Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Patti Loves Her Toys!


Phenway Is Adopted

Phenway en route to her new home in North Tonawanda on Saturday.  Ursula and Wayne are already madly in love with her, she made herself right at home, explored her new home, adopted the fenced yard as her domain, slept between her new Mom and Dad last night, a perfect match.  She is the sweetest girl, hard to part with her, but I know she has a terrific home with two adoring parents to make her life complete and filled with love.  And she has officially become a Buffalo Bills fan, mom and dad already bought a Bills T-shirt for her!


That is one happy pup!!!  Great job!!!

Happy National Dog Day From Oliver

Happy National Dog Day From Turbo

Tess Is Living the Good Life

Tess is feeling good. From puppy mill to living the good life! This is what it's all about!


Evening at the Dog Beach

Evening at the dog beach with Bernie, Dottie, and my Nelson and Cash in Manasquan, NJ!


Colby Jack's Favorite Position

Happy 13th Birthday Winston

Happy Gotcha Day Marty

Kermit Catching Up on His Reading

Alumna Pearl in Her Forever Home

Coquito, Now Conan, in His Forever Home

Dottie and Bernie Enjoy the Beach

New Foster King

Lana and Bella Waiting for Dinner

Adopt Ginger

Adopt River

Adopt Jeter