Saturday, December 14, 2013

Secret Santa visits Zeus

Secret Santa visited Zeusy today!
His new coat fits his strapping body perfectly!
Thank you so much Santa!

Jerrilyn Walter
New Rochelle, NY

What a looker!  And now a well dressed one!

Tilly's Secret Santa

My very sweet foster girl Tilly, former  PA puppy mill mama, would like to thank her Secret Santa, Kim Luongo.Tilly pulled the blanket out of the box herself and began to snuggle. The sweater was a perfect fit. Thank you and Seasons Greetings to our NEBTR family.

Dooley's Secret Santa

Today another 2 packages arrived for Dooley. Some of his favored toys were in there. He could hardly wait to get into them lol. 
His very favored toy in the world seems to be to long cozy's. As you can see that is the one he got out first lol. 
And if you look at the last pic you can see even I got a present. The cutest slippers ever!! Thank you form the both of us, Secret Santa ❤️

Conny and Dooley

And Dooley Writes,

Hello all,
Here is Dooley speaking. Mommy is suffering from Santa overload. So I hads to kick Foster Mommy of the Puter and take it over. (Foster Mom says she very sorry for the confusion)
We gots 2 secret Santas today.
A box from Santa Jill and a box from Santa Amanda.
Woof and slurps
thank you, and licks to all that send me such lovley gifts. I’m very blessed that I’m showered with so many gifts and love by everyone in this group
I loves all my gifts and snacks.
Dooley, aka Doodles, aka Doodelishes.

Jack loves his sweater and toys!

Jack is so fortunate to have more secret Santa gifts from Kristin Pageau!  Thank you for the great toys and warm sweater.  With this freezing weather in NY he will get a lot of use out of it. 

Meet Foster Jax

Ajax and Me.

Dubois pa

He's adorable! Thank you for helping another dog in need.

Bookers Secret Santa Rocks!

Booker got his second Secret Santa box today and it is awesome! Courtney and her family are amazing. Booker got a new bed, a blanket and a ton of new toys, he loves everything! Booker is going to save these new things for his big day, which is coming soon! We will share more about that later.....
Thanks, again, Courtney and family!!!

~Liz and Booker~
Newtown Square PA

Hamilton's Secret Santa

Secret Santa gifts from Padi Hallam arrived today for Hamilton! WOW, 
this is the highlight of his fostering so far. He's not sure why, but 
he sure is glad it's for HIM! :)


Chris & Hamilton

Patsy's Gifts

Patsy received another Amazon package.  And to her delight, she received more treats!!!  Thank you Anthony P. Costine for spoiling her rotten with all your packages of goodies!

Thank you,
Patti M

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thank You to Santa from Jack

Jack is so fortunate to have more secrete Santa gifts from Kristin Pageau!  Thank you for the great toys and warm sweater.  With this freezing weather in NY he will get a lot of use out of it.

Christine Morse

Madison Thanks Santa

Madison can't wait to get into this box of presents from her Secret Santa.

Thanks Santa.

Renzo is Adopted

Renzo went to his new home yesterday in NY with the Higgins family.  Here is a picture of him (on the right) and his brother Murphy.  They played all day together and he is very happy having another young dog his age to romp around with.  Good luck Renzo!

Carrie Cranmer

Congratulations Carrie, and thanks for everything you did for Renzo!

Jenny Says Thanks to Santa

Our lovely foster J. received a package from her secret santa today! She got the most wonderful harness and a great chewie, she's so happy!!!! Thanks Santa!


Rocky and Robin Say Thanks to Santa

Hi Everyone!

Rocky and Robin are such lucky boys! They received more gifts from

Robin says Thanks to Santa Charlene Reeves, who sent nice tennis balls,
cookies and a bully stick! Yummy and stinky, those bully sticks!!

Rocky is really feeling the love....he received a new collar, a
sweatshirt to wear and yummy Salmon treats and some chewies! The alien
pull toy is something that all of the dogs can grab a leg and have a
great tug o war!! Thanks to Secret Santa Alexandra Cabrera!!!

Once again, I cannot express how thrilled I am to be affiliated with
NEBTR! You are all amazing people!!

Happy Holidays!

Loretta Dolan
Manalapan NJ

Flo's Visit From Her Secret Santa

To Linda Kostora and Boo!

Thank you!!! Flo is very touched!

Marty and Daisy

Butch's Secret Santa

Butch received his presents yesterday from his Secret Santa.  Here are some pics from Butch opening his gifts.  

Jess and Butch

Marty and Friend

I love his smile!! Here he is with my daughter Meagan.


Does Your Dog Need a Coat?

