Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Miss Penny Boo!

Happy New Year everyone!

Please help me welcome Miss Penny Boo ! Santa brought us an unexpected Christmas gift. Little Penny is about 19.5 lbs and between 8 and 9 months old. She is very playful, cuddly and sweet. She has brought her shinny light into our lives. She is a breath of fresh air. Brady is playing now! Brady thinks he is human and playing with other dogs is not his it is, he even shares his crate with her.
We wanted to thank both her secret Santas for their generosity. We have sent them a Christmas card but I did not save their names to post that Penny was the lucky girl receiving their generous gifts....she picked up the deer antler immediately and she loves the squirrels and and the sweater is perfect size. She loves the squeaky toys....she loved it all

As you see, she made herself right at home she is not afraid of men anymore and we still need to work on the fear of kids. Our grandson is wonderful with dogs and we will do short and slow introductions with lots of treats and walks (no touching for now)...she waits for me to finish breakfast to jump on my lap....its not easy to get the day started here... she is working on going outside to poop. In essence, she is a wonderful girl!I 

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!
Ana, Mike, Brady and Miss Penny Boo

Obie is Settling In

Penny Thanks Her Santas

Happy Holidays from Zoey


How pretty does Lola look in her sweater? She is sitting here waiting to go to the doctor and is very well behaved!

Thank you to her mom Jennifer Hanly for sharing her picture with us! Lola is rocking that leopard coat.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Update on Mazy

Update on Walter

Happy Gotcha Day Beanie

Joan Watt Stark:

Happy Gotcha Day, Beanie. 2 years ago you came to us for the weekend and never left. Today you get to be king(for a little while). Momma will fix a special pupcake for you. Glad you stuck around, you goofy boy.

Jenny Thanks Santa

Jenny opening her Secret Santa gifts! Not easy to get a still photo of Jenny she is always on the move! Merry Christmas Jenny!

Rudy loves his Secret Santa gifts!

Just got these marvelous pictures from Christine of Rudy and his Secret Santa (me) gifts.  I am so glad he liked them.  Joan S Ontario NY

Spot Thanks His Santas

 Melanie Poggi-Baker:

Spot wanted to say thank you to all his secret santas! Life is good and will be adopted the first of the year!

Beach Boston on Christmas Day

Well, that certainly looks a lot warmer than in the Northeast! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

More Turbo

Turbo at the Wedding

Lily is Pretty in Pink

Lily Thanks Santa

Thanks to Santa from Ace

Stewie Thanks Santa

Augie Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

I am so sorry to report that our little Augie crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Here is my last Augie hug at home. Thank you to NEBTR for the "Augie" experience and for all the support of all his supporters and friends. Special thanks to all who made Auige's last Christmas so special with all the gifts. His pain is too much for me to allow it to go on at this point.

I am glad to have had this little angel in our lives for a little while.

You gave Augie the best possible life he ever could have had.. I can only imagine he's running free from pain. Hugs to you. The last year or so to the end, he  found the two best pet parents that any fur baby would want to have.

Benjamin Thanks Santa

Benjamin's turn! He was finally in the mood to open gifts and explore the contents of the SECRET SANTA BOX! The beautiful blue blankie will keep him snuggled tonight! Thank you Secret Santa!

Benjamin is obsessed over ONE BONE that arrived and he will not look at anything else today NOT NOT NOT! If we take it away he will bark non-stop so if it makes him happy, it's Christmas let him have it! We thank everyone that sent gifts to Benjamin, you shared LOVE, Bless You!

Dobby Says Thanks to Santas

Dobby knows many treats are for him, he is guarding the tree. Big guard dog, lol!
I guarding my bone and pwesents, mama say dis year doggies have more pwesents than peopoe, I can't wait to open!

 Has A Dream "Dobby say, fank you, I so excited!"

Cleo and Buddy open Christmas presents

I put a few of Buddy & Cleo's secret Santa gifts away for them to open this morning.
Here is Buddy in his new striped sweater and him playing with his new squeaky alligator. He just loves the squeaky toys!
Cleo loved the stocking that she got. In it was a box of milk bones, a squeaky cupcake (I think she thought it was real, lol), a ball and a chew stick.
Canonsburg, PA

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Mazy Enjoys a Bone

Augie's Christmas

Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Thank you Liz! Here is Augie with a treat from one of his Secret Santas. The gift he waited to get until today. Well, he kind of stole one little one out of it last week and I didn't have the heart to get it back but the others he got today.
Gale, Tom, Augie and our crew

Milo Thanks Santas Carissa and Zada

Milo Thanks Santas Heather and Skeeter

Milo Thanks Santas Debi and Kate

Bosco Thanks Santa - and Is Adopted

A Very Tired Oscar

Oscar's New Collar

Wally and the Pharmacist

Drive up to the drop off window at Rite Aid to leave Wally's prescription. A young girl (she looked about 12 ) came to the window and asked me so what is Wally's birthday. I told her I was not quite sure. She gave me a strange look what do you mean you don't know.. Told her well just write down 12/26/2004 that is when I got him. She gives me a dirty look. She checks my insurance and tells me I don't see him listed under your insurance. I looked at her and said that is because he is a dog. She hands me a paper and said well Wally has to sign for his prescription. I told her he can't write he is a dog. Then she asked me when do you want to pick up the prescription. I told her after two. She looks at me and says "Wally will HAVE to sign for his prescription before we will release it to you "…

I told her I will try to teach him to write before this afternoon.

Loretta Miner

Dobby Thanks Santa

Jenny Thanks Santa

Benjamin Having Santa Fun

Benjamin Says I Love Everything

Benjamin Thanks Santa

Manny and Santa

Beanie Thanks Santa

Silas Having Fun