Friday, February 21, 2014

Update on LeeLee

This little red-head is one special girl! Lea knows how to share her kisses with everyone she meets. She melts hearts wherever she goes. She answers to both Lea and her nick name Lee Lee.  Lea has come such a long way since she came to me. Due to furnace issues at my house we are staying at my parents for two days now and honestly this has really helped her. There are three adults, one toddler and three dog friends for her. Lea does well with calm energy of the older Springer and my Boston. Lea can get too rowdy and rough when she is over stimulated. Supervision is helping her learn to be lady in all her manners!  The best news is that Lea knows sit! (I hope I am not jinxing her) LEA ALSO went to the door to ask to go out!!!

Lea can be slow to trust but is really starting to blossom. It seems to be more of a worried girl that can decide where to lay down. She walks around the room, looks at me, sits next to me…but does not lay down. If I am holding her like an infant she will fall asleep in my lap and then she will decompress. She melts into your lap and is sooooo happy!  This is happening more and more! I know that she is going to be such a good girl for someone very soon! Lea loves getting her chest and her ears rubbed too!

Lea is all set to get spayed on February 26 and I know that every day she learns to relax and cuddle more. (Plus her chewing is being curbed by her love of antlers and a few destroyed frisbees!!!) The warm weather is letting her go outside more too! Lea loves to do the crazy circles around the yard! She is sleeping in the sun today in my parent's backyard and loving it!

Her Foster Mommy

Wall, NJ

Update on Skittles

Skittles seems to be adjusting pretty well. She's sleeping beside me on the couch as I write. She's getting excited to see me when I get home from work--so I'd say she's adjusting pretty well.

Skittles has had the run of my family room (~13'x20') when I'm at work. (She's free to be wherever I am after I get home.)  My family room has a tile floor with non-permeable grout, but I added a runner--as the carpet helps her with traction, as she's a bit "wobbly" at times. I also got her an "orthopedic" dog bed at Marshalls (hoping that she or Panda [my sweet 10-year-old Boston male] might prefer it to the couch from time to time). Skittles enjoys the family room couch while I'm at work (my couches are draped in fleece throws to make them dog-friendly). Panda is enjoying his new digs on the couch in the living room. By now the dogs are together whenever I'm home and for short times when I'm not and get along just fine. The family room is only a few steps through my back porch from my fenced backyard, which is a good size--but with all this snow and freezing cold weather, she and Panda haven't spent much time outside.

In terms of eating, she's doing well in that department too. Last weekend, I baked Skittles and Panda a large turkey loaf (a special NEBTR recipe--Thank you, Sheryl!) to go with their kibble. I have food from her owners, so I'm gradually transitioning her to a new kibble I have. Skittles really enjoys her kibble mixed with a small helping of turkey loaf and a little warm water.

Skittles' owner sent a bag filled with all Skittles' stuff--it was a heartwarming going-away gift and helped with the transition. Skittles was loved. A few minutes ago, Skittles jumped off the couch to sleep on the red polka-dot fleece throw her owner sent, which is on the new dog bed.

Her owner also sent thorough vet records, which also made a smooth transition, especially for our vet visit yesterday. Reports are all good so far. We'll get a few more results back later. Heartworm test is negative--that's very good news. The vet's uncertain what's causing her wobbly gait, but he prescribed an anti-inflammatory pill. In a week or so, I'll call to let them know if it's helping. She's getting around pretty well. She's easily taking shallow paver steps up and down to the backyard. I just carry her once at night upstairs to sleep on my bed and once in the morning to bring her downstairs for the day.

It's wonderful being a two-dog household again!


Thank you for the great update on Skittles.
She sounds like a great little girl and a great companion for Panda.

Thank you for taking her into your home and loving care.

Happy Second Gotcha Day Muno

I received my virtual Anniversary card from Nebtr this month marking the 2 year anniversary of Muno's adoption.  I can tell you that he is doing fantastic and we love him to death.  My boys and I still talk about our 4 hour one way trip to Altoona, PA to meet Megan Sanchez and Chris Schezzini!  That was one of our most memorable trips meeting these two awesome women who do so much for our fur babies!  