Winter Sweaters & Coats - Does Your Dog Need Them?
From : Dr. Jon, Dog Crazy Newsletter


If you've ever seen your dog shivering from the chill of a winter day you know that a little extra protection from the cold certainly couldn't hurt. When we get cold, we don't hesitate to put on a sweater or jacket. Why should it be any different for our dogs?

Some dogs need more protection than others. Your dog's ability to withstand cold temperatures could depend on his age, his breed, his size and even his heritage.

Many dogs are extremely uncomfortable when exposed to cold winter temperatures. That's especially true for small dogs, thin dogs and dogs whose fur is not as thick, long and heavy. Older dogs, sick dogs and dogs with arthritis or joint pain also have more trouble dealing with cold weather. 

Adapting to climate change is not always easy for a dog. If you've moved from a warm climate to a colder climate, the temperature change can be very difficult for your dog.

If your dog is reluctant to go outside on a cold or snowy day, chances are a warm sweater or jacket may be just the thing. Winter boots can also help safeguard your dog's paws from harsh snow, salt and ice.

Dogs will curl up in an attempt to conserve body heat, but that only goes so far – especially for small and thin dogs. Many dogs benefit from wearing a sweating during winter months, even when they are indoors.

Until next time, Dr. Jon

Stella's Christmas Video

Let It Snow

Roxy and Mugsy Can't Wait for Santa

Karen Rittenhouse:

Mugsy & Roxy (former NBTR foster) can't wait for Santa.

Big Thanks from Buddy

Wow - the Secret Santas have been so wonderful and generous.  We'd like to thank Melissa, Liam and Reily McGinn and Cindy (Bobersky), Jerry and Rooney for the peanut butter filled bones and to Susan Strohm for the Chicken treats.  Buddy is one happy boy :-)

Merry Christmas !!
Loree, Skeeter and Buddy
Dryden, NY

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hamilton likes tug of War!

Otis and Uncle Fester Say Thanks

 Otis, Ralphie, Toby, Uncle Fester (he seems bored), Dixie, Bogart, & Ava

 Uncle Fester on right with Toby

 Ralphie, Toby, Uncle Fester
Otis and Ralphie

Thanks and warm wishes from Otis and Uncle Fester to their secret Santa's and have a happy holiday.
The Festa's

Ace Thanks Santa

Hello our foster Ace would like to thank Loretta and Buster, Wally and Zoey, and Angelique and Ray for such thoughtful gifts! Although he is from a puppy mill and does not quite get the concept of playing with a toy or taking a treat yet, I know he will soon! He has come around so much in so many other ways in just three weeks and I have high expectations for him.

Thank you for thinking of him this holiday season.

Kendra Michael in West Reading, PA with Rana, Murdoc and Foster Ace!

You're  Welcome Kendra.  He is a very lucky pup to be with you.  I am sure given some time he will come around and learn to play.  We adopted our Zoey from NEBTR a year ago this past October.  She was a scared little girl when we got her.  Today she is a lovy little sweet heart. full of confidence and love…  Best of luck with Ace he is a beautiful boy.  I am he with flourish with love and affection 
Happy Holidays 
Loretta Miner , Zoey , Buster and Wally :-)


He rests while we watch the sing off.
Dubois pa

Ahhh! contentment…

Patsy's Secret Santa

Oh, boy!!!  Another Amazon package came for Patsy.  She gets so excited when I put the package in front of her.  More treats from Anthony P. Costine.  Thank you Anthony for spoiling her!
Thank you,
Patti M
Verona, NJ

Bruno Thanks Santa

Talk about lucky dogs....Bruno not only got his perfect forever home,
but a Secret Santa as well!
Thank you Rita Weeks and Thai the Boston! Woof!

Chris & Hamilton

Robin and Rocky's Secret Santa

Hi Everyone!

Rocky and Robin received their Secret Santa Gifts today!

Rocky wants to thank Paul Tortora for the MOST comfortable bed an 
ol'man could ever love! You can tell by his face that he really is 

Robin loves his naughty and nice stuffed toys and carried them around 
for about an hour! He loved the bacon roll, and tried to bury it on 
the couch! You can see how please he is with all of his nice gifts! 
Thank you Santa!!

I can't express how great it is to be with such a wonderful group of 
caring, kind, and generous people! NEBTR is simply the Best!

Happy Holidays to all!!

Loretta Dolan
Loredo Boston Terriers
Manalapan NJ

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rocco Says Thanks to Santa

Thanks again Secret Santa. Since Rocco received his gifts, the Kong has not left his side. He carries it with him everywhere!!!! He is in heaven.I think he likes it more than food.Thank you so much. Rocco