Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Farewell to LadyBug, a NEBTR Mascot

She was dumped in a shelter in January 2004. She has been loved by Rich & Marcia Goldstein, since then and they still take into their foster care the elderly and sick as permanent fosters. She has appeared in a lot of our brochures and website and has been a mascot for NEBTR.

I know all of us send Rich & Marcia our deep condolences on the hearbreak they are feeling now at the loss of "LadyBug".

-Sheryl Trent, President NEBTR

When we first received her she had a skin infection, her tongue hung out to the side and she had a real heavy drool, and that primal scream of hers that sounded like a cross between a Parrot and a chicken frightened many a person. When we would bring her to the Vet and she screamed, people in the waiting room would be frightened, or laugh, or look at Bug with disgust. Friends of mine would sometimes call her a monster or alien.

But I always knew better, this little dog had such a gusto for life and everyday it was tough for her to breath, eat and walk but she always did it with attitude which always made us laugh here. This last month she was battling seizures where she would collapse and we gave her mouth to mouth and thankfully she pulled through. But my little monster lost her battle today. When we came home she lay on the floor dead. Hopefully she is now whole again and in Rainbow Bridge.

God bless my little monster who brought joy to us every day.

Rich and Marcia Goldstein

God and Dog