Thursday, February 12, 2009

Murphy's Forever Home

Good Morning everyone,

Just a note Murphy went to his new for ever home yesterday. He will be living with Mary and Dennis Delay in long island NY. the transfer went just great. he was all Boston wiggles when he meet her and climbed right into her lap. just like he belonged there. They had a 3 hour trip home and they both did very well. I did talked to her last night when she got home and her Ziggy and Murphy were still a little tense but nothing to bad. although Murphy did barked at Ziggy and he went to sulk( Mary's words) under the bed. They went for a walk together last night and where both sharing her lap on the couch. i am hopeful this is going to be a great match. Mary understands it takes time for all the little and big things to work out. I will check with her tomorrow and see how things are going. she also has my number and i told her to call any time with any questions she might have. Robin thanks again for all your help. Now on to the next one LOL. You all have a great weekend.