Friday, August 26, 2016

New Foster Chloe

We are home finally! She's very sweet. Very nervous, and very thin. We've had a flea treatment, and copies amounts of treats! She reminds me of Charlie... a younger Charlie, of course.
She ate a can of puppy food today (over about 8 hours), and is gobbling down bacon training treats from my husband as we speak. Ignores my cats and my dogs, and peed outside. She was quiet all day at work with me, so we shall see how she sleeps in her little room with the calming pheromone plug in. She's a pretty little thing, my husband is in love already lol

More to come!

Many thanks to everyone who helped get her safely to us!


Dog Friendly OTC Medications

Foster Ben Hanging Out

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hanks Gotcha Day!

Tess Says Thanks

River's Medical Results Are In

The results are in from River's liver biopsy, he has a rare genetic condition called Microvascular Dysplasia. It is when tiny blood vessels in the liver develop abnormally and  the blood doesn't flow to the liver as it should.  There is no treatment and most dogs live full lives with little symptoms. A liver healthy diet and supplements are recommended and He will have to be careful with anesthesia and medications.  I am so relieved we finally have a diagnosis and the little man has a good outlook! 


Fred's Cone is Off

Today Fred was finally able to go coneless and the first thing he did was grab a toy!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kirby Is Adopted

Kirby was adopted yesterday!! :)

Huge thank you to my mother for taking him in as her own. Kirby has had a hard life and now he will be loved and adored by many. We are thrilled that we will be able to continue to be in his life furrrever! 

Brooke and Jake 

Ahhh!  Yay Kirby!  I'm so excited to see this sweet little guy finally found his forever home!!!  Congrats to all!

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Courtney and Ryan

Courtney and Ryan