adopted on June 24 and he now has his own instagram site with lots of great photos 

snortwithstyle on Instagram

You don't need to have instagram to see the photos, and his new mom is quite the photo bug.  The photos brought tears to my eyes, that he is so loved and he looks so happy.

He was an owner surrender from a family who didn't have time for him.  He was destructive and nippy.  When he first came to us, he cried every time someone walked out of a room - he wouldn't move, would just stand there and cry - he was so used to being crated he didn't realize he could come with us.   He cried a lot and was destructive if allowed (not!), although not nippy at all.  

His new owner says all shoes are still intact and only one pillow has been compromised.  As with all our fosters, we loved him so much and are so happy to see him in his perfect forever home.

Bethpage, NY

Yea Buster! Thank you for helping this sweet boy and  finding him the perfect home!!!

Meet New Foster Buster Bear

Buster Bear (owner called him bear a lot) because we already have a Buster I will call him Buster Bear.
He was dropped off about an hour or so ago he is laying in his cage right now. He's quite content laying in the crate  with the door open.

Warminster Pa

More on this boy later! Thank you Bonnie!

McCoy Update

Feast your eyes on these photos, folks. This is why we do all we do.

 How beautiful is this?

Puppy Shorties! Fun with Velvet's Pups....

More Puppies and a Thank You!

Today I need to take time to send some over due photos.
Here is a start!

And Thank you Maria P. for the new bowls you sent!!!

Chris + 10
Arendtsville, PA

Well, have you ever wondered who took in the puppies? Well, it is a fabulous volunteer that also has other fosters AND now has 10 dogs (fosters and owned) Way to go Chris!!!!

Lily's Meet and Greet!

Wish foster Lily luck at her meet and greet tomorrow! Licky Lily loves to give kisses so we have to make sure her breath smells good!! I'm hoping for calm behavior and her to get along with the potential adopter's boston Ollie.
Jeanine Sicinski
Allentown, Pa

Good luck sweet Lily!! We know you'll do good.

Spot had Surgery

Dearest Spot had a rough day yesterday.  He was neutered and eneucleated - his damaged eye was removed so he can lead a new, pain-free, happy life.  I am happy to report that my little man is feeling better this morning, he went outside to do his business, ate, and is now sitting with his foster Dad having a cup of tea and watching the news.
This has been one of the hardest things I ever had to go through.  I was worried sick, still worry, and I love him like crazy, but I know for him, the eye was useless and only a source of discomfort and potential risk.  He won't miss it.
Interesting that, while at the vet, this sweet and gentle little darling turned back into a fearful, difficult, aggressive boy.  He was undoubtedly terrified and stressed.  The staff reported a very different dog than I know and love.
Denice & Spot

Get well quick little buddy...So sad that little Spot had to lose his eye but could become a problem for him in time. He will rebound quicker than you think and will adjust to having one eye, dogs are amazing creatures at adapting. A whole lot better than humans actually. I'm sure he had a few flash backs and that's why he became aggressive again. Now that your home I'm sure everything  will go back to as it was before you just needed to know your safe. Big kisses to you Spot and a big hug to you Denise thank you for taking care of him.

Ellie's Morning Stroll

Here is Ellie during our morning stroll. She doesn't understand why we have to walk so far (its not) so early (it is)

For those who are wondering why she needs to take long walks, she is currently trying to get her beach body back and she is well on her way to a bikini! (doggie bikini that is)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Puppies have a Birthday!!!

FOUR WEEKS OLD! How time flies.

Chris & Bella, Curley, Swatch, & Buttons

Get Your Puppy Fix Here Today!!!

Fudgey's New Bed

And a big thanks again to Debbie Fletcher for Fudge's new bed. 
Fudge- I promise to let you out when I get home from the store but at least you have a cozy spot thanks to Debbie.

North Wales, PA

He's so cute!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Foster Molly

Molly was surrendered to Lollypop Farm In NY in mid June.  They contacted Jerrilyn and said  they had a Boston/Chihuahua mix and hoped that NEBTR would take her, which she said yes!  When I picked her up she was scared to death of everything and everyone.  The girl in charge was so happy NEBTR took Molly as she was not sure if NEBTR would take her because she is a mix.  She was worried about Molly being safe as they were quite fond of her.

The top picture was taken by them in the shelter (you can see how scared she was) and the bottom one is after she became comfortable being with us (look at those ears!).  Molly literally did not know how to play with toys or other dogs (although they stated she lived with 3 other dogs on the surrender form).  She stayed separate from everyone and just watched.  We tried toys and she had no interaction with them.  We tried balls and she would run from them.

Then one day as they were all outside I threw a rubber duck in the kiddie pool and that was it!  She played with the duck, she played with my 2 Bostons, and she played and splashed in the pool!  Since that day she has gained more confidence and has  played with all the toys and gets along great with the other dogs in my house.  She loves to be chased and chase others.  We are still working on some of her fears and she is adjusting nicely.  Molly is a loving cuddly little 12 pound girl who hopes to find a forever home with people who will just adore her.

