Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer May Not Be Fun For Your Dog

Smell Familiar?

Creating A Shady Area For Your Boston

How to Shade the Side of the House for a Dog

— by Sandra Ketcham, Demand Media
    Sunburn, overheating and dehydration are serious concerns for dogs. If your pup spends his days outside, build him a shady area for napping and cooling off. A standard doghouse won't suffice; its poor ventilation can increase overheating risk. If you're worried about cost, look around for suitable materials in your garage. If aesthetics are a concern, incorporate landscaping.
Plant shade trees to block the sun on the side of the house where your dog spends time. Mature trees are usually expensive. Either choose younger, full trees, or search your classified ads for mature trees. Sometimes, people give away larger trees to anyone willing to uproot and remove them. Transplanting can be complicated and puts the tree at risk.
Create a screen with bamboo or with fast-growing trees. Plant bamboo as close together as you want, but keep trees a couple of feet apart to ensure good ventilation. The plants will fill in as they get larger. You can also purchase tall bamboo and plant it if you're interested in a ready-made screen.
Erect an inexpensive canopy for your dog. These are available in all styles and sizes from most major retail stores, and you can bury the legs to make the canopy sturdier. Or, purchase a ready-made dog shelter for the side of your house.
String a tarp between trees, or from your house to a tree, to create a shady area for your dog.  Secure the tarp with wire or durable rope. Clear the tarp after rain or snow of any accumulated precipitation.
Create a shady napping spot next to the wall of your house by leaning a large piece of wood, an unused door or an old trampoline against it at an angle. Make sure enough space exists between the item and your house for your pooch to turn around in. Choose materials that will stand up to the environment, and don't let the space be so confined that air circulation is limited.

George has a Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father's day to all the Dads from our foster George.  He loves his foster Dad, especially at dinner time today!

Cindy Kaiser

Update on Cooper



Kelley Simmons:


Cooper looks SO GOOD! He's adjusting very well to his allergy injections. One thing that really changed his redness is he now lays on ALL COTTON blankets/towels/pillow cases. I found that the fiber-filled beds caused wetness!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Let the Fun Begin

Buck is Adopted


Congratulations to Buck who was just adopted by Debbie Piccirilli. 

Special thanks to foster Mom Justine Winkler.  Buck was her first foster, and It's a bitter sweet kinda thing when your foster finds their forever family.  But Justine knows that the home he went to will love him as much as she does. :)

New Foster Patsy


14 years young....gorgeous!

Meet Patsy! Shes the newest senior to NEBTR at 14 years old!


Thanks to Patti Maddamma for opening her heart and home to foster this beautiful senior in need.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Diet Time?

Traveling By Car With Your BT

Dog Travel Tips for Your Boston Terrier

Should your dog travel with you? While some Bostons love traveling with their humans, some have issues such as carsickness, or are just plain fearful of riding in the car. Here are some tips to make trips with your dog more enjoyable.

Local Trips:

Take your Boston on short, fun rides with you as early as possible. This will help him get used to traveling in the car and make your future rides more comfortable. If the only time your dog travels is when he gets shots at the vet, he probably won't want to get in the car!
Some dogs get carsick more easily than others. If this is a problem for your Boston, plan his feeding so that he has an empty stomach for your trips. If carsickness is a problem, there are over-the-counter medications for motion sickness available, or your veterinarian can prescribe a medication to help.
Give your BT a chance to relieve himself before getting in the car. Be sure to take along a leash, bag, paper towels and a bath towel for any clean-ups that might be needed. The safest place for your Boston while in the car is in a crate, although some dogs become carsick in close quarters. Another option is a car harness or tether attached to your dog's harness or collar.
Some dog travel considerations for the car:
  • Don't leave your Boston loose in the car with a leash on - he could hang himself.

  • Don't let him put his head out an open window. Debris can easily get into his eyes. Because Boston Terriers' eyes are so prominent, they are especially susceptible to damaging air pressure and debris!

  • Don't leave your Boston unattended in the car in extremely hot or cold weather. Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes.

Road Trips:

Before you take your BT on a road trip with you, give some consideration to whether it's best for him to travel with you or to board him. Will there be a point where you have to leave him in the car (to go into a restaurant or other facility he where he can't go)? If so, how will you ensure he is secure and has adequate ventilation?
What will you do if your Boston becomes ill or hurt during the trip or if he becomes exposed to fleas or ticks? Will your motel/hotel accept pets? Call ahead to confirm. A pet deposit may be required.
If you decide to take your Boston on the road with you, here are some things you'll want to pack:
  • Flea spray - some areas of the country are heavily infested with fleas, and you may find them at your accommodations.

