Saturday, September 28, 2013

He's So Polite...

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Patsy and Brooke



This is former NEBTR rescue, Brooke, with her foster sister, Patsy.  I adopted Brooke last October.  She came from a puppy mill in PA. 
Thank you Janet Hassell for fostering my Brooke!!!  She is a love!!!

Thank you NEBTR for saving her!!


Hi Patty,
Brooke is looking well and I am so
happy she is living the life now with
you and your girls, she is a very lucky
Miss little little.  Have to visit you soon.
Janet Hassell


I have been fostering Patsy for 3 months now.  She is doing well and is full of energy.  She is my little meatball!!! 


I have a short video of her from this weekend enjoying her bone:

Hope you enjoy the video!!


Patti Madamma

Dangerous Foods




Here’s Popeye! Popeye has a lesion on his brain but he is doing phenomenal learning how to eat slower, sleep better, and play. He’s a happy little man!


-- Terri Delfino and Jennifer Auriemma

Update on Babe and Rocky


Momma's 2 Foster failures love playing tug of war together. Babe & Rocky were adopted from Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue.


Linda Brennan


Congratulations to Babe for finding her forever home with a brother she clearly adores!

Friday, September 27, 2013

No Room at the Inn

Marty With Foster Sister



Marty and foster sister Daisy sleeping together.
Christine Manzella

Mardi Paws



Since many of you enjoy seeing the costumes I make for my dogs.  This was their costume for the Mutt Strut which is the fundraiser for our local humane society.  The theme was "Mardi Paws".  We won the best float - which i just decorated my doggie stroller.  Hope you enjoy it.  My NEBTR failed foster was allowed to stay home to spare his sensibilities. 


Joan Stark


Omg adorable!!! What friendly faces they have and amazing costumes!

Lola Donates a Gift



Thanks to Lola (and her Mom Kelly Thompson)  who donated a doggy swim vest to NEBTR.  Lola didn’t like swimming, so decided to pass the vest on to another Boston who did.  Her mom writes, “ I have enclosed a picture of Lola on her birthday in August. No pool parties here! “ 




Update on Harley



Update on Harley- a.k.a Harry. Harley has settled in very well since we brought him home on Saturday. He sits and stays on command and is working on down. He is such a good boy.

Debby Sausen

Caitlin, Brad and Leo’s Gift



Thanks to Caitin and Brad Hewitt who made a donation to NEBTR in lieu of wedding flowers.   This was in honor of their Boston Leo, who they had adopted from a NEBTR member Loretta Dolan. We are so touched and think this is such a sweet gesture, and wish them all every happiness in the future!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Canine Serenity Prayer

Update on Porter, Now Brain



I received a lovely update from Porter's adopted Dad! Porter is now known as Brain (as in Pinky & The Brain)!!!!

"Brain" is doing fantastic. No anxiety, no aggression, goes on play dates w other dogs and gets along really really well. He is even working on leaving him in the apartment UNCRATED!! This is an amazing accomplishment even I couldn't do! He had only one incident where he ate a hole in his carrier and ran amuck on the Ferry, but since he is a regular customer, he was scooped up immediately!! (Whew - small heart attack!). Dad has now decided to transport Brain to and from the ferry in a stroller. He said he feels slightly self conscious about it, but thinks Brain is happier & more secure.

I quote "Everyone that meets Brain loves him. He is perfectly chilled and awesome!"

Here are a few new photos of him in repose. My favorite is from the couch fort he made!!


-- Jennifer Hanly


Jen, that makes us all so proud.  Giving our Bostons a second chance to be "great" and look how Porter came through.  Congratulations.

Lucky is Adopted

Lucky on his way to his forever home with Fran Jensen. Happy Tails Lucky!

Nancy Ingersoll

Thank you so much Nancy for all you have done for Lucky, and for opening your heart and home for this baby.

Maya to be Adopted


September 27TH will be HAPPY GOTCHYA DAY for Miss Maya! We have had her since Feb. 22, she was only 13lbs. failing to thrive, labeled a fear biter and so stressed when her owner died, 3 months in a shelter almost killed her! Friday 10am she will leave us and join her mommy, daddy and grandma in Cromwell. Happy Tears For Maya?


Maria Pastuszak


Thank you Maria for all that you have done for Maya.  She certainly has come a long way since she has been in your loving care!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snorky and His Foster Dad


Snorky and foster Dad Russell have played hard and are napping now. This was so cute I had to share.


Robin Carroll

And I thought This Only Applied To Humans...

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Maddie is Adopted

maddie in yard

Maddie in the yard


maddie in kitchen

Maddie in the kitchen

bethany and maddie

Maddie with foster mom Bethany Vaughan


Maddie has been adopted by Bridget Walsh.  Here’s what her foster mom writes:


Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share that our sweet Maddie was adopted this weekend! It was bittersweet for us, but we know we found the perfect home for her. She has her own fenced yard to roam around (with a deck for sunbathing!), lots of car and truck rides with her dad, and endless long walks and dog parks visits with her mom. She's definitely making herself at home and staking her claim on the sofa.

