Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Update on Goober, now Cooper - Happy Birthday!

Former Foster Goober who is now Cooper turns 11 today. Cooper came to us missing almost all of his hair from lack of attention to his allergies. See below for an update from his Mommy!

-- Lisa Vaughan, Foster Mom

Hi Lisa:
Yeah, Cooper turns 11 on Monday, February 27th. Like Jackson, he’ll get a hamburger for dinner since he’s not allergic to beef.

He’s been getting his allergy shots every other day since February 4th. After March 5th, he’ll get one every 10 days; after April 18th every 14 days; after July 4th, every 21 days. It may take 4-9 months for him to respond but nonetheless, he needed the serum.

He’s also on a 28 day antibiotic, Baytril, since his fungus/bacterial skin infection reoccurred…it is helping him tremendously…it’s brought on by his allergies.

His quick in his nails is receding since I get them trimmed every month. It helps him to walk better too. But he still does the Coopie Tap!

From the allergy blood test, we found that he is allergic to multiple things!

-- The Simmons Family

BT Bad Girl

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Foster Celeste

This is Celeste who is 5 years old and a lovely girl. She just lost her owner and stayed a couple of days with a nice neighbor before coming to stay with Benny and Dawn Stone in Allentown PA, where she will have the love and support she needs to move forward and find a great forever home. Dawn says, "Meet Celeste, who lost her owner just last week. The Boston Terrier spirit will help her heal the loss and find a great forever home."

After just a few days, Celeste is getting used to Dawn and Benny's home, including the garden, she is definitely an outdoor girl. She is a little opinionated about which way to go when out for walks. She's a very good girl.

She's a real snuggler, likes nothing betteer than to wedge herself in. She is definitely a lover.