Saturday, August 3, 2013

Forever Love

New Foster Babe




Hi, everyone. Welcome new foster Babe. She lives up to her name. Babe is a sweet and affectionate 7 year old Boston. Check out her smiling face in the pictures I posted.

Linda P Brennan

Popeye Goes to the Rainbow Bridge











Our sympathy goes out to Mara Shulman on the loss of beautiful Popeye.  His health had been failing for several months, and she is heartbroken.


Many of you will remember Popeye as the Boston that was found right before a snowstorm.  He was fostered by Carolyn McCarthy, who found the perfect home for him to live out the rest of his days.  Thank you to everyone who drove up to NY to look for Popeye and who transported him, and of course, to Carolyn and Mara.  This boy had the best years of his life at its very end and he knew he was loved.

Too Much Friday Partying

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

New Foster, Louey


New foster Louey age 9, is happy to be in a home and out of a shelter, what a sweet boy!  He had been living
at the SPCA in Boston for months, and he loves he new environment with foster Mom Maria Pastusz!

Maria writes, "Just wants a warm blanket, full tummy and lot's of loving. He is not fond of other dogs (shelter stress), cats he just ignores! Lot's of kisses for him at our house!"

Thanks so much to making room for Louey!  It's nice to know he won't be in a cage anymore. :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Amazing Incredible Story of Clarisse Continues

Dear friends,

On Saturday evening, Clarisse slipped out the gate to our yard and I could not find her. I have been heartbroken and searching for her for 48 hours. I posted many posters with her picture around my neighborhood but they washed away in yesterdays rain. I made lots of huge posters today at work and began posting them again tonight after work. I was literally walking in people's backyards calling "Clarisse! Clarisse!" While I was posting the flyers tonight, a lady called me and told me - your dog came into my yard Saturday night and I fed her and gave her water.

I was elated beyond description! I said - where is she now??She said I brought her to the Stamen Animal Hospital and she is there now. I could hardly contain myself! After everything she has been through - first the streets of Queens,
then the streets of New Rochelle. She must be terrified.

I knew the vet would be closed but I went anyway. I saw someone in the office and I knocked on their door. I had my posters in my hand. The vet came to the door and I was so excited, I said - you have my boston terrier here, Clarisse! I am here to take her home! The vet looked at me and said - she was microchipped and her owners just picked her up an hour ago.  My vet did tell me she was chipped and I didn't give it much mind. She was in such bad shape when I found her, I assumed it was from the store or mill she came from.

At first, I was so sad..but then I thought, if they came all the way from Queens to pick her up, they must love her very much.
I came home and called them. We shared our love for Clarisse, who is actually Isabelle! They adopted her from the North Shore Animal League on Long Island in March. Isabelle was "a breeder." I strongly believe she was a mill girl.

It turns out that Patrick, her owner, loves her very very much and we have now exchanged pictures and stories of her.
She escaped their yard in Queens and ended up in that train lot that I rescued her from. Not only has this girl had the will of God with her, but so many people helped her along the way to get her back to home and health.

I now realize: the reason why she escaped from my yard on Saturday and I did not find her for 2 days, was so that her original owner would be contacted and find her.He truly loves her and I am floored by this course of events.

Isabelle is home.
Just incredible!

Jerrilyn Walter


Wow Jerrilyn:

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.  I think Julie K needs to write another book starring you!.  All is well that ends well but that little girl sure gave you a run for the money.

Thanks for all you did for her. 



I am so happy for Clarisse. I have many tears and as happy as I am that Isabelle is with her family there are a few tears because I will miss Clarisse. You did an excellent job Jerrilyn. I can't imagine how it feels for you

Sending you a hug,

Erica E


Truly an amazing story with an amazing ending.
Jerrilyn, if it hadn't been for your heroic efforts to save Isabella in the first place, she never would have made it home. True love comes full circle....

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?


Happy Anniversary, Baby/Bebe

Formerly Baby, now Bebe, adopted in 2011 just celebrated her adoption anniversary!
A note from her furever parents "Thanks so much for remembering our "anniversary." Baby--we call her Bebe--continues to be the light of our life. She is the sweetest soul, gets along with our three complicated cats and every person who walks through the door (she's not a watch dog, for sure). Every night when I come home she greets me, tail wagging, with a soggy toy on her mouth. That same soggy toy goes on walks with us and she has become famous in the neighborhood for striding down the street, stuffed bone in mouth. When my father was in hospice she sat on his bed day after day, a huge comfort to us all. Her eyes are still bad--I don't know how much she sees--but she accepts her medications patiently. It's hard to imagine life without Bebe. Thanks you so much for bringing us together."

