Saturday, February 20, 2010

Allentown Fund Raiser Photos

Check out the photos of the Allentown Fund Raiser, which was so successfully spearheaded by Cynthia Musselman! Fabulous job to you and all those who participated! Click below to see all the photos in the album.

Allentown Fund Raiser

Through a Dog's Ear

Can music soothe the not-so-savage beast? Lisa Spector, the concert pianist featured in the Through a Dog's Ear series, says certain kinds of music can surely do the trick and help dogs with separation anxiety, sound phobias, nervousness, excitement with visitors and more. Read the exclusive Dogster interview with Lisa and download some free tracks to see how your pup takes to music crafted with dogs in mind.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Norman's Furever Home

Norman has his furever home! He is offically part of the Jansky zoo! Much love to Norman and the whole family!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Joan Stark and Belle

Belle was rescued by Joan Stark, who drove three and a half hours each way to a vacant apartment building in Pennsylvania.

A mother had written to NEBTR, saying that a woman in her daughter's apartment building moved out in the middle of the night, leaving the dog and a kitten behind in the apartment. She left a note on my daughter's door stating that she would not be coming back for the animals. The daughter, a true hero, is a full time college student and does volunteer work with the Hillside SPCA in Pottsville, PA. She cared for the animals until NEBTR came for the dog and found a cat rescue group for the kitten.

Joan writes, "Belle saw the vet today and weighs in at a whopping 12.7 pounds. Her left eye had a mature cataract and an obvious old healed ulcer on the cornea. The other eye is blue and has a beginning cataract that we can watch for now. She does have a significant heart murmur and the vet said we have to watch her carefully as she could experience heart failure quickly if the symptoms are not caught early. (This is very similar to what happens in humans, so I do know what to watch for). Her skin is very dry (some fish oil should take care of that. They did a titer and we went ahead with the rabies and Bortadella and I got her heartworm meds. She also had a senior blood panel which I have done for my seniors and it was good. The only real concern is her rectum that is close to prolapse. Vet feels this may be due to not enough fiber in her diet and suggested that I add some to her food. It is not a surgical candidate right now but could be if diet is not attended properly. Overall in pretty good shape. She is missing a number of teeth but the ones remaining are in pretty good shape. And it certainly does not affect her eating. Vet feels she may be a little older than thirteen. Wish we could get the vet records but, Oh, well, we will deal with whatever needs to be done. She is eating well and socializing with the other dogs more each day. I bought her a lovely purple harness today because all she had was a collar that was too big and her little head kept slipping right through it. She walks well on the leash and appears housebroken. Being a senior she just can't wait as long as a younger dog. She comes and tries to get your attention when she has to go out. If she can't wait she finds the potty pad and goes on it. She is settling in very well and appears comfortable with us. I left her home with hubby today while I went to get my stitches out and he said she never left the front room by the door til I came home. When I did she ran right up with the others to greet me with a real tail wagging and kisses. She is not a snuggler and I haven't found a toy she wants to play with yet, but she is happy to climb up on the couch and snooze on a pillow off and on through the day.

She is settling in nicely and is a real little love. But sure can snore!! I think she is louder than my boys are. She is eating well and goes out to potty and is even snuggling up with my 12 1/2 year old Gidget.

I think I will just call my house the BT nursing home! My Gidget is 12 1/2, Missy will be 10 in April, Boston (Mr,. B) will be 9 tomorrow. Now Belle is 13. Poor Duke is the youngster at not quite 4! Since my hubby and I qualify for the senior citizens discount, we all fit rather well together."

Pictured above are Joan and Belle on Valentine's Day. Joan has decided to keep Belle because of all she has been through in the last few months. Her original owner gave her away to the woman who abandoned her. Belle certainly deserves all the care and love in the world, and Joan will certainly give it to her! Thank you Joan, for taking Belle into your heart and home.

Joan Stark

Sunday, February 14, 2010