Saturday, July 20, 2013

Missing My Pup

Trouble With The Neighbors

Free Pets?

Craigslist has become a popular tool for re-homing pets. Unfortunately so many pet owners do not understand the consequences of giving a pet away for 'free'. People collect free dogs and sell to research, dog fighting groups, breeding farms (especially if not altered), etc... Charging an adoption fee is like giving your dog an insurance policy.

Maya Plays and Trains

So proud of Maya, 2 injections and nails clipped, no muzzle needed. She was filled with kisses and a wiggling nub. She had never been to our vet before but she is really stepping into a secure and happy place! Not ever day in rescue feels good, some are emotional, exhausting, frustrating but today is a feel good day! Furever home coming up...(Maya had gone from 22 lbs. to 13 in the shelter, she shut down and failed to thrive, she is now 21 lbs. looking and feeling good!)


This is a terrific video! Great work with Maya, she seems so happy and confident! 

Maria it is so AWESOME to see Maya in action!!

Thank you for making that video of her!

Please tell Renata - wow we are really impressed : )

A Warm Fuzzy

Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Lola



Today is my sweet fur-baby Lola's 6th Birthday!! She was a puppy mill rescue out of Florida. We got her when she was just about 4-5 months old. Lived in a cage. You'd never know it - she's such a spoiled diva!
Her and Porter had homemade meatballs with their dinner & peanut butter "ice cream" for desert!!


Jennifer Hanly

More on Otis




I'm attaching a picture of my other half and the two boys - our Yorkie Snickers and Otis. Otis is sleeping in his crate at night and while we are at work will be separated also; my parents pee them mid day and because Otis has been such a dear they're both comfortable moving him in and out of the house and back to isolation. We are expecting him to continue to relax and settle down. He definitely still seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. I wish I could tell him everything's going to be alright from now on....






Anyway, Otis is being awesome - the dogs are all getting along and we're are thrilled to have him and so thankful to be a part of this organization.

Enjoy the pictures!




I love this picture - Otis wants to say good night :)


Thanks for all the support!

Sarah (et al)

Update on Bella Boo


Here is my previous foster girl, Bella Boo.  She was adopted on June 4th and is living large with her new family.  They say that she is a total love bug and they are in heaven!!!

Patti Maddamma

Hooray ;-)

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

New Foster Webster


Webster has been in Teterboro Shelter since late June. Apparently he was a stray. NEBTR was trying to get him out and into foster care. Webster is approximately one year old.

He is up to date on all shots. Webster is also neutered. He is super sweet so far. Happy to be out of the shelter and comfortable. We are happy to have him! !

Charo Evangelista was kind enough to pick him up today and transport him to me!

Justine Winkler

Special thanks, Justine, for taking this beautiful boy into your home and heart! 

Charo writes: 
"Webster is safe and at home with foster mom Justine.
He is a handsome boy and very sweet.
Justine, you are awesome!"

Sam Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Lauren Leonard writes:
"I wanted to let you know that Sam passed away June 24. He had a series of seizures and did not recover. While I miss him tremendously, I have many fond memories to look back on.
I'm not ready to take on another companion, but based on this experience will most certainly adopt again (likely another old man dog) at some point in the future."
She wants to thank Carolyn McCarthy sincerely for bringing Sam into her life and for all the work she does to place dogs where they'll be safe and cherished.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


New Foster Sweetie





Sweetie was given up due to divorce and was living in a hot trailer alone. A nice woman took her in and looked to NEBTR for help.  Lisa Vaughan picked her up and says that she is a peanut, maybe nine or ten pounds!  She’s a spirited little girl, though, who does not like other dogs.

This little girl has had many guardian angels to make it this far.