Mount Barkmore


Mount Barkmore. A collection of some previous paintings for your enjoyment. Barkmore is located in NEBTR territory. Two have passed and two are living large. Archie, Nitro, Chester & Flo.


--Walter Williams


Wonderful job as always, Walter!

Junior is Adopted


Congratulations to Junior who was adopted by the Selenfriend family!  And many, many thanks to his foster Mom Linda Vermeylen!


Holly Wisniewski-Selenfriend writes, “Junior is settling in quite well with us! He's such a lover!”

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jax Says Good Morning






Foster Jax hasn't quite grasped the doggy door concept but says Good Morning everyone....


Stacie Kyle

A Foster’s Home


Morning Dog?

Movie of New Foster Augie

New Foster Logan



Brenda Frank:


My new foster Logan, rescued from a kill shelter yesterday. He is 4.5 years old and a sweetheart.

Warning Signs: Heatstroke

Sympathy to Diane Laudani



My Sweet Kira


Diane Laudani and her family are heartbroken over the passing of beautiful Kira.  She was one of the “PA mill dogs,” and her sweetness was legendary. 


“The PA dogs" were some of the most special we have ever rescued.  And their foster homes, like Diane and Joy with Cal, (Kira was his Mom), and Julie Klam whose boy inspired her most famous book "You Had Me at Woof", could not part with them again.  I think you all agree that they brought you more joy than you could ever repay to them.  But, we are so proud of everything you gave to Kira.  She will live forever in your heart, Diane. 

Linda Antonelli, Diane’s mentor, is a rescue angel, and you made a lovely team together for Kira.


Diane wrote, “I want to thank the NEBTR directors for giving me the opportunity to foster this beautiful soul. My life is forever changed because of her.

And I never would have been able to do it without my mentor, Linda Antonelli, who held my hand throughout each trauma. She is an incredibly valuable member of this group.”


Here are some other group messages to Diane:


Diane, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved her and I am so sure she did too.

What a sweet angel xoxo
Jerrilyn Walter


I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Kira.  The pictures show that she was very loved.
It is obvious that you gave her a wonderful life and she gave you a loving friendship.
Ellen Hansen


Oh Diane, I am SO sorry.  I too have had my life blessed with a PA puppy.  Cal thanks you for taking such good care of his Mom.


Joy and Cal


Your dedication and love to Sweet Kira is legend here at NEBTR.  So many times you thought you were losing her and she rallied to spend more time in your loving care.  Thank you from all of us for giving Kira the most wonderful time of her whole life with you.   


Dear Diane,

You have given Kira happiness,love and security in the sunset of her life.  That is the ultimate gift you can give a best friend.  Thanks for all you did for sweet Kira.  She is up at rainbow bridge racing around.  Doing the dance <3

My deepest condolences on your loss

take care

Loretta Miner 


Diane, I am so sorry for your loss of Sweet Kira.  My heart is crying for you.  These little fur kids sure leave a big hole in our hearts when they go.  Run free at the Bridge, Kira, go play with the angels.  Joan S

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love A Senior

New Foster Spot










I am a new foster mommy. I currently have Spot. He is so friendly with my kids and my other Boston I have. He is sitting and gives me his paw.


Melanie Baker


Thanks so much Melanie, for joining our group and volunteering to foster!  I know that Spot will thrive with your care!

Ellie Jumps the Gate



Laura Carey:


Former foster Jocky (now Ellie) - who's almost 10 years old - jumped this gate while I was at work recently.....I enrolled her in agility. This old girl has got some ups!

More on Sweetie



I picked up Sweetie last night from Lisa. She is very sweet and if she liked other dogs, she would be perfect. We have an elaborate gate system going to keep her separated from my girls. Hopefully as time goes on, they will co- exist peacefully but that doesn't look like it will happen any time soon. Here she is, wondering where her dinner is. 

It's my Molly's 6th birthday today. I don't think she appreciates the gift I brought home for her


-- Beth McFadden


Love the look on her face.  She even has her own chair at the table!  Hurry up with that dinner woman!  lol  ;-)  Poor Molly - What a birthday gift.  Hope you at least made her a special cake.

Lisa’s Baby Makes the News

LisaBabayin News


Lisa Valenzano’s baby made the news on News 12 in News 12 in COnnecticut!

Spike Says Thanks

This box came for Spike 2 days ago, but we didn't get a chance to open it until today.  We didn't want to rush the fun, so we didn't tell Spike it was here until we had the time to really enjoy the event. :)  Thanks to the NEBTR supporters for their generosity and to Jodi for sending the most wonderful items.  Spike even liked the box, as you can see from some of the photos!
Thanks so much,
Chris & Spike