I was so hesitant to get another dog after we lost our beloved Boxer Sydney.  I couldn't even imagine loving another dog as much as I did her but Muno has made that possible for our family.  He is a happy healthy boy who has nothing but love to give.  He will spend hours cuddling with us and playing with his fur brother Walter.  It is so great to see this boy and his "sister" Honey (who is with Chris) so happy.  I can't imagine how anyone could leave the two of them in a cage on t he fronts steps of the SPCA in the middle of January when it's freezing out..

Thank you Nebtr for bringing Muno to us!

Pam Hess
Kwajalein Atoll

Wow- I can't believe it's been 2 years.  Muno looks great, Pam.  It's so nice to get updates on how these guys are doing. 

Who Wants to Go to Work

... With this face begging to cuddle.

Well, I know I don't.
Sasha says happy Friday to all

 Conny and Sasha

Tinsel at Work

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Buster Wants to Talk

Bella Wants to Talk

Benji Wants to Talk

Maxy Moo Asks If It Is Spring Yet

Dodger Hides From Daddy

More Buddy

Buddy Thanks Elaine Hartman

Indigo Says Thanks

Ace “Aces” Pairs Chewing Event



Ace and foster sister Maggie "acing" the pairs chewing event!

Tinsel Gives a Shout Out to Her Foster Moms

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Adopt Buster and Bella

Buster is a 5 yr old neutered male,who is a handsome brown boy. He is a bigger boy but full of love. He is the best cuddler. He is so gentle. He loves to play with the other dogs. His favorite toys are squeaky Kong toys and sparkle balls. He is a fabulous dog. House trained and loves the snow. He sleeps with me or my son at night,  he never moves once he snuggles in. 

Miss Bella boo is a 5 Ur old spayed female. She has a birthday coming up in march. She is also very cute,  sweet and loving. She sits up and dances for all her treats. She is also house trained. She plays well with the other dogs. Her favourite place to be is wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. She also sleeps with me or my son. She is a great cuddler. 
Both Buster and Bella are such great dogs. They are so well behaved and are a real joy to have. They love everyone they meet. They will make wonderful family members. 
Jill Charles

Chica and Molly

Tinsel Feeling Better

Hi all! Tinsel is feeling much more like herself today. She got loads of sleep, and ate breakfast like a champ. She is taking an afternoon snooze right now on the sofa. Im attaching before and afters of her skin tag removal and one of her sweet face :) im off to work in a bit, and ill be handing over snuggle duties to mybhusband. He just LOVES her. He has about 30 pet names for her already lol


How could you not love that sweet adorable face!!!  Glad she's feeling better!  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chica here!

Foster Pangya - I'm done with Winter!

Update on Breezy

Breezy is enjoying the good life today!

Padi Hallam Joseph

Thanks to Epic Displays for the Logo Tablecloth

Thanks to Jan Potter of Epic Displays for the beautiful NEBTR logo tablecloth.  Betty Ann Manganello says that Jan was great to work with and recommends them for all display merchandise.  How great our logo looks on this tablecloth!  Just beautiful!  NEBTR can't thank Epic Displays enough!

Buster Learns Down

Foster Fena and buddy Ori are "Chillin"

Joyce Says Thanks for the Tote

On Friday, I received a NEBTR tote for all of my dedication to NEBTR and my retirement...the gift was from an anonymous person....Whoever was so kind to think of me in such a generous way - THANK YOU...Thank you, thank you...NEBTR ladies and guys never cease to amaze me.

Joyce Hayes

And you can get a tote of your own here:!/~/product/category=0&id=33601675

Nala's New Toy

Little Princess Nala is a bit of a toy hoarder. She will take everyone's toys when they aren't looking. I had to let her keep this one because really, the toy says it all!
Canonsburg, PA

You are not kidding! she is adorable - thank you for caring for her! 
That face, oh my. No wonder her name starts with Princess.

Dodger and his brother are bored of Winter!

Tinsel, Roxy and Roxy's Babies

Hi all! So this morning I dropped off my fosters Roxy and Tinsel to be spayed. While I was there, I met Roxy's puppies! I also heard the rest of her sad story. 

