Saturday, February 15, 2014

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Former foster Tigger and His Boy Ben

What better way to enjoy a lazy snow day?  Love them <3  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Tigger sure looks content!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tinsel's Gift's

The package for Tinsel arrived today!  What a wonderful mix.  When I emptied the package on the floor in front of her she didn't know which item to pick up first.
The collar FITS, and so does the sweater.  Thank you SO much.  She's in her "cave" (a crate she only uses when she wants privacy) with her new chew stick, with her collar and sweater on.  She's one happy dog.

Thanks so much,
Chris & Tinsel

Happy Valentines Day from Buster

Handsome guy!

Happy Valentine's Day from Buddy, Nala and Lucy

Happy Valentine's Day from foster Buddy, foster Nala and resident dog Lucy!

Kristy Ieraci

Skittles' Gifts!

I was surprised that in spite of today's horrible weather, I found a package for Skittles on the front porch. (Skittles is my 9 year old foster girl who's only been with Panda and me since Saturday.). Inside the package was a soft, fuzzy black & white squeaky toy; a ball on a rope; a chewy treat; and a frisbee. What a nice surprise! Skittles was being a couch potato, so I got a pose of her on the couch with her presents. She kind of has that look like the pup in the NEBTR logo. She's a cutie pie. I put a little sherpa coat on her to keep her warm. Hope you can see her!

Tried Sheryl's turkey loaf recipe today. Both dogs loved it. 


Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors who donate toys and gifts so that we can give them to our new foster dogs!! A big Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

Happy Valentine's Day from Sasha, Newest NEBTR Baby

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

Happy Valentine to all.

Snowy Day with Tinsel

New Foster Sasha

What a cute pup. Just turned one and full of energy. She was very loved in her former home.

More later. :)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update on Obie and Thanks for the Rope Toys

Courtney McDermott:

    Obie has been with us since May and he is quite the super senior. Even at 10 years old Obie and his big brother love to play tug of war.

Notice the beautiful tug of rope toys with Obie.  Courtney made them and donated many to NEBTR.  Thank you so much for your donation and support, Courtney, and for taking such good care of Obie!

Poncho is Reunited

Poncho was reunited with his family today. Rarely do dogs go back but in this case they surrendered the dog because they were told by their vet they need $7k in surgeries and they could not afford bi lateral hip replacement and a patella surgery. The dog had mild arthritis and a grade 1 patella for 10 we will leave it.

Carolyn McCarthy

Silas Takes a Detox Bath

We're working on Silas' skin.

Jill Charles

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Former Foster Brain - now Porter

Brain's Dad contacted me to let me know that Brain had a Stage 2 Mast Cell tumor removed. The tumor was in the rib/belly area and luckily was relatively small.

Brain is recovering nicely and being extra spoiled by his Dad, who will now be extra vigilant looking for lumps & bumps on his handsome boy!!!

Love that Brain boy!  I love him. Get well sweet boy!

Milo Sleeps In

Milo loves to jump on my bed in the morning and was cuddling! 

I had to share this picture he is so adorable! The best news is that Milo's past visit with a family went well and he meets their dog on 2.16.14!!! Paws Crossed!

Wall, NJ

Awww!  So cute & sweet.  The family's Boston is sweet, too.  They'll be fine-good luck & keep me posted.
Denice, Jackson, NJ

Frankie Mae Settles In

Frankie starting to look at all her surroundings.   She is a very good girl.

Tammy Trivelpiece

Lola Hope is Adopted

Cindy Bode:

Lola Hope has been adopted by the Wilsons, a wonderful family in New Hope, PA!! NEBTR has done it again! A successful forever home!

Thank you Cindy for everything you did for this beautiful former mill girl.  Because of you, she has learned how to love and be a member of a forever family.  What a transformation!

Boston is Adopted

Yesterday there was another NEBTR adoption. It was Kim Smith's foster boy Boston who was adopted by my friends Debbie Lee & Tasha Guzzi.  It was a long trip from Long Island to Pennsylvania but as Sheryl and I always say, I'd move a mountain and go out in a snow storm for a Boston Terrier. Boston is settling in with his new BT brothers. Kim Smith is a great foster mom. Thank you for your hospitality Kim. You are good people.

NOTE: This is not the Boston the Boston that came into foster care with the Boyers yesterday.  This is Kim's foster, also named Boston.

New Foster Boston Picked Up on a Snowy Day

Here's new foster Boston meeting foster parents Janice and Ray Boyer on a very snowy day!  He's safe and loved by his foster parents!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olive, a NEBTR Success Story

My name is Olive.  I am a former NEBTR Foster dog.  I came into rescue through no fault of my own.  I came to this nice family's home over 6 years ago.  This family was my foster family.  I had many siblings I could play with.    At the time, my foster family  said I couldn't see very well. But I certainly got around ok!  By the time I was 7, I was completely blind.  But that didn't matter to my foster family!  They adopted me right away!   I will be 14 years old on May 5th, 2014. and I am still going strong.  
I live with 5 greyhounds and a couple of loud doxies!  My family says that I am a real trooper! I have to be living with all the brothers and sisters I have! 
My mommy says that I get around very well. She loves me so much despite my blindness.  She says that she is amazed at how fast I adapted to being blind and how fast I learned to get around in my environment.
 My brothers and sisters know I cannot see, they let me (for the most part) get away with a lot! (like walking on them, or bumping into them when it is time to eat)!  
I am so grateful for NEBTR and all they did for me in getting me to where I am so happy!  I love my family and I know they love me.   
Blindness isn't the end, it is just another chapter to be written.  Living with us fur kids that have special needs may be a bit challenging, but the rewards are spectacular! 
Thank you NEBTR and thank you mommy!! I love you all!


