Saturday, June 23, 2012

Update on Dozer

Dozer is doing well with Robin May Ruggie.  Check out these adorable photos. 

He still has issues with other dogs. Robin says that if he didn't have that problem, he'd be PERFECT.  She adds, "But, as we all know, rescues are rarely perfect. He is sooooo sweet."

"Dozer and his bone- Why he eats it with his butt up in the air. You tell me- funny boy."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update on Molly

Molly is doing wonderfully and is not favoring either leg anymore. She hops and jumps and rolls around on her back in the grass like a frisky puppy when she goes outside-she is a new little woman!

I know it's ridiculous, but we got her a doggie stroller with a mesh screen so she can go to craft fairs and other outdoor functions where she can see the people she loves but be safe in case another dog arrives on the scene-will let you know how that works. My husband can't believe I got it but he pampers her just as much as I do, so he's full of it. It's hard to say who loves her the most-she is just the perfect angel. The kids are still great with her and take her on lots of walks without complaint. I think it was good to wait until they were a little older to get her. We all like cuddling with her on the couch.

Still no accidents; she still doesn't like to go out in the rain, but thunderstorms don't really bother her anymore. She stays up with me at night while I putter around the house and knows when it's time for bed-she trots in front of me and stands at the bed to wait for me to put her up. Then she curls up at the foot and sleeps through the night with us. On weekends if I sleep in, she will, too!

Thanks again for everything-it's great to know we made the best decision for her health -she's all set for a nice long life, knock on wood!


Note:  The sketch of Molly was drawn by the Bromley family.  They also made up goodie bags for the NEBTR members who helped with her transport, along with a lovely note.  What a great family for Molly!  We are as pleased and proud as we can be, especially her former foster mom Jodi Groff!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update on Magoo and Trigger

Yesterday was a sad day for us; we took Polly to the vet and we decided the time had come to let her go.  We thought we would have to do it last Nov or Dec, but with some meds she was able to make it until June.  Yesterday she started having respiratory distress; with her other problems we decided along with our Vet. that it was time to allow her to go.   She had been having a lot of pain in her spine that didn’t completely go away with meds, and she was quick to snap at us if we touched her back.  She was age 13 on Dec. 26.  We already miss her terribly, and I think Magoo and Trigger realize she’s not coming back home.

Trigger is still doing great!  He’s pretty friendly with most people now and with us, of course.  He loves to chase a ball outside.  Magoo is  on a couple of meds (Denamarin & Tramadol—he only takes them with cream cheese!), one of which helps with the arthritis.  So he still gets around, but slowly.  He doesn’t go up and down stairs anymore, and he doesn’t walk around very much when out in the back yard.  But his appetite is very good as long as we include a little canned dog food with the dry.  He sleeps good, except he often wakes up around 4 or 5 a.m. and barks until we feed him.  He also barks when it’s time for his med (every 8 hrs)!  He’s actually a pretty smart little doggie.

Magoo has a little round soft bed in my computer room; right now he’s sprawled out, half in it and half out, but I guess he’s comfty Smile  Trigger, of course, is lying right next to me.  That’s where he usually is!

Have a nice summer.....

Pat Stone

Note: Pat Stone, who adopted Magoo and Trigger from us about 3 or 4 years ago. Magoo has apparently decided he's sticking around to live the good life as long as possible. We thought he was at least 10 when she adopted him.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Tuesday from Ruby Tuesday


Ruby Tuesday is just a gem.
Check her out sunning herself today!

Jerrilyn Walter