Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Axel is Adopted

Wake Up Pangya!

Omar and Zoey, Now Owen and Brodie, Picture Perfect Together

Owen and Bowie again. Their owners couldn't pose this picture if they tried. Me neither. I couldn't breathe looking at it and no matter what, these two babies belong together. Thank you Jess, Sheri and Monica for adopting my babies and loving them.

Linda A

Maggie's Transport

Maggie is sweet little lady and was a great traveler. She just looked out the window for a bit and then slept the whole way to Hagerstown. Thank you for caring for this sweetie. 


Yvonne - thank you for driving that VERY long distance to help get her to Tammy

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Senior Foster Maggie

Meet Maggie Everyone! 
A very sweet little ol' lady in dire need of TLC. 

Maggie was a stray found almost dead by a dog warden around the Morgantown, WVA area.  Maggie was severely dehydrated, and starving.  barely alive, the SPCA where she was taken to slowly began the process of getting her to drink and eat.    They were going to put her down.  But a kind and gentle employee contacted one of our "sister" groups to take her.  Of course they did.  but because of some emergencies of the foster home, NEBTR was asked to take her. 

Jerrilyn contacted me and asked me to take in this poor thing.  How could I say no?  of course I am going to take her!   She needs me!

At first, the wonderful person who sprung this girl out named her Katie.  But something in her pictures said different.   I do not like to change names to any foster.  But this little girl is a fighter.  A survivor.  My daughter, Holli suggested we name her Maggie.  (from the Walking Dead ) if anyone watches that.  Maggie is a fighter, a survivor, strong!  This fits this little girl so well.  

I have started a FB page just for HER and other Boston Fosters I may have.  (like Miss Frankie Mae)
if you would like to Follow Maggie's story, please join the group,  Boston Terrier Fosters and More.

I will have pictures, stories and her progress.

Maggie did very well last night.  She now has met all her Brothers and Sisters and had a bath, a good meal and slept the whole night.

Maggie is now on our NEBTR website for Donations.  She will def. need on going care I think.

I will add some wish list items that will be needed.

A special Thank you to all the transport People who brought Maggie to me  yesterday.

Much appreciated! 

Tammy and Family

Welcome to your new life Maggie! Thanks to all who have helped and are helping Maggie. One can only imagine what this poor lil' girl has gone through. How old do you think she is?

Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Maggie along with updates on her health :-)

Big hugs to you Maggie girl!


New Foster Huckleberry

Huckleberry came from a NJ shelter and is now in the care of NEBTR.  Thanks to Julie for fostering this adorable, distinguished boy.

Rufus in His Man Cave

Frankie Mae Visits Gettysburg

Kermit in His Forever Home at the Vet's

Monday, May 2, 2016

NEBTR Alum Max

Gizmolito is Adopted

Love at first sight! Gizmolito, aka Gizmo, with his new family, Jan Beaudette and friend Jeff. He ran straight to her arms when he saw her and his new brother Peanut Butter, her rescued Border Colllie, immediately began to play with Gizmo. He'll have a big fenced backyard, go on lots of hikes, and have lots of love. Jan had been on our waiting list since November, but delayed adopting because her BT was in poor health. The morning I called her about adopting Gizmo, her BT died; she knew it was fate, she and Gizmo were meant to be together, so Gizmo already made her happy before they even met. When I called yesterday, she said she was already in love with him.
Thank you Jan for choosing to adopt, not shop!!!


Chubbie Has Cancer

Bark for Life - Thanks to Traci

TRACI GRANT braved the weather and set up a booth for NEBTR at the


Axel is Adopted

Congratulations to Axel on finding his forever home!
He was adopted by an awesome family - look how happy he is!
We are so happy for you buddy!