Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boomer Update to Donna

Hi Donna--
I thought you'd like to hear about this. Boomer has bloomed into a wonderful, feisty and lovable old guy. He finally decided he needed to assert himself in early March. He hasn't stopped barking and ruling the roost since then. He has gained weight, his coat looks great and he is a NUT. He goes absolutely CRAZY over squeaky toys (he can snatch one out of anybody's mouth faster than any dog I've ever seen), he loves his buster cube (chases it upstairs and downstairs) and regularly patrols the backyard. He went to the Pabby's Meet and Greet in early April and I think all will tell you he's no longer afraid of ANYTHING!! You would not believe he's the same scared, starved little old man you grabbed out of that barn.
Boomer sends you his love. You saved his life.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucy Can Wrestle

Just had to send this one too. Penny is on the bottom. Lucy is winning. Pebbles is the referee.

-- Lisa Vaughan