Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wilbur Goes to Thanksgiving at Grandma's

Wilbur got to come to Thanksgiving dinner!  He was a very good boy!  

Morgan Pa

More on Scooby From Abington

Hello all,

Just wanted to update you on my FIRST Foster, Scooby. I pulled him at 2:45 pm on Wednesday from the Montgomery County SPCA in the snow! His owner was dying, so her family dropped him off with 2 other dogs. He came with no paperwork, but he is making monumental progress!!!

He is eating his new food (grain free Blue Buffalo), snoozes (or should I say snores) on my couch most of the time. He sleeps in his bed at night (crate was NOT something he is comfortable with at all - would howl endlessly). He is so sweet and gives lots of Boston kisses! He's been a dream come true (so I hear) for a foster. He doesn't like being alone, though, so we are working on that. He barks a lot when I first leave. I have left for 30 minutes at a time and when i get back he is still barking :-(


Since he is not OK with a crate, I "penned" him in my kitchen while I went to family for Thanksgiving dinner. I came home to a CLEAN KITCHEN!!!!! No messes!!!! and he was sleeping in his bed!!!! No barking!!! I felt TERRIBLE leaving him since he is so new, but I have to get him to learn it's OK to be home alone and that I will be coming back.

He goes to the vet on Monday for his wellness check and once we get blood work back, he will be getting neutered. Honestly, I think he could be totally adoptable after his adjustment with me. He's such a sweet boy, has very low energy, but listens pretty good, good on a leash, but with some more training, should be able to know simple commands. (Haven't tested this yet as I wanted to let him settle for a week.)

Enjoy the pictures! He loves getting his ears scratched! Working on getting the video of him playing off my phone. File size issues... UGH!

Sarah Rogers

Sarah, thank you so much for taking in this beautiful boy and for loving him when he needed love the most!

Welcome New Foster Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman has arrived!

He comes from a nice home, where he was treated well, and loved. His
only fault was he was too wild for the smaller children in the house.
Troy just turned on year as of this month. Full of excitement and
energy packed into a 12 (guesstimate) pound body.
SUPER Lovable.

Help me to be strong....he's a keeper! :)

Chris & Troy Aikman

Remy Thanks Liz Lewis Fee

Thank you Liz Lewis Fee for the yummy Wellness Treats!!!  You are my special "Giving Fairy" because you are always thinking of me and buying me toys and treats and posting nice comments about me.  Even though I've been in foster care for awhile waiting to find my forever home you always make me feel special.

Lots of Love and Kisses,
xo Remy xo

Byron and Baxter Are Adopted

The day is here, my wonderful boys Baxter and Byron, or Little B and Big B, are being adopted! I am so happy for them, I honestly didn't think it would happen.
What a bitter sweet day, we truly love them and they became part of our family. They will be missed greatly.

Thank you once again everyone.
You all do amazing selfless hard work. Thankful you let me be a part of it.

Here they are with their Mom and Dad, the Upsalls.
Yes tears flowed, but mostly happy ones.
So thankful for awesome people giving beautiful seniors a chance.

Townsend, MA

Much much love and happiness boys!!  Great work!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Skittles Diet from Linda Antonelli

Skittles wants Snow!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pangya and sister Lily

Jelly Bean Says Thanks to All

Here's Jelly Bean with her wish list boxes.

Bruce Crelin

Snow Fall

My little Aoki watching the snow fall. :)

Chris C.
Arendtsville, PA

Molly Gets What She Wants!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Schnaak Pups

Foster failures Spot, Grimm (fka "Tigger) with sister Dolly are thankful to NEBTR for rescuing them and blessing them with a warm lap and full bellies this Thanksgiving, and wish all of you a happy, warm, and healthy Thanksgiving.

New Foster Scooby

Here is 9 year old Scooby, saved today by Bonnie Towner and Sarah Rogers, at the Abington, Pa. SPCA shelter, for NEBTR.

Sarah will be the foster mom, and we thank her for opening her heart and home to this beautiful boy.

Wilbur Got a Gift

Thank you Duke family for the kong cozie!  Wilbur doesn't play much with toys but took a liking to this!  Thank you for thinking of him!

