Saturday, December 17, 2011

Madge Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Madge with her favorite toy that she liked to play tug with.

Hi Everyone,
Sadly, our sweet foster Madge had to be put to sleep today. She had a rough last couple of days with seizures and neurological symptoms from her brain tumor. Late last night and through to this morning it became obvious to us that she was suffering and needed our help. She passed away very peacefully late this morning and I was with Madge the entire time giving her love and telling her that she was a good girl. Even though we only had Madge a short time, we loved her very much and will miss her sweet, gentle disposition and many kisses. We are so thankful that Madge felt the love and care of a home in her last days. Many thanks to Rhea who took Madge out of animal services and gave her love and care for days, to Ginny for being a great foster support system and to Victoria and Sheryl who spoke to our vet and made sure that Madge got everything that she needed to keep her comfortable. Although I am a new foster, I can see that NEBTR is a wonderful group. If Madge could thank everyone there would be warm, soft kisses all around.
Cynthia Kaiser
Albany, NY

** Special thanks to Cynthia for being there for Madge in her last days. She knew love, caring and the best medical care possible. If only her previous home had been there for her in her hour of greatest need. But that's what NEBTR and people like Cynthia are all about.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Vivienne Hits the Big Time

Congratulations to Vivi, who owns Jerrilyn Walter. She has finally hit the big time in her modeling career and is starring in an ad for White House Black Market!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NEBTR at the Rochester Pet Expo

Our beautiful booth. Thanks to all who made this event such a success!

Betty Ann Manganello represents at the NEBTR booth

Katie Weber, and Joan Stark and her Bostons

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update on Coco


We, (Lee Sheldon and I) just adopted Cocoa (foster Mom, Wendy Conway). I can't say enough good things about your organization, and foster Mom Wendy. NEBTR paid to remove her cataracts but went the extra mile and expense to buy her prosthetic lenses so she can actually see in focus. This was no small expense. While blind she was living in filth with 27 cats but she came to us in great physical and emotional shape due to Wendy's care. Thanks for all the work you do. We're impressed and grateful for how Cocoa was given a new lease on life in a world where life is cheap and heartlessness is often mistaken for strength.

Jim Costich