Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Foster Quinn

Hi All,

I wanted to share the good news.  I took Quinn to my vet today.  Dr. Madden was absolutely blown away at how beat up he is but yet the sweetest, kindest dog ever.  Dr. Madden thinks he hasn't been well cared for for quite awhile.  Fortunately, outside of the exterior issues, he only has a nasty case of bad teeth/gingivitis and an URI.  We have him on clavamox for the next 2 weeks. 
Like me, Dr. Madden kept going on about what a nice dog he is.  Once we can get on top of the physical stuff with him, he will make somebody a perfect companion.  I have yet to hear him snarl, growl or bark.  He's so mellow and easy going.  Beadoe actually allows him to sleep on him!!  This is DEFINITELY a first!!!

Oreland, PA

Friday, July 8, 2011

Biscuit Goes to His Forever Home

Biscuit,  now Oliver, the deaf guy from the Philly shelter went to his new home tonight. Thanks to Laurie W. for doing the home check and to Janice B. for pitching in with the fostering. His new moms Kate and Erin were super nice and he's going to have 2 new brothers- Hadley and Winston.

You don't even realize he's deaf with the other dogs because they are his ears. It was a great experience fostering him.

BethNorth Wales, Pa

New Foster Hayley

Hi Everyone!
Just letting you know I got a new foster on Saturday, almost 2 yr old Hayley. I attached a pic. She is very sweet, but nervous.  Her ears are in bad shape, one worse than the other, apparently she has ongoing ear infections.  She is thin and has dry skin.  She had pups in April and is still not spayed.  I already gave her a bath, hope to get her to the vet soon.

Morgan, PA

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vote for Eddie

Hello Northeast Boston Terrier Group - Eddie is doing great.  We adopted him at age 9, and he became a therapy dog.  Now he is nominated by the American Humane Association to be a hero dog.  Please everyone in your group vote for him.

Just Click here and vote - the American Human Association may require you set up a password before voting.

Here's his story:

Eddie, so we understand, began his life in a pet store in Long Island, New York. Someone thought he was cute and took him home.

Nine years later, Eddie found himself in foster care, obese and suffering from severe allergies. Many of his teeth were so decayed that they had to be removed. He also had scars on parts of his body from previous dog bites.

We went to the foster home where Eddie was staying, planning to adopt a certain, younger dog. Our plans derailed when Eddie pranced right up to us with his "I love you" eyes. He opened our hearts to his gentle and pure spirit.

We put that gentle and pure spirit to work. Eddie lost weight, got his allergies under control, and kept up with his pearly white teeth (the few that remained). In addition, he decided to advance his education by attending classes at The Good Dog Foundation. He graduated as a therapy dog at age 10.

With his new physique and dog therapy diploma in hand, he presented at the Village Nursing Home in NYC, among other venues, where he warmed many hearts. He made one man with Alzheimer's disease smile for the first time in years. He also visits the students at New York University to help them through the intense stress of college life. Eddie is also wonderful with children and is preparing to visit young kids hospitalized for cancer treatment.

Eddie is a hero. He is an inspiring little man who has overcome adversity and helps others feel safe and happy. What better gift is there than that?

Janet P. Ford

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Foster Baby

Baby, who is 7 years old,  was put in an animal shelter by her former owners.  They said they had no tome for her. Her eyes were swollen shut and infected when she got there, and the director wisked her away to the vet (out of her pocket) and got her treatment.

Here's what her foster mom Meredith says about her:

"Well I don't know if you guys saw Dirty Dancing but... "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."  She really is wonderful. She needs a family... With cats, dogs, and kids. Originally I felt children over 10 because of her eyes... But the way she was with all the kids yesterday she'd been 100% fine with any age kids, as long as the parents had experience with dogs to teach their kids responsibility. I just came in from outside where she was playing with the neighbors 2 yr old and rottie mix. They love her, but can't afford her meds.

She is the perfect dog everyone wants. She really has no behavior issues. So happy and loving. I really think she needs a house with kids or other pets. She loves them all so much.

She can see, and my vet thinks her eyes are savable. She is getting Alcon drops and we are also using gel tears. He said after a few weeks, she will just need some daily gel drops and she should be fine.

Baby has some trouble producing tears.... that's all. How could you have "no time" to put drops in your dogs eyes?"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photo of Vivienne

Pictured above is Jerrilyn Walter, with Vivienne.  This photo was taken by Mike Rosengard of Setauket, Long Island, who also donates his services to photograph rescue pups.  He customizes all his shots, including vintage cars, farm equipment and jewelry!