She was dropped off at a kill sgelter in Georgia with 4 puppies. While she was in her kennel run, the dog next door scaled the dividing wall, and tragically, killed and ate one of her puppies. 

I heard this story a few weeks back from one of the Sanctuary volunteers, but I didnt realize this was my foster! So so sad. 

Her remaining 3 puppies are happy and healthy, and almost ready for adoption. They look nothing like her! 

Roxy has a great family lined up for her. They are a newly married couple, the Mrs and I actually used to wirk together at a Vet office many years ago. They have a nice new house, and plan to take Roxy to doggy day care at least twice a week, and to rhe dog park near their house regularly. They will be picking her up Friday to start their new life together :) im so excited. What a different life she will have now!

Ill send out an update later today after I pick Tinsel and Roxy up later today :) im nervous for Tinsel because she is an older gal, but I know she has to be tough to have survived everything she has been dealt so far.
(pictures - Roxy's puppies, Roxy, Tinsel and Tinsel)


How great that the mom has a new home already!  Usually everyone wants the puppies and the mom has to wait.  Thanks Erin.


Monday, February 17, 2014

New Foster Sasha is doing (and looking) great!

Sasha is doing great. She is having fun and is happy now that she met her foster brothers. 
Play play and play is the word for her. Lol 


Thank you for taking such good care of her!

Buster Settles In

Buster had been with us for a little a week now and has settled in well for this time period. He has been co- habituating with our Border Collie mix, Daisy since day two and had met Bowie on leashes. They did fine so we will be continuing that for a while. My youngest gets aggressive and I can only do so much. Buster's biggest problem is that if he is not in the room with you he barks non stop and very loud. He is now eating better and now looks for some treats here and there. He did not eat at first and I cooked some chicken to stimulate his appetite. It seems to have worked. I want to have our vet check him soon. He has a small lump on his head (maybe a skin tag). He is an absolutely sweet dog!. Not highly toy motivated however. When he is with you he is very content to sit in the couch with you. We have started to crate train him. He hates it but is improving. He will probably be better in a home with no cats as he has started to chase them. He does accept no at this time and he will lay next to my cat but is not good if they move. I tried to send a video of him learning down but do not think it worked. I will send a picture once I upload it.
Gale Levittown Pa

Winston the Winter Cat at ResQthreads

20 to 35% of each purchase you make gets donated to our rescue!
All you need to do is select Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue as your donation beneficiary from the dropdown menu during the checkout process.

They offer free shipping throughout the year…….

Milo Is Adopted

Hi everyone!!!!

I am soo happy to say that Milo is now with his new family, the Reuter family! He has a Boston brother named Toby and three awesome kids to play with. Milo wiggled all over the house and did not look back! He is one lucky dog!


Awesomeness!!!!!  He fits right in, and looks THRILLED!!!  So happy for all!!  Thank you for all that you did for him, Katelyn!
Wall, NJ

Tinsel the Fun Police

 Here is a video of the Fun Police Siren. Check out my husband's face when Tinsel starts. It's ear piercing in person. lol I think her megaphone might have even enhanced it a bit. :) You can hear my dogs playing in the background. That's what Tinsel is complaining about, she wants to stop them. Hence the title "Fun Police Siren". Chris and Tinsel

Dooley Is Adopted

Hi All,

Dooley's meet and greet ended up being his adoption day.
He will have a wonderful family to love and snuggle.  Good luck baby boy. I will miss your grumpy little bum.


Oh fantastic!! Congratulations! So happy for Dooley!  What a happy ending.  Thank you Conny for all you have done for him and for helping him find his forever family with Wendy Goodfellow.

Tinsel Gets a Beauty Treatment

Tinsel arrived at Erin Sullivan's home today around noon.
Tinsel has been given a hot oil treatment and a milk bath shampoo, in
just the time it took me to get home!
I KNEW I should have stayed there a little longer, I might have gotten
offered one too. lol

Here is Erin and Tinsel and that order.
Next stop for Tinsel is a spay and then she heads to her forever home in
CT !! :D

Thank you Erin!!!

Chris C.

Arendtsville, PA

Wow, she got the spa treatment.  Thanks so much Chris and Erin.  What a lucky girl.  Positive thoughts and well wishes for the patients!