*side note*  Olive is just one of many NEBTR's special needs dogs that has lead a wonderful and fulfilling life.  Just because a dog may have an issue, doesn't mean that dog cannot be a great addition to any family.  Please consider a Special needs dog when adopting.  It will be very rewarding!  We know, Olive is such great dog and her disability has never slowed her down!
Thanks to Tammy Trivelpiece and family for all they have done for Olive.  They are the true meaning of rescue and they have given beautiful Olive the greatest gift of all - a family who loves her.

Could You Say No to This Face?

Love, Ace

New Foster Boston the Boston

I picked up "Boston" the boston this morning. With the transport help of Doreen, "Boston" should be with Janice by now - boy is he ADORABLE!
Just a love of a boy! Not even a year old yet - he won't be around for long!
Here is a selfie of me and Boston today on our way to Janice!

Jerrilyn Walter

Janice writes, "Yes, Boston is home with us.   He weighs 16 pounds.  He is just so sweet and adorable, but also the puppy ball of fire."

Thank you so much, Janice, for opening your heart and home to this handsome boy!

Maxy Speaks - And is Feeling Better

I think I heard Maxie say "I am a lover" right at the end of that video! Cool dog tricks at the Walter's household! lol
 Chris & Tinsel

He can't get any cuter if he tried.

I love love love him! And I love Vivi at the end "Hey Mom! I'm over here. Look I'm being so good with my paw up!" Haha!

Princess Nala's New Coat

Nala got a new coat today
I think the pink ruffles suit her perfectly :-)

Happy Birthday Louie

Tinsel Naps With a Friend


Nap time!

Chris & Tinsel
Arendtsville, PA

More on Buster

It is his third day and now he is eating better, begging for table food, and tried to sleep in our bed last night. He is feeling more comfortable but wants to be out here and it is too early for that yet. He has met out cats and smartly ignored them. He and our calm Daisy (Border Collie mix) are doing fine. He does need some obedience but is very well behaved. Here are a couple more pics of the pretty boy. He won't be log without a home I am sure. He loves my hubby and follows him everywhere.
Gale and Tom
Levittown Pa

Put the bow tie on and he has he perfect tuxedo. Handsome handsome boy!
I think you're right he'll be scooped up too quick and good for him!

Happy Birthday Louie

Monday, February 10, 2014

New Foster Skittles

Brought foster Skittles to my home yesterday. She's a sweet little brindle girl who's 9. She's settling in pretty well. She has some mobility issues jumping up. She couldn't quite jump up to get back into my back porch. It was time that I addressed that anyway (the step was about 12 inches), so this morning I ran out to Lowe's and bought some pavers. The pavers work well as steps, and now Skittles can get back into the back porch by herself.

She and my Panda are very peaceful in their separate spaces--she in family room, he in living room.

Shawna Corsello

Thanks so much, Shawna, for opening your heart and home to this beautiful girl!

More on Tinsel

Tinsel has been with NEBTR for 9 days now. She has survived being
thrown out in sub zero temperatures, and has avoided bloat by the skin
of her teeth. The backs of her ears must have gotten frostbit,
because there is very little fur on them, and although the skin looks
healthy, I doubt she will ever grow fun on them again. Her left eye was
healing up nicely until she started scratching it today, so now she is
sporting a doughnut to keep her from doing injury to her eye. I swear,
I never thought I'd get this much use out of an inflatable doughnut!
Money was invested well with THAT

When Tinsel first arrived she was skin and bones, with the exception of
her bloated belly. Now her belly is normal and she has begun to fill
out. You can no longer see her ribs, and her backbone isn't as
prominent any more. She started out on 5 meals of 1/4 cup each, and she
is now up to 1/3 heaping cups three times a day. Although she still
eats quickly, she has slowed down from when she first arrived. She
tries to take treats gently, but sometimes the excitement is too much,
or she over shoots her treat and gets your fingers. She doesn't mean
to, and it's never done in anger. She is as surprised as you are when
your fingers end up in her mouth.

Her personality has come forward. She is still as sweet as can be with
people. You can pick her up, give kisses, play with her, take her food,
she has no people aggression at all. But with dogs she is in charge.
She won't let my dogs bark, or play, or make any type of sound. If they
do, she is right on them with discipline. She reminds me of a little
old lady in charge of unruly children. Or perhaps an elderly librarian?
But if my dogs are quiet, and being good, she will snuggle up to them
for a nap.

She's a sweet old lady that just wants someone to love her. :)

Chris & Tinsel

That is so funny!  She reminds me of my old pug, who we called the "Fun Police". She was sweet  in all ways until any shenanigans started, then she was like a hall monitor.  It's all good!  She's adorable, thanks for helping her get so well.
Denice, Jackson, NJ

I love that "Fun Police" tag.  That is Tinsel to a tee...unless of course SHE is the one playing.  Then any and all noise SHE makes is understandable, and correct.
Thanks for the chuckle! :)

Chris & Tinsel