Friday, October 14, 2016

Long Day for Mr. Bo Jangles

Yesterday was a long day.  He was so tired, he rested his head on a biscuit..... :)
Patti M

Gila Spots a Snack

Hi Everyone,

I love it when Gila eyes my food. I gave in and gave her some chicken!


Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Foster Mr. Bo Jangles

Today he got bailed out of the kill shelter. Tonight, he is owning my ❤️.

Patti M

Gila Enjoys the Day

Gila enjoying this beautiful day with one of my girls.

Update on Hermione

Hermione is still growing her fur. She still gets her weekly medicated
She has found a bff in my dog Joy. If you find one, you will find the
other right there, side by side. There isn't much they don't do
together. Same size, same age, same nose for trouble! ;-)


Tess in Her Forever Home

Tess is doing great! She has already learned to go to the door when she has to go to the bathroom.. She can go in and out the doggie door to the deck to take her sunbath! She has learned to climb the steps up to my bed but she cannot go down. She is running around the yard with Mollie and having a great time being free. She is eating 3 times a day and just gobbles up the food. She is also learning to sit. Of course Mollie is helping me by sitting on command. Tess watches everything that Mollie does. They sleep together and are now real buddies. I have to tell you that she is a smart little girl. I took her to my vet and she has poor sight out of the "good" eye. There is also some scar tissue in that eye. I noticed she is very careful going down steps and probably has a depth perception issue. All in all, she is a love, always licking you and wanting to cuddle. She also is a snorer at night. She is now the QUEEN of the Hynes castle!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ponch, Now Gus, in His Forever Home

I woke up to this wonderful text this morning from Gus' papa...

Hi! I thought I'd send you a Gus update! He's doing very well and has totally settled in with us. No more crate, no separation anxiety, just a happy pup.

We've had a couple sessions with a trainer and are doing well managing his meetings with other dogs. He likes his space. He still loves his car rides, and his long walks around Burlington. We switched his food and he's doing much better digesting it. We love having him in our family!



We had a good day at Dogtoberfest in Pittsburgh!   We had lots of stuff to sell thanks to the donations Chris Cassner got us and April's t-shirts! River got lots of attention! 


Many thanks, Leslie, for organizing this event for NEBTR!