Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fosters Bella and Summer can Dance!

Casey's One Year Anniversary!

Wrigley Update

The most handsome Wrigley is living the life of a king these days in his furever home with my mother.  He seems to have gotten better-looking each day, and he is known to all in his neighborhood.  He's doing great, just wanted to share his handsome pose, and the good report.  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Beanie Averts a Major Disaster

Sometimes there are reasons for a dog to be with you and no one else.  Beanie is a prime example.  A little history for our newer members.  Beanie was given to rescue just before Christmas Eve 2011 due to dog aggression.  Because this is near me and It was so near the Holiday, I agreed to take him for the weekend as I didn't think it would work to have a dog aggressive dog with five Bostons at home. To make a long story shorter, turns out he is not dog aggressive in the home with the pack, only very high anxiety and never socialized. 

Beanie is still very dog aggressive outside the home - that is one reason he is still here.  But he has turned out to be the best alarm system I could ask for.  Early on, my husband had some health issues and Beanie would know this and bark and bark until I cam e and took care of things.  Two weeks ago, he saved us from a major disaster.  He woke me up much earlier than usual by jumping at the bed and woofing at me - not really a bark but more to get my attention.  Thinking he had to potty, I got up and took all dogs out.  As I did I heard water running - a lot of it.  couldn't find it at first, but Beanie kept going to the basement door.  So I went down there and the boiler to the furnace had ruptured and water was pouring out all over the place.  We were able to turn it off and now have a new boiler but Beanie's early warning system save us a major flood.  We still had a mess to clean up but it would have been so much worse. 

Beanie is hypervigilant all the time but it pays off.  He is such a big lug, and knows when I am sad or when my hubby is not feeling well and brings us his toys - all of them.  He has been know to empty the toy box at my feet in order to make me feel better.  Beanie will be with us always, but he obviously earns his keep! lol.

Joan Stark Ontario NY with Duke, Beanie, Missy and Chelsie.

Pretty Coco Goes to the Vet

Mandy is Living the Great Life With Erin

Mandy is such an amazing girl and im so lucky to have her! She is a great model for dogs with a handicap that have managed to overcome obstacles.

Erin Miller

Friday, May 30, 2014

Flo is Crazy for Springtime

Happy smiley girl-love it!

Foster is Living the Good Life

Emily Tiemann sends these photos of her mom and step dad's Boston Terrier, Foster, who was adopted from NEBTR a few years ago.  Foster is definitely living the good life!

When I Was a Pup

Rocky V Thanks Everyone

Mazy Goes Visiting

Rocky and Robin Share a Bed

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Big Benadryl Thank You.... Marjorie Young. This will last Dobby quite a while! He is doing well, however, while on antibiotics and battling an infection the chemo is hitting him harder than usual. This little boston bull will always come out slugging!
Bless you for all you do! 
Newington, CT

Thanks to Eileen Giltz

Mandy in Her New Home

It's Erin Miller.  I wanted to thank your organization so much for making the exception and letting me have Mandy. She has been such a wonderful addition to my family! Know that she is greatly loved by all! It's wonderful what you all do and the sacrifices you make to save these animals.
Thank you again,
Erin Miller & family
It is us who thank you for the great home you are providing for Mandy. Clearly she is loved and so well cared for.  We're glad we made the exception and would again in a heartbeat if they all went to such wonderful homes as yours.  

Thank you for looking to us to adopt her, being persistent and we would love to work with you again when the time is right for you to adopt again.

Thank you so much and give Mandy hugs and kisses from all of us at NEBTR!  We love the pictures so keep them coming!!

Charlie says Thank You!

Charlie says thank you for the welcome package! We are all very appreciative for the beautiful things you do and the LOVE you share!

Maria & Charlie
Newington, CT

Thanks all of the FB supporters that have contributed to the new foster packages - that is how Charlie is able to get his welcome gifts! Thanks to everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Pangya

Single B/W Female Seeks Love

Hobbies include TV watching, keep-away, nesting, and romps outdoors on beautiful days.  Loves people, animals, and kids. Non-smoker, favorite food is kibble.  Respond to PUKA if you want a lifetime of love and companionship.  

Denice, Jackson, NJ

Caught in the Act

This is why Tuna has gained 3 pounds! She goes on and takes the metal lid off the treat jar, and when it clangs on the floor he comes running. If I'm not watching, she just keeps them coming. And if I'm REALLY not watching, she eats one herself!

VERDICT: Guilty on 5 counts of provoking obesity and 3 counts of reckless treat distribution.