Morgan Pa

Giant Dog Bed for Winston and Daisy

Anyone else have a cozy sac? It's pretty much like a giant size bean bag chair for people that can be used like a bed or molded like a couch or seat...whatever you desire...or if you're Sir Winston and Daisy Mae a giant dog bed! =) love these two so much! ♡
Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!!! And please if you're giving your babies any of your thanksgiving meal be sure to make sure it's doggy friendly!
Courtney kautz
Harrisburg PA

Nine Months With Buddy

Sunday was Buddy's 9 month gotcha-versary!!! I miss Mr Grumps and his mood swings, lol. But I'm lucky enough to hear about them every day — with Strausie Stephens.

Happy Thanksgiving

Let us be thankful for good friends, loving families, mouth-watering food, and last, but certainly not least, Boston terriers.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Shela Walton

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pangya loves Turkey!

More on Juneau

This is Juneau my new foster. He was left outside tied to a pole in the cold, his water bowl was frozen. He is safe and warm now. He makes me laugh. Like a kid on candy. He will make a fantastic forever friend. How stinkin cute is he?

Jill Charles

Baking Cookies for the Furkids

Pumpkin peanut butter dog biscuits .
2 1/2  cup whole wheat flour
2 eggs
1 cup canned or fresh pumpkin
3 tablespoons peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
bake at 350 about 12 min or until golden
makes about 40

Tammy Galvavky

Say a Prayer for Zeus

Zeus, the gentle giant shown above with his boy, is facing very serious health issues.  Please remember him and his family.

Goldie Wants to Play

Since Goldie introduced herself to the pack, I let her come and keep us company. First thing she did was get her toy out of the crate and bring to me to throw. She kept it up for about an hour. I was tired but she wasn't.  This little girl would make a wonderful companion for an active senior. She is so cute. Very vocal too.  How could you say no to this face?

Joan, Ontario, NY.

She sure fell rght out of the cute tree and hit every branch!!  Love her!!  - Denice

Wow she's fantastic and I couldn't agree more that she would make a wonderful companion for anyone . - Bonnie

New Foster Murphy

Murphy just arrived and boy what a sweetheart he is!  He's a 3 yr old Boston mix. He's understandably scared right now.  He loves to sit on laps and just really wants To be around people.

Canonsburg, PA

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Tuttle

A dog arrived the other day, came to the world in the usual way.
If "the other day" was November 26th, 2010, and "the usual way" was through the Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue and Linda Antonelli.
That was then.This is now.

 Archibald Harry Tuttle

Rocco and Sara and Family

Caius is Adopted

Ciaus was adopted last night ! His name is now Winston :) He is Living in PA and has a wonderful new mom and dad. He is the only dog so he will be showered in love and attention which is perfect for him. He always needs to be the center of attention!

Amanda Unger
Wyomissing, PA
Current fosters: Vegas, Zoey, Omar

Great job Amanda!  Thank you for all your love and care and for finding the perfect family for him!

Squirt Living Large

Monday, November 24, 2014



Boston Terriers on a Scooter

Penny is Adopted

This lucky Penny just got even luckier! She found her furever home today!!!! :)
Jeanine Sicinski
Allentown, Pa

Congratulations to all!  They look so happy!  I can already tell they are in love with her and there will be a fight for who gets to sleep with her first LOL Great job in finding her a forever loving home.

Ultimate Women's Expo

Yesterday was our big event in Rochester, NY , The Ultimate Women's Expo.

I want to thank Joan Stark and Ginny Murphy for helping out. I got to
meet NEBTR's new foster, Goldie---what a cutie.

We made $190.00 but talked to many people. Everyone loved Joan's dogs.
All in all it was a good day.

Thank you again Joan & Ginny.

Betty Ann

Rico is Adopted

Rico and his new Mom Lauren! Great adoption weekend.

Puka Loving Her Forever Boy

Definition of Success

New Foster Goldie

I picked up Goldie from her owner on Saturday morning. She is a sweet girl and is so happy to have human attention.

 She is a little thing and very vocal when she wants something. She has taken to my pack (she got out of the gate, and I found her sleeping with Duke) and just wants to sleep for now. She did not have a coat or sweater, although came with her food, bowls, and crate with her bed. Our first stop was to get her a coat. Of course, it had to be gold to match her name.

Will keep you posted.  Joan, Ontario, NY

She is a sweet-faced little beauty, thanks for helping her.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Frank and His New Family

Just wanted to share! Frank is loving his new family! He loves the couch and Sam the 9 month old Boston! There was a video of Frank and Sam but it says it would be too big to upload!

Katelyn L.

Wilbur Tucked Himself In

Leslie Kaucic