  • Waste bags for cleaning up his messes.

  • Depending on where you're going, you may need to take an updated health certificate (available from your veterinarian).

  • Take your Boston's medical information (just in case). Include the name, address and phone number for your veterinarian, rabies certificate, vaccination record, and make note of any medication he is taking. You'll also want to pack a small first aid kit.

More on Foster Porter





We have come pretty far in almost a month. Porter has not been very socialized and does not get along with other dogs. I've been working so hard with him and getting him to play nice with my Lola. Here is a video of some morning playtime AND a photo where they chose to lay next to one another in the sun today.
We are getting there... sister-in-law had an Origami Owl jewelry party at our home last night. We had a dozen ladies over and about just as many kids, ages 5 to 10!
Porter got a very nice brushing and some blueberry cologne in preparation for his big night. He greeted everyone at the door. He worked his way around the table and sat in almost everyone's lap. He sat and was petted and kissed by all the kids. There was no aggression or nervousness. When they started making too much noise, Porter simply went upstairs and either laid in Lola's bed or ours. He would come down and check in from time to time.
I am so proud of him!!!



Jennifer Hanly


Great job with him Jenn!  Keep up the good work!  Love the pic and video, thanks for sharing.

Flo and Vivi


Flo loves the sunshine

So do we Flo!  You look beautiful in the sun. Always good seeing a picture of you


Flo and her foster sister Vivi

Bella Boo is Living Large


Bella Boo is living large at her new home....lobster tails, anyone?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Big Woof From Mandy

From Mandy's foster momma: Here is Mandy with her very own new toys!! I haven't seen her play with them but she carried them in her crate! 
She says thank you SO much for thinking of her. No one has cared about her her whole life, now people who don't even know her sent her love. Thank you 

Monica, now Eva, is Saved





Monica was found as a stray in Brooklyn, NY. She recently had puppies as she was lactating although no one knows what happened to her babies. Perhaps she was roaming the streets looking for them. She was kept in the animal control and they set a date and time for her to be pts. Many people on the internet posted about her, but no one was able to pull or foster her. Finally, NEBTR heard about her and although the group is a Boston Terrier Rescue, we could not let Monica die. At the 11th hour, literally at the last minute, Monica was saved by NEBTR.

Through a miracle, she is now safe with NEBTR, although she is not an official NEBTR foster dog as she is a pit bull.  NEBTR will assist with her care and with finding her a forever home.   She has been given a second chance at life, and this beautiful girl deserves that!






She has been staying with Lisa Vaughan, who writes:

“Monica, now Eva is settling nicely. She’s basically a 70 lb sweet lovebug puppy. She’s playful, loves fetch. Knows sit, paw, and drop it all on her teaching, so I’m sure she learned that somewhere. She loves to cuddle. loves to go on walks. likes to give soft kisses. Very submissive. Loves people. Overall she’s pretty awesome!

She’s very well behaved. Doing awesome with her potty training. She isn’t a fan of me leaving...but she’s getting better. She has a vet appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed its only minor stuff .”


If you would like to contribute to help save Monica, we have set up a separate site here.  Just click to donate.

Wanted: A Quiet Corner

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jinx Has His Home

Hello everyone,
Just want to let you know we have decided to keep our foster, Jinx. I know
it doesn't set the best precedent, keeping your first foster, but I had
tried to contact a couple of potential families with no success and then we
lost our old man beagle. He was a bit stubborn and 13 and Jinx is a bit
stubborn and 11 so he fills the hole left by Vance nicely. I think he knew
the check was in the mail, too, as he immediately started pottying in the
house again :-) But truthfully, we are so lucky to have him and so
thankful to Robin for saying he might "already be home". Thank you so much!

Congratulations, Strausie, you are an official foster failure.  Having met you, I know you and your husband will provide a wonderful home for Jinx.

Buck is Doing Well


Buck is really doing well today.

He is on the road to recovery. He had a teeth cleaning and a few extractions.

As you can see from the picture. He is trying to play even with his cone over his head (which he hates).!


Justine WInkler

Adoption Thoughts

And a big thank you to Walter Williams, who so generously offers his talent and resources to support NEBTR and our senior Bostons.