Clarisse Takes a Treat

Update on Mazy and Walter

Walter, Lola and Mazy

Walter getting loving


Walter, Lola, Mazy

mazy stroller
Mazy going for a ride in her stroller. Elaine says, “If you could see her on the days that she actually walks on the leash I'm so proud that I could cry.
I also got her a stroller and she loves to take a walk with the other dogs in her stroller on days that she can't do the leash  My mother found a place that sells doggie strollers I was so surprised but it works very very well"

Walter getting cuddled after a bath

Mazy’s outdoor play area

Elaine says, “I have worked hard with mazy to help her learn to walk on leash but somedays she just can't manage it , and she is so happy to lay in yard and nap and look around , it was breaking my heart that she couldn't !"
She continues:

“I just wanted to publicly thank NEBTR for coming to our , and Mazy's need! My husband and myself adopted Mazy back in September and she has really done well considering her special needs , Mazy is severely brain damaged and a lot of people have really shown sincere love and concern for her .
My husband and myself were living in a rented home with a fenced in yard and my landlord decided to sell the home and we had to find another house in quite a hurry with no time to prepare or save ... Thank goodness we found a lovely home in a beautiful neighborhood with a landlord who is very sweet and follows the local laws for renting , she is also very accepting of not only Mazy but Walter who we adopted in May and Lola my chihuahua we adopted a few years ago...
That is a very special woman who has allowed our three babies to live in her home !!! The only hitch in the whole move was that the yard is not fenced and the one true pleasure Mazy looks forward to everyday is to lay outside and watch the birds and squirrels and whatever catches her attention during the day when weather permits... With the cost of moving and the extra money I spent adopting Walter ( whom if I had to sell my soul, I would have because we love him so much ) we were unable to resolve Mazy's problem... S
he has worked very hard learning to walk on a leash and adjust to wearing a harness... In desperation I humbled myself to ask for help and NEBTR really came through !! Mazy has a lovely pen for the yard and my mom was nice enough to lend me the money to purchase a rubber floor so she will be comfortable laying inside and is easy to clean everyday and also I purchased a uv and heat blocking shade that I fashioned as a roof , she LOVES it !!! She is so happy and comfortable in there and she even enjoys the company of Walter and Lola in her little palace !!!
NEBTR has also helped me pay my mom back the funds she lent me to create Mazy's pen ! When they told me they were going to help me I literally cried ! I could not be more thankful ... It really means so so much to myself and especially Mazy ! And as a side note , one of the first days that Mazy made it all the way around the block , she caught the attention of a woman driving through the neighborhood , the woman pulled over and asked if she was a Boston Terrier and also asked if she could pet and hold her a minute as she had just lost her Boston of thirteen years only two weeks ago.
It was so hard to say no, that you can't touch Mazy in the same way you can other dogs , it doesn't feel the same to her ... But I offered her the chance to meet Walter and that she could love him up all she wanted ... Two days later she showed up at my door and not only took the opprotunity to love Walter up but also re visited Mazy , without touching her .., but she didn't show up empty handed , she brought a case if food , treats , heart worm medication and her late Abby's favorite leash !!! I was so stunned at how generous a perfect stranger could be , and Walter and I made sure we visited her with a bouquet of flowers to say thank you for her love for Boston Terriers and our special Mazy in particular !!! I promised her when she was ready that I would help her find a special fur baby Boston to give all her love to ! Again thank you to everyone , know it couldn't be more appreciated !!! Mazy , Walter and Lola say thank you and send kissy licks to all !”

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time Goes By So Slowly

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Is Fostering For You?

New Foster Otis













Good Morning NEBTR!

He's here and wow, what a dog! He's amazing, sweet, and a total snuggler. It's been less than 24 hours and we're probably still in the honeymoon phase, but he seems like such a sweet boy!

We do see some challenges with integrating the pack but more from the perspective of our cranky Boston than from him. We are the leaders of our pack though and we're reminding our pups of that, being especially diligent!

In the meantime here are some pictures! We believe that he's Boston/Boxer mix. Initially through pictures we thought pit but his body frame is way too slight and in person we both immediately knew he had boxer in him!

Thank you for all the love and support we've gotten so far - you're all doing such amazing things to help these Bostons - it restores my faith in humans!

Warm Regards,



Thank you so much for caring for Otis Sarah!