Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jax in His Bandana



Spike is Cute

This coming Monday Spike gets his neuter stitches taken out.  He surprises me all the time with his cute antics. For instance,
today, every time I left a room I'd hear this swish, swish sound coming behind me. It was Spike dragging his bed to put beside me so he could lay down in comfort. So funny! That bed has been in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and right now it's in the spare bedroom where our computer is! I'll attach a photo of him in it. It didn't seem to matter if the bed was upside down, inside out or what....he just wanted that bed in the same room with me.

Tonight, for the fist time, Spike fell asleep for 2 hours in my lap. Most times he goes to sleep in his bed, or starts out in my lap and after 15 minutes of that, he's off to sleep in his bed. But tonight while we watched a movie, he didn't want to leave my lap at all. I was able to take some photos of it. :)

Spike = cute :)
Next update soon!
Chris & Spike











Roxy Celebrates a Birthday




Roxy ( who was adopted from NEBTR) can't wait to eat her Birthday Cake. She is 2 years old.

--Karen Rittenhouse

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wise Advice

A Gift in Memory of Kira


Thanks to Diane Laudani, Kira’s Foster Mom, for the special gift she made to NEBTR in Memory of her darling foster, Kira.  This gift will certainly help other Bostons in need, just as you helped Kira.

Sully is Adopted


Congratulations to Sully, who was adopted by Ann Tanous.  And special thanks to Cynthia and Craig Musselman for opening their home to this boy and for finding the perfect forever family.

Otis Says Thanks for His Gifts






Thank you so much for the fun chewie items you sent to Otis - what are they (the stick type) - they're a HUGE hit!

I took a few pictures - it's hard to capture him - he's a bit of a ball of energy but you'll get the idea!

Thank you so much, that was so incredibly nice of you.


Sarah and Otis

New Foster Oreo

Oreo went from the NYACC to Park Avenue!
Welcome to a better life filled with love & care little one!:)

New Foster Spot

Foster dog on the left SPOT is doing well lots of love and good food. He is so friendly and gentle. He puts up with my young Boston on the right.


My foster spot on the left with my female Gemma. He is doing great!  He is so friendly with my kids and my other Boston.  He can even sit and gives me his paw.
Melanie Baker
Thanks so much Melanie for opening up your heart and home to this beautiful boy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elena Is Celebrating Her Second Anniversary

Elena just celebrated her 2 year Gotcha Day Anniversary! Her mom loves her tons!

Her mom, Krista Dooley says:
It's my 2nd Anniversary with Elena and THIS is the face I wake up to and come home to every day. Thank you NEBTR for bringing her into my life. I am eternally grateful!  

Thank you, Krista, for choosing to adopt, not shop and providing a happy, loving home.

Jax Has a Forever Home

With his foster family!  His Mom Stacie writes:


Jax is a riot and his sisters keep him in his place but he is getting more and more relaxed. Now he doesn't need to go anywhere else..... Safe and sound!

Jumper is Adopted


Congratulations to Jumper, who was adopted by Beverly Casey.  And a special thank you to his foster mom, Jessica Casey>  And isn’t it wonderful that Jumper found a forever home with her family?  A true win/win situation!

BTs Are People Dogs

Photo courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Modern day Boston Terriers are true companion dog: their favorite activity is being with their human family, playing, sleeping, sitting on laps, getting lots of positive interaction.

If you are looking for a canine pal, the Boston is the dog for you!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pets As Children?

New Study Finds Dogs Similar to Children

By Amy Sinatra Ayres
It's no surprise that many dog owners think of their pup as their child. But what may be more surprising is a new study that finds that dogs feel the same way - they react to their owners in a way is strikingly similar to the way children react to their parents. 
The behavior is rooted in the bonding that happens when pooches think of their protectors as a "secure base" that gives them confidence and safety, according to a new study by researchersUniversity of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, that was published in the journal PLOS ONE
In an experiment, researchers found that dogs were more interested in working for treats when their caregivers were in the room. "One of the things that really surprised us is that adult dogs behave towards their caregivers like human children do," said the study's author, Lisa Horn. - Read it atToday
Plus: On the heels of that study, the results of a new poll from Public Policy Polling on how Americans view pets may not be so surprising. The poll finds that 52 percent of those asked prefer dogs, 1 in 5 prefer spending time with their pets to spending time with other people and a third said they let their pets sleep in the bed with them. - Read it at National Geographic

Former Foster, Buster

Former foster Buster loves his Daddy!!

Bubba Louie Reports:

DOGGIE CAMP: DAY THREE Yesterday we had archery lessons. After I got the hang of it I saddled up Rocket and we did some bow and arrow zoomies!

It's A Dog'd Life

Gemma is Adopted




Congratulations to Gemma,  who has been adopted by Cynthia Muska!

More on Popeye

Popeye from Boston


Yesterday, Teri and Jen picked up Popeye, from my house! Popeye is the Boston boy from the Boston SPCA who has some sort of neuro condition that causes him to favor turning to the right.

He is 2 years young and just as handsome as can be! He is a strong boy who so far seems to be super friendly (to people at least). It was only with the help of several SNORT transport volunteers that we were able to get him so swiftly.
Anna pulled him Saturday morning and passed him on to Jessica who passed him on to Chrissy who passed him on to Shawn who passed him on to me.

