Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Rocky

Mosby Thanks Moreen

Thank you Moreen for the gifts for your former foster Mosby. He says thank you!! Their the perfect size for him and he can't stop playing with them. 

Here's some cute pics of this prince enjoying his toys. He wanted to play with them all at once. :)
Coco is happy too because now he has his own toys to chew up!!

Jeanine Sicinski

Waffles Thanks Eileen Giltz

Thank you so much Eileen Giltz for the bed, sweater, and leash!!  They are perfect!  The sweater is thick and very nice and fits!  

Leslie and Waffles  

Brewtus Visits Shawna

Does anyone remember my handsome Frenchton foster boy Brewtus?! Well he's back for the week! Brewtus was adopted almost a year ago by the Kinder family and we have stayed in close contact. Since Brewtus is aggressive, I get to dog-sit him when they go out of town. And I LOVE it! I love getting to spend time with Brewtus and have his goofy self back into my home where he feels safe and very comfortable. Just look at his face!

Shawna Ashby

Buster Has a Forever Home

The Little Guild Shelter in CT was pleased with Maya's Rescue from NEBTR two years ago. They reached out and asked Jerrilyn if we could help them with a boy almost 10yrs old that has some leash aggression, Lyme disease, parasites, just neutered and he needs housebreaking. Renata and I picked up Buster and learned in the final moments while pulling him he is also deaf. Being deaf explained some of his anxiety issues.

Separation anxiety is extreme. He has been misunderstood and had far too many homes. We decided this home would be his last and we asked NEBTR if we could adopt Buster. He is the newest member of the CT Pastuszak Family! We will continue his care and have his very weak back end assessed.

Thank you NEBTR it is an honor to be part of this amazing team!
Welcome home Buster, we love you!

Congratulations on your new family member!  Buster is one lucky Guy! - Cindy Kaiser

Spencer Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

To all that remember that funny little boy that 7 homes did not want because he grabbed bags and shook pillows is now doing his antics over rainbow bridge.  My little boy, age 13 was put down tonight due to oral cancer.  We kept him comfortable for 2 months after we found out and are so grateful we had our last Christmas with him. 

He fought hard and always kept his appetite up. I never saw a dog eat what he eat what he did.  He was the tough dog that had to be a only dog because he ruled this corner he lived on.  I always said he was working because when those kids went by on their bikes he would run along that fence.

He was the character from the time we brought him home barked at the ceiling fans and swam in our pool.  He even would attack the vacuum -- all vices he grew out of.  To conclude he was my love and my joy and this household will never be the same to a dog that brought us to much joy.

I say RIP Spencer over rainbow bridge and chase those bikes until the sun comes up.

RIP Spencer Mom and Dad miss you.........There will never be another Spencer....

Janet and PJ Erardi

Janet, I'm so sorry.  He was a very special boy, both inside and out, and he was so lucky to have found his way to your home.  RIP sweet Spencer. - Ginny


I'm so sorry to hear about Spencer.  We're all so thankful that you took him in and gave him so much love.  I hope he's loving the chase up there. 

Thinking of you,

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Adoptable Pups Wishlist! LEO and PETUNIA

Hi friends! We're Leo and Petunia, and we are both being fostered by our awesome foster mom Kristen. Now that she has gotten to know us, she asked if maybe we might ask you for a few things we need to get by in our new home. If you could spare a few dollars, we would be so super grateful.

Here are our wishlists for anyone interested. If you can't give, that's okay - just send us some kisses and well wishes that we find our forever homes soon.

Petunia's Wishlist:

Leo's Wishlist:

Petunia and Leo

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gizmo is Spoiled

Chubby's Staring Contest

Chubby Has an Announcement

Chubby at Bedtime

Zoey Chilling on a Cold Day

Freddy Gets a Big Bed

Petunia Hard at Work

I took Petunia to work this morning for a few hours because the vet is right near my job. Needless to say she was a hit. Everyone has missed her here this afternoon and can't stop talking About her so I had to share this picture I snapped while she was snoozing. Loving life!