Oh youre all so welcome! Tinsel is so little and cute! What a shining little personality she has! Tinsel had a lot of dry flakey skin, no doubt caused by her lack of care in her former life. She looks great after Her super duper moisturizing treatment, and with the LM Farms supplement she came with (I actually use the same stuff wirh my dogs), she will have a fabulous coat in no time. 

I had a lot of fun with her this afternoon rooting through my dog trunk to find all the things that have been donated for little girls that I havent been able to use since I had foster Daisy. She is a great sport! 

Tinsel goes in for her spay surgery tomorrow, alongside my foster Roxy.  Please keep them in your thoughts!

More to come I am sure!


Thank You From Polka

Polka also received  her package in the mail yesterday.  She was so excited to see her pink fleece rope toy and a “squirrel tail” and tennis ball.. Thanks so much for all the goodies. She now has her own toys and can bring them to her forever home.!!! Of course the bully stick is gone already, she made short work of that!!
Saugerties NY

Nala Says Thank You

Nala wanted to say thank you for the surprise she got in the mail the other day! She loves the rope and it came in perfect time as she was trying to steal the other dog's rope. They appreciate her having her own rope now, lol.

She also loved the bully stick. I haven't been able to take any pics of her with the rope because she goes into crazy play mode whenever she sees it. All of the pics wind up blurry. 

Thank you StacieKyle and all of those that donated treats. It was a nice surprise :-)

Ziggy Is Adopted

Hi all! Ziggy went home with his family, the Hemmings! They are so thrilled with him! It was a little tough for me, I brought him to petco with me to meet them because I was scheduled for work, and they were there for a greyhound adoption event, and ziggy cried for me the whole 2 hours he was here. Its a big store. He was very vocal. But he looked happy enough in his new warm coat trotting out the door with them :) thanks everyone for helping me with this one! He was a fabulous house guest and we will miss him.
 Erin Sullivan

Congratulations Erin, great job with him!

New Foster Molly

What a lucky foster that's getting this wiggly little slice of Heaven!  All happy puppy kisses and love!  This little Molly is a good, sweet little baby girl-she'll be home soon!  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Frankie Mae Says Thanks

Frankie received a wonderful gift in the mail!   Thank-you nebtr sponsors!   And Stacie.     I will save them for her when she is by herself!   My fur kids. Will destroy them.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Spoonful of Tigger

Tigger wrapped around Dolly-they are too much! Denice, Jackson, NJ

Tinsel Drinks from Her "Toilet"

Ryder Says Thanks for the Goody Bag

Brutus Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Flo and Maxy Moo at Their Senior Home

Sunday Valentine Says Hi

Flo makes me laugh all the time...her positions are so adorable...and Sunday Valentine says hi from the senior
ward here

Marjorie Young

Josie, Sadie and Jax Pose for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Oscar

Happy Valentine's Day from Roxy

Happy Valnetine's Day from Dobby

Tinsel Says Thanks

Buddy Loves the Snow

Buddy Enjoys His Chewy Toy

Buddy Says Thanks

Dodger is Bored With Snow

Cooper Gets Presents

Baby Peyton Wants Indigo to Get Better

Oscar Loves His Kids

Tyson's New Fashions

Maxy Prepares for Snow

Flo Looks Out the Window


Isn't this just the cutest picture of her?

Boston in His New Home

Just a big thank you to NETBTR, from me and Deborah Sutton Lee.. We love our new baby boy.

Thanks to everyone that made this happen, Linda Antonelli, Kimberly Angelina Smith, Walter Williams..
Deborah Sutton Lee, Jordan Guzzi and I and of course, Boston- (AKA-Sleepy) thank you all!

We wanted to send an update on Boston.. He is doing great after week one with us in his forever home.. We were going to change his name but we can't- he is definitely BOSTON!! This little guy has so much in him, we know he had it rough for awhile but those days are over for him, he will be forever loved and cherished by us!!

Thanks Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue for helping us find our boy!!
A very very special thank you to his foster mom Kim for doing such an amazing job with him, you're awesome!!

Tasha Guzzi