Huge thanks to all of you! We could not have done it without you!
Another huge thanks to Teri and Jen who opened their home to Popeye, without really knowing the severity of his condition.
They will have him checked out and hopefully get a diagnosis as to what is going on.

Pic attached of him in my car. He is super cute!

Jerrilyn Walter

Here’s an update from Jen and Teri:

This little guy loves to be around people & is curious about our boys. poor little guy was so tired that passed out last night after we got him settled in and I don't think he moved until 6 am until Jen woke him to go out

Just a little update. Popeye is doing so good. He got some rest today and played in the yard and took a walk. He ate good too. We are putting his food up on a higher stool seems to work better for him. Maybe he gets dizzy or something when he hangs it down to eat. He is a little uneasy up steps but nothing to hard to handle. He is a love! Not a typical 2 year old Boston but nice and easy to work with. Saw vet today gave her his paperwork so she can read it and we see him next Monday.
Have a great night.
Jen & Teri



Brenda Frank:


Logan is sitting pretty for his treat and his new forever home, he will be going there in 10 days and can't wait to play with his new sister Lola.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Foster Ziggy and the Love of His Foster Mom

This is a beautiful story of Linda Antonelli's dedication and love for Ziggy .   Here’s what Ziggy looked like when Linda took him into her home as a foster.

Linda writes:
It was 3 years in July that Ziggy was surrendered to me.  He is every bit a sweet boy.  Because he will always have some type of skin issue and due to his age, he will no longer available for adoption.  Hence, he will retire with me and my pack.  He will be 11 years old in October.
It took me almost 9 months to heal his raw body & feet, yet it was only about 70% better.  I carried him outside to the grass to eliminate and then back in the house.  He cried and held his feet up one at a time when he walked on the patio.  He mostly just wanted to sleep on his pillow in the house.  I detoxed him with a homeopathic remedy, fed him a home cooked diet with veggies & fruit, and experimented with different skin supplements.  He had bathes once a week with an organic tea tree oil shampoo (and others).  I would try something for a month and if it wasn't working, I switched to something else.  He still had mange but I didn't want to poison his system with the Ivermectin until he was healthy enough.  I believe I had him 6 months when I started him on the Ivermectin.  Poor baby threw up daily.  I stopped it and started it again for months and upped his supplements and detoxed him again.  It was a long haul.  P.S. three years later, Ziggy continues to be mange free however, due to the severity in his case, there is a possibility that the mange bug permanently destroyed the hair follicles on his neck.  I brought him as far to healed as I can.  He is comfortable and no longer smells so that's all that matters.
His coat grew back beautiful and it still makes me smile when I see him run and jump on the patio without crying or holding up his paws.  His feet are 100% perfect.  He also developed two growths on his neck but they have no cancer cells so I chose not to put him through surgery to remove them.  They don't bother him so they don't bother me.  He sleeps under the covers in my bed with all his other Boston Terrier friends (who also retired with me). lol
Ziggy is safe and as healthy as he can be.  He loves his Boston friends and is still very sweet.
Thank you so much, Linda, for all you have done for Ziggy, and I know he feels secure and loved as he lives out the rest of his life in your loving care!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Favorite Excursion

Cappucino is Adopted




Congratulations to Cappucino, who was just adopted by new owners Bob and Kathy White from Kingston, NY.


Kathy writes:

Cappy and Kona are both on the couch with Bob, watching the news...well, they're sleeping but he says they are watching with him!!

Really cute...all is going good..they came in from outside a little while ago so they are tired..? Poor little pups!!!


Special thank you to Karen Kelsch who was the foster Mom for this adorable little boy.  Thank you, Karen, for all you have done for him!

Study of Scout and Otis





A series by Scout and Otis.
This is the new normal - where there is Scout there is Otis. They have become quite close :-)


The two of them are hysterical together - Otis is the ying to Scouts yang - she is a little on the old and cranky side and he is young and spunky - together they make the oddest and cutest little couple you've ever met. She doesn't even snark at him anymore when he gets all up in her face, ears, etc.

New Foster Popeye

Meet Popeye. He is settled in for the night and did really well. His day started out in a shelter and 3 car rides and 300 miles later he is sleeping on a big bed in the basement sleepy from a full belly. 
He has slight neurological issues but he is a sweetheart! We will work with him and move slow into the week. Updates to come!

Fena is a Forever Foster




Congratulations to Fena, who is now a permanent foster with the Rowe family!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Enjoy The Day

Courtesy on Kom Sitt Bli

Louey is Beginning to Relax

Louey Chewing


You know they are beginning to relax when they can chew a bone and be a dog! Time to enjoy his golden years! (click the link below and see Louey)


Maria, Newington, CT


Awww little love bunches! I love the way he's using his paw to get just the right angle.  Thank you for caring for him Maria!

Clarisse (Isabela) Says Thanks to Jerrilyn




Look at the beautiful flower arrangement that Clarisse, whose real name was Isabela, sent to Jerrilyn Walter, who rescued her when she was living in an abandoned railroad yard in Queens.

Jerrilyn writes:

“This just came in the mail for me.
I am so touched by the kindness in people sometimes.
I sent Isabella a large care package last week filled with a bed, greenies, orijen treats and food and bones that she likes.
Today this came!
What a beautiful experience this has been on every level!”