Thursday, January 26, 2017

Finney and Lucy Snuggle

Finney and Lucy just snuggling the day away.


Adorable Foster Casey


Foster Tux Tries to Sleep

Foster Tux says, "I'm trying to nap here, could you please turn that light off?"


Adopt Brady

Foster Brady is still looking for his forever home


New Foster Roxy

New foster Roxy is happy it finally stopped raining and she can check out her new digs sporting her fancy new collar. She is a good girl!!! Here's hoping for forever homes for our great seniors!

Roxy is a 12 year old good, sweet old girl who is settling in with us. Cold, rainy January days are not her favorite thing! She certainly deserves the good life for the rest of her days!


Scooby Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a massive whole in my heart, constant tears, and an irreparable broken heart that I had to put Scooby down. The loss is huge, the pain radiates throughout my body and it was quite possibly the worst thing I have experienced. He is gone, but will NEVER be forgotten. Words have not helped me heal, neither have tears. It's just straight grief. I miss him every second of every day. He was my first rescue, and the first dog I ever cared for on my own.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Can you just say ADORABLE! Foster Tux here saying hi! Can he get some love? #AdoptDontShop #rescue…

Can you just say ADORABLE! Foster Tux here saying hi! Can he get some love? #AdoptDontShop #rescue… (via Twitter

Monday, January 23, 2017

Dinner For Fred

Did somebody say dinner?


Tux Tries to Nap

Penny Says Hello

Pazzo In His Forever Home

Are you all ready for happy tears?! Here is Buggs one year gotcha letter from this gorgeous family with the largest heart! Read below and smile for the whole family! Hi NEBTR! It's Buggs 1 year gotcha!! Just wanted to give NEBTR an update. He has improved dramatically with his pee pee accidents, he just has issues sometimes with submissive peeing when excited. We call him our good will ambassador because when we have company he goes from person to person and puts his paws around them and gives kisses and kisses. He loves to give love. He is most definitely a Mommy's boy. He loves to snuggle me and every morning he wakes me up with a sock then lays on me and nuzzles my neck. He's a character. He and his brother Scooter love each other very much. After our baby Winston passed we weren't sure if we could open our hearts again but Buggs was that little ball of energy that filled that void. He keeps us on our toes, we love him so much. This month actually marks 1 year gotcha to Buggs and 7 years gotcha to Scooter. January seems to be a special month between the Patel's and NEBTR. Thank you for blessing us with our babies. Michelle