Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Update on Oliver, Formerly Gabriel

Many of you may remember tiny baby Gabriel (now Oliver/Ollie!) who I
fostered last summer.

He is doing amazingly well! He is happy and spunky and loves everyone.
Look how incredibly handsome he is!!

The removed eye healed perfectly and his saved eye is very healthy! As a
reminder, when I picked him up, both eyes were severely damaged and
infected and completely caked over in scabs. We tried to save both eyes
but his right eye did end up needing to be removed. I was afraid he
might be blind in his left eye but his young eye has healed beautifully.
His owners report that he is pure joy.

I miss having this tiny shining star around - he has an amazing spirit!


Fred Has a New Bed

Fred got a new bed and he is really making himself comfortable! He also loves being under blankets! 


Happy GOtcha Day Caesar

Look at me now this is Caesar, once known as Fu.

He has been with his forever family who love him dearly.  Yesterday was his 1 year gotcha day. He is one lucky boy ..I get updates and pics from his family often.


Adopt Bella II

Monday, October 3, 2016

Duncan Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Just last week, my Duncan was diagnosed with kidney failure. I never thought that within the week he would be gone. Even with medications, fluids, and modified diet, he deteriorated so quickly. He had neurological symptoms start later in the week and last night had a seizure and was very anxious. When we went to see the vet tonight, he confirmed that with Duncan's addisons disease, the kidney failure was exasperated and keeping him alive would only prolong his suffering.

Today, before we went to the vet, I wanted to do something that Duncan enjoyed. Since he couldn't go for a walk or appreciate a car ride anymore, I played piano for him for an hour. It was always the one thing that would rouse him from a good nap and he would always come put his paw on my lap when I played. Today, I pulled a chair next to the piano and let him lay there and listen and it was the only time today that he wasn't restless. He looked so peaceful and that's what I will try to remember instead of the terrible last few days of suffering.

Duncan was truly an angel and the moments we had and memories we shared are invaluable and will be forever cherished. Never did I think that he would affect my life the way he did, but he was such a positive influence on me and my family. He inspired me to slow down and appreciate the small things in life.

I will horribly miss the way he nestled and snuggled me, how he got so excited to see me, the way he frolicked outside, and his love for all food. I have a hole in my heart where his presence lived for the last few years. He is such a precious soul.

I hope I did not fail him by making this decision tonight and I hope that wherever Duncan is right now, he is healthy and happy and blowing me sweet kisses. I miss him so much already.


I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Duncan.  Unfortunately I know the pain all too well.  What a touching send off you gave him to his new life free of pain and suffering.  Thank you for loving and caring for him the way you did!  My prayers are with you and your family.  Run free sweet baby!!!!

Linda V.

Dear Alyssa,

My heart is breaking for you.  I'm so sorry for the loss of Duncan. It is beautiful that you played piano for him. I can feel how much you loved and cared for him. It is never easy to say goodbye, but it was his time. 
Rest in peace Duncan. 


I'm real sorry Alyssa...sweet, humble Duncan thanks you for loving and caring for him this last couple of, 17 years what a milestone...below is a poem by Kristen Abbott and a small prayer from me -  "Dear Lord, please provide comfort to sweet Duncan during his illness and free him from any pain...please guide and stay close to Alyssa and her family during this difficult decision-making time...we thank you for having provided Duncan with a caring and loving home as he has aged, Amen" - Lorie