Our Smart Girl Rosie

She is so cute. And she can do tricks. ❤️ Conny McGraw

Wilbur Loves Going for Walks

Jax is in the Driver's Seat

Jax is in the driver's seat - he loves to pose - a total truck dog!

Indigo is Adopted

Indigo just left with his new family,the Hydocks..

Kristin had previously written: " I am already so sad and don't know how I'm going to be when they pull away with him. He is going to a wonderful couple that can't wait until he is with them!  His new mom is an R.N. And his new fur sister has a seizure condition so they have lots of experience in that field.  I will take lots of pictures and post them next week. It has been a long five months but I'm proud of what Tanya and I (and our supporters) did for him and I know he is going to have a wonderful life with this family. I will update soon."

Kristin, many thanks again for all you have done for this wonderful boy!  You truly were his savior!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Handsome Pangya

Foster Wade - the Best Co-Pilot!

Wade is a Back seat Driver...

Wade went in the old pickup truck to get some pavers with Harv. Here are 
the photos from that trip. Chris

What a good copilot :) Erin

Wade is a good helper!!As well as a handsome BT! Joyce

Brendle is Adopted

Brendle has been adopted! The family flew in from Connecticut and are driving back with him today. So happy for him!

Kristy Ieraci

Brendle is on his was home to Connecticut with his new family! They just love him and can't wait to get him home and start his new life. I am so happy for him! I'm going to miss his little under bite :-)

I got this email from Brendle's new mom this morning. They had a long drive from Pittsburgh to Connecticut yesterday. They sent this pic from their drive too. I think Brendle found the perfect family with the Smethhursts :-) 

After a long ride with some stops along they way, we got home just after midnight. Brendle was so good! He laid in his bed the majority of the time. We figure out when he started moving around a lot, he needed to stop to go the bathroom. So he didn't have any accidents either. You were right about dinner- he wanted nothing to do with it. Once we got him home and gave him the tour around he started to get so happy and you could stop his tail from wagging! We played with some toys and he was as happy as can be. Far from the shy boy we met earlier!! He slept great in the crate and not even a peep from him all night. Thank you for taking such good care of him. You were super helpful with all of our questions and I'm sure we will have more along the way!"

Yay brendle! This makes me soooo happy.  Thanks, Kristy, for all that you did for him!  You truly worked wonders for this beautiful boy.

Milly and Clara Are Ready for Their Forever Home

Sadie Mae Enjoys the Sunshine

True to Boston form Sadie really enjoys sunshine.  She loved playing outside today.
Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

Fatty Tuna

Welp, we went for our yearly visit to the doc, and Tuna has gone from a svelte 23 pounds to a portly 26. The vet said he's been seeing a lot of weight gain because it was such a hard winter, but I guess it's time to teach our toddler that dropping her pancakes into his mouth is no longer permitted at the Wiedemann house.

I'm thinking Jane Fonda aerobics tapes?

This is the face of fat-shaming.

Katherine DeCotiis 

Major and Oliver Enjoy the Start of Summer

Danny Enjoying the View

Adorable Pup Spotlight - BUTCH

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spike Gets Gifts

I would just like to say that Spike received a nice package in the mail the other day from Jim & Stacie Kyle from Northfield, NJ.  I set it aside with plans to take a few photos of Spike with the gifts.  Well I went out the other day only to come home and find all the gifts eaten and ripped up.  Anyway, thank you for your thoughtfulness and I am sorry there are no pictures to show.

Linda V.
Elmwood Park, NJ
Foster Mom to Spike

Go Spike, I hope those presents made him happy. The presents are from our many supporters on FB and in our NEBTR volunteers that donate toys and treats for our new fosters and I send them out - you are very welcome - I’ll still post a thank you on FB without a picture - LOL - thats really funny. He must have smelled the bully sticks!!


Happy Gotcha Day Dash

Buster and Bella Have Settled In

Cayo and Lil Meme Are Adopted

Cayo and Lil Meme have been adopted together by Scott and Marcia Schuett, 

Their foster Mom Debbi Stapleton writes, "My sweet foster boys, Cayo and Lil Meme are going to their forever home . I am going to miss them."

"The boys are now with their forever home. Tough day, going to miss those sweet boys.
I already had a text, picture and phone call. Looking forward hearing about their first night tomorrow.


Debbi, you must miss them so much... you did such a wonderful thing for the both of them - letting them be together in your home until the perfect family was found for them... together!!!! They are so lucky to have called you mama!


Pangya says Thank Yu!

Adoptable Pup Spotlight - LANI

Adoptable Pup Spotlight - ZORRO

Tory Says Hi to Sophia

Tell Sophia her sister Tori likes her photo!

Rebecca Bazell