Her new family is wonderful and I know she will be very happy and well cared for. They have kept me posted on how she's doing and sent several pictures. I also included my last picture before sending Maddie off. Love that girl!
She came a long way from when she arrived as a sad girl with the sniffles, then went through surgery for cancer, and is now completely happy and healthy. We have so enjoyed having her with us and will miss her! She was our first foster and we'll never forget her :)

Thanks to everyone for your support throughout the whole process (especially Beth) and to Ellen and Stacie who helped get her to us in the beginning.



Awe!! So happy for Maddie!! It is so hard to let them go but knowing they are going to a great forever home makes it a little bit sweeter!! You did a great job with her and you should be proud!!    Thanks so much for everything you did!  You have been through so much with her. She has you by her side all the way! Thank you for sharing the love!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Matched Set

The Year of the Pearl

photo (3)
photo (4)
photo (5)
Note:  This letter was sent to Narelle Wolf, foster mom for little Pearl, formerly Hope, by her forever Mom Heather Allcorn. It’s great to hear how well she is doing, and many thanks again to Narelle.
Hi Narelle,
Just wanted to send you an update on our little Pearl. It was last September 9th that we met up and took Pearl home.  She's changed soooo much this past year!

When we first brought her home and let her out in our backyard, she sat in the corner of the deck, shaking.  Now, she loves going outside. She darts out the back door and does her business with no trouble. We've also installed a doggie door that she can use when we're home.  Sometimes she goes outside and just lays in the sun.

And when it's time for a walk - she goes crazy!  The minute we grab her leash she starts jumping up and down.  We go for daily walks after dinner every night.  She's also become my shadow.  Whatever room I'm in, she's in.  She follows me up and down the stairs, room to room. She also LOVES pillows we found.  She's not able to jump on the bed by herself, but when we lift her up and beelines for the pillows and makes herself right at home.  I attached a picture of her taking a Saturday afternoon nap with me.

Also, Pearl joined us on our cross country trip to California for Christmas this year!  She was a champ in the car and enjoyed all the attention she got when my family in California met her.  We also bought her a jacket this winter since it was so cold out!  I attached a picture of that too.

So needless to say, Pearl has become such a big part of our family and we love having her, and I think it's safe to say that she loves being here too.

Best -
Heather and Doug

Update on Mandy




Here is a movie of my foster Mandy the mill girl.  I have had her almost 7 months now, although difficult and emotional this has been an amazing experience.  It’s so awesome to see her happy! I’m in love.  Now she just needs to learn other people are OK! 


Leslie Kaucic


Leslie, this is so touching!  And she's really a beautiful girl.  I remember how hard it was for you at the beginning when she hid in the bathroom all the time, and now look at her running around the yard!  You've brought her such a long way. – Ginny Murphy

What a wonderful video....She is lucky to be with you, Leslie. Thank you for opening your heart and your home to this special lady.

Meet Buddy


Hi All,

Buddy is a 15 year old owner surrender who is a sweet old man. We had a few scary days soon after he got here - he was unable to stand and it seemed he'd had a stroke. The vet was wonderful and said he didn't think that was the case but definitely something neurological had happened. He gave me 10 days of prednisone and it worked miracles but it was evident as it wore off he was regressing. The vet said given his advanced age it wouldn't hurt to keep him on it so that's what we're doing.

Buddy is a total sweetheart with poor vision. He's not a natural cuddler but when I pick him up and put him in the chair with me he loves it.

We'd like to thank the kind people who purchased Buddy an orthopedic bed and sweater. He's loving them.
Buddy's ours now for however long were blessed to have him. He's my first senior but I have a feeling he won't be my last!

Loree McOwen

Thank you for taking him, what a good looking man he is!  Seniors are so special and so are those who love them.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Update on Mazy






Little Miss Mazy drinking from big girl bowl , wearing her harness without fussing and playing on our porch... She had her best walk on leash today , only needed to be carried once.

We love her very much !!!! And it is such a gift when she has days that she actually seems to know who we are , or we get a quick single lick! It doesn't happen very often , she spends most of her time in her own private universe , but every couple of months we get this precious gift of her noticing us and it's worth more to us then all the riches in the world !!!

I thought I would just update you on how she is and send some current pics . I hope all is well with you !!! Take care


Elaine Scarpino Tremel

Videos of Dodger

Dodger at the home of Gary Thomas, a sign language interpreter, who will work with Dodger, who is deaf.  Thanks so much, Gary, for offering to help Dodger!

The New Look

Adopt Eva


Remember Monica?  She is the dog that captured the hearts of Facebook, when she was found as a stray in Brooklyn NY.  She had been roaming the streets looking for her babies, who were never found.  Animal control was going to put her to sleep, but at the last minute of the last hour, Monica was saved by NEBTR, and she began her life as Eva.


And look at her now!  Eva is ready for adoption!  See if you are the right family for her!  Special thanks to Stacie Kyle for making this awesome video!