Kristen Peterson

This just made my day.  So glad to see she has a fan club ... She deserves it that's for sure.   - Loree

Leroy Says Thanks

Leroy received a few generous and thoughtful items this from his wish list over the past few days and wanted to say thank you so much! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More on Brady and Juneau

Brady is a fantastic boy. He is so sweet and gentle. He loves everyone. He loves to be cuddled and petted. He eats like a champ. He doesn't need to be crated,  just let out frequently to potty. He is patiently waiting for his forever home.
Juneau, Mr June bug is also fabulous! He is such a good boy,  I love him dearly. He has been 100 % a good boy. But that is how he was before. He gets along fine with everyone. ( except Silas, but that's on Silas not Juneau) and the grumpy shih tzu Gizmo that is here from my local shelter.  Gizmo will chase Juneau, growling and barking. Juneau jumps on the couch away from him and looks at me like what is wrong w him,  jeeze. Lol. So all is well here. The boys are great.

New Foster Charlie

Hi all! Charlie received her foster package today! Wow that was FAST! She loves the chews! 

We also went to the Vet today to get all checked out. We went through her lengthy vet records and saw that she had been attacked by a dog years back, and also has survived Thyroid cancer, which she had removed last year and has been clear since then, thankfully! 

She is 14, going on 15, and has the usual signs of her age,  her hearing and vision are not great, she has muscle loss in her hind quarters, cataracts, and some gum disease and tartar. Other than that, she looks great! And she is very very sweet and easy to handle :) 

Mostly she enjoys napping and snacking. She doesn't mind my cats laying on her, and seems fine with the dogs, barely notices Ellie yapping at her! 

I love her little gray face. She fits in perfectly here lol. More to come I am sure!

Lang Syne's Family Album

Old Civil War photo from Lang Syne's family album. The likeness is uncanny!

Chris Cassner

Lang Syne Cuddles Too

Here is a photo of Lang Syne right now.
This is how my mornings start out at the computer now, with Lang Syne on a comforter, on my lap!  She likes this this new world of comfort and warmth. :) 
Chris & Lang Syne

The Many Cuddles of Murphy

Murphy can be so excitable at times but when it comes to cuddle time, he is a pro!!  He can get comfy anywhere, anytime.  These are just a few of the cuddle positions we find him in.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Anniversary, Muno!

We just got our Happy Anniversary eCard today..  I can't believe February 19th will be three years since we adopted Muno from foster mom Megan Sanchez.  We also met NEBTR foster momma Chris Schezzini that weekend and have remained close with both Megan and Chris.
We are happy to report that Muno is loving life as a tropical dog living out here at Bucholz Army Airbase in Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands.  He spends his days lounging on the couch, visiting the dog park, checking out the surf and greeting all of the island kids that come through our revolving front door.  Our two boys keep both he and his fur brother Walter pretty busy chasing toys and balls.  Here's to many more years with our little one eyed Muna Buna!
Pam Hess

More on Scamp

I've had Scamp for 10 days now and he's really trying his best to become a part of our family.
He is completely housebroken and is able to tell me when he has to go out.
He loves playing fetch and can even catch a tennis ball that I throw off the wall on the rebound!

He is able to be around all of my dogs with no problem, however he doesn't know how to interact with them. He is very shy and walks away when any of them initiate play. He still sleeps in his own room and goes in there when he wants peace and quiet. When I close the door on him, he may cry and howl until I let him out.

We just went on a snowy walk, and Scamp did very well. I have been trying to make sure he gets a solid half hour per day of exercise to help him get back into shape.

Scamp has met several people while he has been with me, and he has been a gentleman around each and every one of them. He is such a sweet, loving dog who has made his way into so many hearts in the short time he's been with me.  He's an incredibly good dog who just wants someone to love him and relishes attention.

Alyssa and Scamp

 That is so wonderful, Alyssa. You have such a big heart for taking him into your care and it's awesome to hear he's doing so well! He sounds so sweet, and is a handsome little guy too!

