Saturday, December 3, 2011

Introducing Mandee

Mandee was a puppy mill girl, who found her way to NEBTR. Lara Anderson opened her home and her heart to her.

Lara writes,

"Meet our first foster, Mandee! She is 2 years old (we think). She is loving towards and likes being around our 5 year old BT, Marcel most of the time, though there is some occasional aggression in the past few days (she's already gotten a little possessive of my attention). We hope with the right support and after getting spayed, she'll be her lovable self all the time. Mandee came to us terrified of people and new to the city. She is already making great strides in the four days we've had her - follows me around, takes walks with Marcel, is adjusting to the city, cuddles and plays, and is overall a completely lovable little girl.

Lara, Jesse, Marcel & Mandee
New York, NY

Friday, December 2, 2011

What Your Donations Did for Uncle and Cesar

Uncle Fester Before

Uncle Fester After

Recently, we had two fundraising drives for Uncle Fester and Cesar.

If you remember, Uncle Fester is being fostered by Meredith and Matt Festa. Uncle suffered beating after beating in his 6-8 years. None of his medical issues are due to anything but a human's hand. He was not sick, he has no disease, he has no genetic abnormalities, he just got beat up for a VERY long time. His heart murmur- caused by lack of nutrition and damage from STRESS!, His very faint cataracts- lack of proper nutrition and trauma left untreated, his hernia- kicked, his missing and rotted teeth- kicked, his broken spine-kicked, and his lipomas - lack of proper nutrition. He has numerous healed fractures.

His foster mom Meredith reports, "This little dog is now learning to actually be a dog. He can play now, he learned to sit and give kisses, he speaks on command, and after almost 5 month.... he now WAGS HIS NUB OF A TAIL! Proper diet and medication has reduced his eye damage, and the vet feels that it should not progress. His heart murmur has DOWNGRADED from 6 out of 6 to 3 out of 6. He is no longer curved in a C position... He stands straight, holds his head high, and trots around proud.

Uncle's options when he was brought to Brookhaven were Euthanize due to the amount of damage he had suffered at the hands of his owner, but the Director was not going to let that happen so she called me. Once he was in our care his choices were pain meds to keep him sedated so he was not screaming (he screamed all the time in agony), surgery to eliminate the pressure in his spinal column, or euthanize him so he no longer lived in pain. Despite all he had been through he licked my hand, so surgery was his only option. He didn't ask to be beaten, he just wanted to be loved.

He is 100% housebroken, he loves cats, he loves kids (although I would not place him with kids due to the fact he was an abuse case and it's not safe for him or the child), he is good with balanced dogs, but will try to challenge dogs that are too hyper, weak, sick, or scared. He will run away crying from big dogs. From a trainers perspective, his challenge behavior to some dogs comes from being used for breeding and the fleeing is most likely from being used as a bait dog. Yet after his years of beatings and God knows what else, HE STILL LOVES PEOPLE. The only aggression he has ever shown was from pain, and since his back surgery he has not growled once. He is a little gentleman.

It breaks my heart someone did this to him, he really would have been "the perfect dog". Healthy, no genetic issues, sweet, and loving..... but now..... we just wait to see how much damage can be undone. He will never get his teeth back, he will never know what it's like to go play at a dog park and run in a pack, and although he loves them dearly, he can never be placed in a home with children."

Uncle still needs more surgery, but your generosity has made his care up to this point possible.

One of the most horrendous cases was poor Cesar, who looked like this when he found his way to animal control in September. He looked like this:

You all responded amazingly to his plight, and donated a record amount, enough to provide care for him. He was taken under the wing of foster mom Carolyn McCarthy, who continued to nurture him.

And this is Cesar today!

Cesar has now been adopted and is in his loving forever home with Laura Ratsvong, where he will get all the love and care he needs. And you made this possible!

Thanks to everyone, from the bottom of our hearts!!

New Foster Madge

Hi Everyone,
I am a first time foster mom with NEBTR. I just picked up Madge, our sweet senior foster on Saturday. She was abandoned so NEBTR had no history on her. She had two seizures Saturday and one more severe one on Monday. Sadly, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Madge loves walks, belly rubs and giving kisses. In spite of all that she is enduring, she is a very sweet, loving lady. We are giving her pred and hope it helps her symptoms but we know that Madge's time with us is limited. We are making sure that Madge's last days are filled with all the love and care that she so richly deserves. Please keep Madge in your thoughts and prayers.

Cynthia Kaiser
Albany, NY

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update on Molly

Michael Roets, her forever dad, writes about this beautiful girl, to Mary MacCollum who was her foster mom:

"Hi Mary,

I want to give you an update on our little rambunctious Molly girl. I'm sorry that I haven't kept you up to date on how she is doing. She is really something, very different from our labs. At first it was like having a little alien in the house;
we never knew what to expect or what she would be up to next.

Even the labs were a bit freaked out by her. I am happy to say that that situation didn't last long and even though she can still get herself worked up and out of control at times.

We have absolutely fallen in love with her. HShe and the younger lab play great together and when Molly decides to play calmly even the older lab will roll around on the floor with her. She is both a little maniac and a little sweetheart that loves to cuddle.

She has learned our routine and fits in very well with our pack, usually walking between the big girls which all the neighbors think is hysterical. She loves retrieving the tennis ball and she also loves to swim. She knows her commands
although she can be stubborn and is much more selective about obeying then the other girls. She is a challenge compared to the labs but she is so much fun and so loveable. Here are a few photos of her on her best behavior. I hope that all is
well with you and maybe sometime we can bring her by to say hello.


BT and Cat Lick Fest

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lulu Finds Her Forever Home

Right here with us! Sam and I were talking about whether we could stand to let Lulu go tonight, when our two-year old daughter walked in and sat down next to Lulu. Lulu started giving her kisses and Freya said to her, "I love you too, Lulu." That made up our mind; there is absolutely no way we can let this beautiful little dog go!!! She's sitting next to me, snoring away, spooning with Abbey on the couch as I write this. She has come so far since September 24th and we just can't imagine our home without her anymore.

Renee Posey

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear sweet Coco went to her furever home on Sunday. She was adopted by Jim Costich and Leon Sheldon of Rochester. She now has two loving parents and three legged cat named Arnold as a brother. She will be summering 3 to 4 months a year at camp in the Allegeny mountains. Good luck to you sweetheart, your foster mom always loves you!

Wendy Conway

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nola's Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon from Kadshah Nagibe on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Nola, who owns Victoria Carter, for being featured in this video titled "Dog Day Afternoon."