Friday, July 20, 2012

Tubs and Alaina

Just wanted to share a picture of my grand dog Tubs and my grand daughter Alaina (They live in Florida) We were concerned that Tubs would not accept a new baby in the house as he is a very spoiled and loved boy. But as you can see Tubs and Alaina (now 5 months old) are pals. Alaina giggles and laughs and tries to pet my daughter's dogs. Tubs was the first Bt in our family. He is such a sweet boy it inspired us to get our BT Buster. We have been in love with BTs since we first met Tubs. Just wanted to share this cute picture.

Loretta Miner
West Falls NY

Thursday, July 19, 2012

BT and Guinea Pig

Oscar the Boston terrier cuddles with Cinnamon Spice the Guinea Pig baby and gives her a lot of wet doggy kisses.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update on Oliver (Formerly Biscuit)

We adopted Oliver just about a year ago today, after he been cared for by his fabulous foster mom Beth McFadden, and he's made so much progress; we definitely wanted to share his success story!

Oliver (formerly Biscuit) is about two years old, and was surrendered to the Philadelphia SPCA because his former owners said that he 'couldn't be trained or housebroken.' He's deaf, and he has a few minor orthopaedic issues that affect his gait, and he definitely had some dental trauma early in his life -- his teeth are clean & healthy, but many are broken. House-training was never an issue ... he'll reliably ask to go out, and will go with the other dogs, too.

We had a rocky start with Oliver -- he didn't take to our resident Boston instantly, and is sometimes a little too much of a puppy for our 11-year old Schnauzer mix. We were patient and persistent, though, and after working with a great trainer, taking obedience classes with both terriers, and a LOT of love and tennis-ball throwing, we can't imagine our family without Oliver.

He now knows how to sit, lie down, wait and a few other things -- all with signs. So much for not being trainable!

He's such a busy little dog, and he's brought so much energy and entertainment to our home. He's definitely starting to grow out of being a puppy, but there are still times that we never know what he'll be up to next. He loves sleeping under the covers, and we often wake up and find that he's squashed himself between our pillows. He loves sitting on the screened porch with us, watching the other dogs play in the yard, but he's still not sure about spending much time outdoors. His best friends are our friends' 18 month-old son, and their 90-lb. German shepherd mix; it's fabulous to watch him play with Jonas (the baby) and Cooper (the shepherd).

We're about to move to a house with 3.5 acres, and are super excited to have more space for the boys to run and play!

We're including some pictures -- it's hard to catch him in some of his funniest moments, though!

Katie & Erin

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot Asphalt Awareness


Good article (written by a vet): Hot Feet: Protect Your Dog's Feet from Getting Burned on Hot Pavement

Monday, July 16, 2012

Schroeder Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Sadly, we note the passing of former foster Schroeder.   He was one of the first fosters of our wonderful foster mom Carolyn McCarthy.  He was adopted by Susan Kerr, who loved and cherished him  He was diagnosed a few months ago with congenital heart failure, and, just shy of his two year adoption anniversary, Schroeder crossed the rainbow bridge.

Susan writes,

"Two years ago today, I adopted the best dog ever. Two days ago, he passed away. He was full of life and very funny. He actually smiled, so much so that a woman came up to me one day and said 'your dog smiles'. He was so very special to me and to everyone that knew him. He never had any attention from the family that gave him away but for the last two years he had everything he ever wanted or needed. He had more love than his little heart could hold and he gave it all back tenfold. I will miss him forever."

Run free and whole, Schroeder.

Sunday, July 15, 2012