Warm wishes, Deb

His level of cuteness is intolerable to me!  Sounds like such a great boy!

A Glimpse Into Cupcake's Life

What else to do? Baby it's cold outside!
We are tired of waiting for the game.
Everything is better with friends. :)

Waffles Says Thanks

Thank you to Lisa Welch for the harness, ducky, and antler!!  We haven't had a chance to try out the harness yet but it fits!  She loves the duck and antler.  Thanks for thinking of her :)

Leslie and Waffles 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Maverick is Adopted

It's official!! Maverick, who has been with NEBTR since April, has been ADOPTED!!! He found his forever family!!! I am sooooo excited and so happy for my little FORMER FOSTER. Maverick instantly stole the hearts of The LaPolla's from New Jersey. I am sad to see my little growly man go but so so happy he found what he truly deserves! He's going to spoiled rotten and loved unconditionally. A very happy ending for Maverick and Paul & Connie :) Happy gotcha day Maverick!!!!

It's been a very long road for Maverick and this picture makes my heart and soul smile... Just look the smile on his face! Maverick and the LaPollas....

 Shawna Ashby

Very happy for little Mavi. What a prince! Happy gotcha day!! - Jeanine

Congratulations Shawna! Wonderful news.  You have done a great job for Maverick. - Victoria

Awwww, everyone including Maverick is smiling in that photo! :)
So happy for them!
Great job Shawna!

Chris & Lang Syne

Finn Stays Warm

Finn wanted to be as close as possible on this chilly night!

Erin Krogslund

Leo Thanks Vance Camisa

Leo says thank you Vance for all the great greats from his wish list. He was so excited he didn't know what to sniff first. I know the tennis balls will be his favorite! Oh and the soft cozy bed when he is done playing with them.

Kristen Peterson

Puppy Mill Cooper is Adopted

It is a bittersweet day, Cooper (one of the 9 dogs rescued in one day) has been adopted by the Alcalas in Troy NY.  He will have a fenced yard and a kitty brother to keep him company, he is very deserving the wonderful home he will be living in.  Here is a pic of him on his ride home, looking handsome :)

Carrie Paul (Cranmer)

Way to go Super Duper Cooper!  :)
Best of luck to you in your forever home little man.

Chris & Lang

Shop for NEBTR With Mona Pants

Mona Pants wants to help NEBTR.  She will give 25% of sales proceeds to NEBTR with the code "NEBTR."

Hi All,

Well many of you may have seen Mona Pants on Facebook. She is a
"talking" bostie from NC. She was a rescue and she now helps other
rescues with her gift shop of Mona Pants items. See the attached video
to see how cute she is.

Mona Pants and I are doing a fundraiser for NEBTR. Mona will donate 25%
of any sales from her shop to NEBTR. So look at the video, click on the
link below and in the comment section use the code NEBTR.

I know you fall in love with her as I have.

Thanks everyone.

Betty Ann

Waffles Update

The results from the biopsy came back and Waffles was diagnosed with Grade 2 Mast Cell tumor but with a low mitotic index, which is a good thing for Grade 2.  The next step is a visit to Pittsburgh's specialty hospital's oncology department and we are also going to visit a holistic doctor and see what's best for Waffles.  Today she got her stitches out from the incision on her side where the one tumor was removed.

Waffles is full of life!  She is very active but also snuggly!!   She seems to be a very loyal dog wanting to be with you and please. This young girl deserves a chance!!!!


Lucy Loves Her Prayer Blanket

Lucy recived her prayer blanket today .and she wanted to thank the wonderful ladies who made it for her .as you can see she snuggled right up under it .. This is going to keep her nice and comfy .she sends lots of licks to all ...

Tammy Galvacky

That is wonderful, Tammy! Thanks so very much for you note and for sharing such adorable, sweet photos of Lucy with her new prayer blanket. I will be sure to send them, along with your and Lucy's sentiments and gratitude, to our contact at FABB.

Kindest regards, Deb