Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Foster Willie

Willie has arrived safely thanks to Adam and Roxanne (after some delays from the owner) He is very sweet but I hear very active. He's still a little nervous so I'm sure it will be a day or 2 before he settles in. He is almost 9 months old.

-- Elly
Saugerties NY

Marilyn Saves Buster

I credit my failed foster Marilyn with saving my Buster. We had just decided to keep her. After the nightly play session with each other I noticed Buster covered in tiny bruises called pettechiae, which usually indicate a blood clotting abnormality. Turns out Buster's platelets (blood component responsible for clotting) were critically low. The vet said that if I did not notice it I would likely have come home some day to find he had bled to death without any previous signs. If we didn't have Marilyn there to play rough with him there would never have been any signs until it was too late. There can be many causes of this disorder and often it is fatal or recurring. Busters was attributed to a bad reaction to his vaccinations (which he will never again receive). The vet also told me later that his platelets were the lowest he had ever seen in a dog that survived. He was only 4 1/2 at the time. I believe everyone needs at least 1 failed foster!

-- Jane Tirc

Boston Terrier Costume

Terri Anderson was kind enough to sew a BT mascot costume for me. My husband took pictures last night with me wearing it.

Terri did a fantastic job, and Sheryl is credited with the mask.

I can't wait until our next event to wear it.
Quakertown PA

Winter Tale

It's funny how dogs are supposed to alert us to problems and when they do we ignore them. Once I went out in the morning to get the paper and the step was completely iced over. I fell flat on my back and got the wind knocked out of me and couldn't call for help. But my collie inside knew I was in trouble and started barking her head off. I thought, thank God, my husband will come. Then I heard him in the house say "SHUT UP"! Eventually my dog was able to get him to open the front door, but not until I was frozen solid!

-- Ginny

Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Jock, Now Ellie

Jockie, now Ellie, went to her new home today! She was a 7 yo girl who was surrendered at a PA shelter a few days before Thanksgiving. For most of her life she was left alone for 12+ hours a day and was not even close to house trained. She was a shy and sheltered girl but after two months she completely busted out of her shell and flowered into a sweet and outgoing girl.

Her new mom works from home so she will have someone with her all the time now and when she goes away she's only a half hour from Kamp Kanine so I know Carolyn will be meeting her too. Her new mom, Laura, is so excited and absolutely loves that goofy face of hers. We already got our first update and after checking out the neighborhood and completely exploring her new digs she is snoring away on the couch in true BT style. The cats are none to happy to have a new roommate but Ellie has a way to win everyone over so it shouldn't take long until they give in. Laura and Ellie seem like a perfect match so let’s keep our fingers crossed this is her last and final stop.

We already miss her tons but YAY for Ellie!!!

-- Jodi Groff

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Foster Rocket

Hello everyone! I got Rocky recently,  He is terribly emaciated...this dog has NOT been fed for some time. (I'll post photos today). He has terrible diarrhea I guess from finally getting real food. I am going to try boiled chicken and rice/ potatoes perhaps to be easier on his gut than "dog food". Any and ALL suggestions are welcome to get rid of diarrhea, and fatten him up-- I have NEVER rehabbed an emaciated dog before. He should be a great pla
cement once he's fattened up and neutered. He's only 2 years old and very sweet...great with my 4 year old son and my Italian Greyhound (male)!


Hello everyone, I have had Rocket for 5 days now and have him on the diet that was recommended to me (this is the dog that was starved) He is getting oats and boiled chicken every 3 hours. I have to say that already he appears to have filled out a little bit and he is full of energy and very friendly. My 4 year old took a chew nylabone off him with no problems at all. Just keeping you all up to date on this little guy's progress! I'll officially weigh him after I've had him 7 days, but his coat is already nice and shiny again, too. 

-- Heather in Perryopolis

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on Gus, now Mr. Tuttle

Here is an update and photo of Gus who was fostered by Linda Antonelli and was adopted in November. He was surrendered by his owner who was unable to care for him because of personal issues. Here is a picture of him cuddling on the couch with his new mom Denise. From his forever Dad:

"Hi Linda- Mister Archibald Harry Tuttle aka Mr. Tuttle has burrowed his way into our hearts. He is such a good boy! We love him so much. In fact, I think Denise may love him more than me! As I write this, he has his head resting on my leg.

We love having him and can't believe we went this long without adding a four-legged friend into our family. All who meet him, love him! He really is such a good boy! He loves to play, go for walks, sleep and eat . . . he loves to eat.

We're working through some issues with walking on the leash . . . but as one of my friends has pointed out, he is 95% perfect . . . you have to expect some quirks.

He really is part of the family now."

Will Love For Food

So cute!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cliffy Goes to His Forever Home

Cliffy aka Cliffymeister went to his new home today. He is headed back to his old stomping grounds. Cliff was originally a stray in Philly, wandering the streets with a Pit Bull. He was underweight and spent the first week or so sleeping sitting up with one eye open.
He will be living with Michael Ehly and Carly Sergio in South Philly. He will have a Boston sister named Roxy. Cliffy LOVES to play with other dogs, so he and Roxy will have a blast.
When Cliffy went to visit them a few days ago, he felt right at home. He played with Roxy and cuddled right up to Carly and Michael. Cliffy is going to be spoiled in his new home, he even gets to continue sleeping in the bed!
Cliffy is an awesome little guy and he found an awesome home. Ive copied Carly on this email, so feel free to send them any congratulations!!!
Allentown PA

Monday, February 14, 2011

Update on Liam

Does everyone remember Liam? Here is a recent picture with his older brother Jack.

Riverton, NJ

NOTE:  Make sure you click on the tag cloud "Liam" at the right and view his history.  You won't recognize him as the same dog!

Happy Gotcha Day Bentley!

Celebrating Bentley's 1 year "gotcha day" today!!!! THANKS to NEBTR!!!!!! : )

--Joan Larsen Wozniak