Wednesday, June 29, 2016

River at the Pittsburgh Pet Fair

We had a nice time at the Pet Fair here in the Pittsburgh area. River was very nice meeting people and even made friends with a little boy and was giving him kisses! Kristy and Zoey were there also!


Adorable Brie in Her Forever Home

Delilah Update

Got these pics of former foster Delilah! She was rescued from an Ohio mill where she was bred for years. I remember when I picked up her and a male Boston, I named Samson, in my new car! She wasn't your typical scared mill dog, she was ready for love!  Knowing how she is living now makes me so happy!!!!


Bernie's Trip on the Boardwalk

Bernie (in the middle) and my Nelson and cash enjoyed a beautiful morning walking the boardwalk! I was SO proud of Bernie, didn't bark once at people walking by and when someone approached him he let them pet him and give him lots of attention! Such a good boy! I let him have a drink for good behavior at the doggie "bar"! 😂

Amanda M 

Happy Birthday Buggs

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! REGGIE

Handsome, charming, enthusiastic, loving, and loyal -- that’s me in a nutshell! Some might add that I’m the original wild child, having had very little discipline in my short life, I’m only four years old and willing to learn.

Things I love: your love and attention, chewing on toys, going for long walks, chasing mom’s exercise ball around the house, getting belly rubs, and sleeping under the covers, close to you. And did I mention I love attention? Lots of it? Oh yes, love is the best, I expect everyone to adore me. I am so excited when greeting visitors that I may knock your friends over without meaning any harm.

Things I dont like: Cats!!! Or anyone taking my toys -- what’s mine is mine, don’t expect me to share! A charmer like me is used to being indulged, perhaps a bit too much.

What kind of home do I want? A person (or people) who makes me the center of his or her life, no competition from kids or critters, where I can really feel the love. Mom adds that my family must be willing to give me structure and training to make me the perfect dog -- things I may need to brush up on.

Let’s share the joy and discover our new life together!


Thanks to Leo's Helping Paws

Many thanks to Leo's Helping Paws, who made a breathtaking donation of $1500 on behalf of our little Vanessa.  Her surgery was completed and she is being kept on pain meds and IV's.  Her doctor feels that she has an excellent chance of pulling through and having normal use of her bowels now that the stricture has been removed.  

This is a lot for a 4-5 month old puppy to endure, but we had to give her a chance at a normal life.

With help from you, we will be able to do that.

Thank you so very much for your generosity.

Marty Is Excited About Oreo's Arrival

More Photos of Jesse and Lucky

Auction Thanks

Many thanks to Afia Avsar and her team for organizing the Emergency Auction for Lexi!  As a result Lexi was able to undergo surgery to save her vision.  Many thanks also to Patti M, her foster mom, for all her loving care of Lexi!

 Thank you so much to everyone who donated and bid on all the great items. We could not have done it without you. A wopping 3,328.38. Thank you. Thank you!