Christine Morse

Thanks so much for taking in this beautiful girl!  I know she is in the best possible hands with you! 

Thank you so much for helping Molly come out from the dark place she was in--in her mind. Sometimes it only takes a soft voice or gentle touch to help them along their way. It's terrible to see a dog so afraid she won't or doesn't even know how to play. I'm sure your other dogs are delighted to have her playing with them now. GREAT JOB!!!! - Bonnie

Stylish Bentley

Check out stylish Bentley Kmetz wearing his Doggles!

His mom Renee writes:

I recently purchased a pair of Doggles for my Boston, they are awesome! He's still getting used to wearing them, but they provide great protection. The only thing that could be better about them would be more width in between the lenses. Boston eyes are so far apart!

Hope Murphy heals soon!

Below is a pic of Bentley in his new shades :)

Max Sleeps in the Bathroom

Max has been sleeping on the bathroom lately.....anyone else's bt do this?

Christine M.
Shavertown, PA

Obee's Adoption Story

Dobby's Photo Contest

Life of a BTFoster Mom

Can you tell Joy is a Boston Terrier foster mom? 

She writes, "Having coffee from my Boston Terrier mug, in my Boston Terrier PJs, with my Boston Terriers on my lap.  It doesn't get any better than this! "

Joy Burke
Hannah & Penelope
Saratoga Springs, NY

More Pics of Ellie

More photos of Ellie - she's gorgeous!

NEBTR is Desperate for Funds
This is a critical time for NEBTR
Right now $10,000 is what NEBTR needs to keep the doors open to new foster dogs.

How sad would it be to tell a dog at the kill shelter, we just don't have the funds to take him in? Imagine the dog tied to the tree that we will have to turn away.

If you can donate anything, please click the link above. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please share this post so we can reach as many people as possible.

Thank you!

Penelope Gets a Welcoming Package Too

Penelope loves greenies!  And Kong toys and chewies.  She is a happy girl!

Fudge Says Thanks Again to Debra Fletcher

A Kong Cozie came in the mail today for Fudge. Thank you again to Debra Fletcher. It will be great company for him when he has to be in the crate by himself. It will also protect it from the other hooligans in the house!

Beth and Fudge

 And Molly says Fudge needs to share a new toy!

Fudge Says Thanks for the Kong

Fudge says thanks to Debra Fletcher for his new Kong. He likes the size of this one better than his foster sisters'. It will be able to hold way more treats during the work week when he has to spend time in that crate.

Beth McFadden

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adopt Duncan

More on Ellie

Just an update on Ellie!

Well she absolutely does not think she should have to sleep downstairs with the dogs! After 3 am, i conceeded defeat. She had successfully barked her way into my bed, where she then glued herself to me and slept soundly all night.

She ate her breakfast of Hills Ideal Balance Slim and Healthy with a spoon of canned pumpkin, which she happily ate, but she declined to ingest her spoon of organic yogurt. 

Ellie has made best friends with my cat Otis Chubbykittybelly,  which cracks me up. I chatted with her previous owner, who was heartbroken to have to give her up, but happy that she is settling in, and thankful for NEBTR'S help. She told me she does not have cats, and Ellie did have a history of barking at the neighbor's cat outside the window. Isn't that funny? 

Ellie saw the vet today, and was very well behaved. She is very healthy, no problems.

She is a sweet little nugget!  I'm sure she will make a wonderful companion :)

Ellie Says Thanks for the Welcoming Gifts

Wow! This package showed up at the speed of light! Thanks so much for her welcome package! Ellie really likes bully sticks and chewies! Of course sparingly! The Nylabone is awesome too! We can never have too many Nylabones!

Butch Says Thanks for the Gifts

I wanted to thank Butch's friends Sara and Bonnie for the bully sticks and Denamarin pills. Butch didn't understand that the bully sticks needed to come out of the packaging before he could chew on one.  Silly dog!

Macungie, PA

Aww Butch you are so welcome you sweet little man.  
Sara Puskar
Abingdon, MD

Awe there's that sweet little Butch you silly dog at least let Jess open it before you try to eat it. Give him a big hug for me Jess.


Max in His New Home

I'm so glad they are already getting along so well I think Vegas will give him a run for his money. He really liked playing with Bella the Boxer /Pit mix here she could just about out run him (just about) Ha ha


Spot Says Thank You for the Welcome Package

Spot got his welcome package!

And he loves it!  Especially the yummy chewy things-thanks NEBTR!
Spot & Denice

Spot is the Best Patient

This little flick shows how good Spot is even putting the 2 different eye drops into his very irritated eye. He is such a little sweetheart, I feel so sorry for him that he has to suffer with his eye affliction :-( Sorry film is sideways.. Denice & Spot

Lilly is a NEBTR Ambassador

Today foster Lily went to dollar dog night at the Iron Pigs. She did such a great job getting the word out about NEBTR. So many people came up and expressed interest in adopting a Boston! She was super friendly with all the other dogs big and small. We even got a picture with Boston Terrier Lehigh Valley!
Lily has a meet and great scheduled for this weekend, let's hope everything goes well and she can find her furever home. But honestly who wouldn't want to adopt her? :)

Jeanne Sicinski

Max's Good Vet Visit

HE DID GREAT!! I was so giddy with the news the doctor told me I was squealing with excitement that my daughter said I was weird!! LOL He was very impressed with his progress this week. Better than he expected. I was in tears!! Happy tears though. He said we can back down his drops schedule from every 2 hours (6 x a day) to every 3 hours (4x a day). He said we don't have to come back for another 3 weeks!! YAY!! So he will be with us for at least another month to month and a 1/2 before he can go back up for adoption. Which I don't mind..haha....but here the B E S T news yet, he feels that "with continued diligent and regimented opthalamic care, its possible for Max's eye to regain sight and comfort" awesome is that???

He still has to wear the cone 24/7 until his next appointment on Aug 11th. but I am hoping that after that appointment we can GET RID OF THE CONE!! So the countdown is on!! 30 days!! I am so happy that we were able to save his eye and probably his sight. I can't even say in words how I am feeling. I know we couldn't have done it without the group we have and the donations we have received so far. I know this has been a financial burden to say the least on the groups' funds as a whole.  I am hoping we can recoup that and more for future rescues!! Thanks again everyone for their prayers and their words of encouragement. I ' know if i would have gotten through it without you.

christine & max
shavertown pa

That is phenomenal news! I am so excited for you and for Max!  That is better than we expected:)
Thanks again for taking such diligent care of him and being so careful to stay on top of those eye drops. You and your daughter really are special. You are teaching her to be a wonderful pet parent.

Patsy Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

It is with great sadness that Miss I called her and also know as the "Queen of Treats" went peacefully this morning at 10 am. I was by her side in a peaceful and calm environment at my vet's office. I gave her lots of kisses and whispered her name...I told her I loved her.....

Last evening, she became disoriented, lethargic, and feverish. We brought her to the emergency room where the vet suspected that something neurological was going on that may be a result of a brain tumor. They gave her fluids to keep her comfortable and I brought her home. I laid on the floor with her all evening applying ice packs on her randomly to keep her cool. I kept my hand on her to let her know I was there with her. I could not see continuing blood work analysis on her or any other tests....and I made the decision to help her this morning through euthanasia.

Miss Patsy went through so much sadness when her owner passed in 2012. Since she has been with me, she has blossomed into a happy girl... She became and I know she felt like part of our family. She was well loved and adored!! I know she has many facebook fans that will be heartbroken, as I am and other members of NEBTR.

I am having her cremated individually and her ashes will remain with me. She will continue to be part of my family and she will never be abandoned again..
Furever Foster Momma

Patrizia D'Milano

Monday, July 21, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! TIGGER

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! TIGGER

Herro effreybody! Tigger here!

I am approximately 8 years old, and someone told me that this was the place to look for my furever home... so here I am!

Here are some fun facts about me:
Favorite past-times: Chewing bones, giving kisses
Likes: Car rides, eating, people (I love everyone I meet!)
Dislikes: Not much! Although I will give a little bark if you're taking too long to prepare my dinner!

Also, I am a dancer! When you are making my meals, I do a little dance to let you know how excited I am.

My foster mama says I'm a perfect gentleman. Would you like to take me home? I'd sure love to meet you! Comment below if you are interested, and be sure to fill out an application on

Fanks friends!


Rue is Looking for a Home

Dexter is Looking for a Home

Ellie's Tansport

Max Says Thanks to Diane Dilzell

 Max 2 did receive his package from Diane Dilzell the other day!! It came on the 15th.Here is the box with his gifts!! Thanks again so much and it was very sweet of Diane Dilzell to think of him!

Christine Manzella

Update on Puka, Now Lilly

Maxy Moo Has a Lazy Day

Good Morning From Marty

Sunday morning snuggles with Marty!!! <3 <3

Christine M.

Lacey Says Thanks

Lacey says thank you for the wonderful welcome package!! She loves the nylabones!! She took to those right away. She hasn't quite gotten the point of the squeaky moose but I am working on it!! Of course Marty couldn't wait to sink his teeth into that!!!lol  Thanks again for the generosity of everyone in our group!!

Feeling so blessed!!

Christine Manzella

Max Goes Back to Cornell

Just wanted to let everyone know that Max2 has another eye appt tomorrow morning at cornell. We are gonna see how his progress is going. I'ts a 2 1/2 hour drive there and back so its a long day. Prayers for our safe travels and good results from Max's drs.  Hopefully we will be able to continue his recovery with our regular vet after this. It has been a very long 3 weeks for max and i. I just hope and pray all the hard work we have done gives us a great outcome. Thanks everyone!

I have attached pics that i just took now. I think this is the clearest it has looked yet! Red but clearer. Dr said last appt that the blood flow to the eye is a GOOD sign of recovery.  Sorry if its hard for some to look at.

Christine M.
Shavertown, PA