Saturday, September 3, 2011

Update on Mami

Tammy Trivelpiece, Mami's dedicated and fabulous foster mom, reports on Mami's progress. Tammy notes, "Mami is still going stong. We keep her as comfortable as possible and give her lots of love. She is such a good girl. Knows her routine, loves to play with her stuffy as long as we hold it in front of her. (LOL) Otherwise she has no idea where the heck it is.

Obviously she will continue to have good days and bad. This week, has been a bit better for her. My husband spoils her rotten. He will take her out in the large area where the other dogs are not allowed and will let her wander around the grass for as long as she wants. Then when he brings her in he will sit on the floor with her and rub her belly.

Not that I don't spoil her, but I think she likes her time with him because its usually around 9 pm when its a bit cooler and not so hectic."

Mami was a recent featured Chip-In dog. NEBTR received an email from ACCT in Philadelphia about a dog that was surrendered. She was definitely an urgent case because she was estimated at 10 years old, blind with sores all over her body. There is no way she would have made it out of the shelter. Our volunteers quickly jumped in and our hard working Intake volunteers found someone to pull her right away. Then Tammy stepped forward to foster her knowing that she will probably be a permanent foster and would be at her home for whatever time she had left.

Mami was taken to vet and she was a real mess, most likely from years of neglect. Just by looking at her there was no doubt this sweet girl was not living a comfortable life of love and care. She had sores and growths all over her body and her nails were so long they were curled up into her pads. The vet confirmed that she is blind, nearly deaf, the second worst case of hips they’ve ever seen, bad knees, missing teeth and we were sad to hear that her white blood cell count is extremely elevated.

After all the pain she has suffered through, she was worthy of every penny, and because of NEBTR volunteers like Tammy and her husband, Mami is knowing love for the first time in her life.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oliver Goes to His Forever Home

Oliver my 10 year old foster that has been with me since May went to his new Home with Henry and Beverly Atwell a wonderful Senior couple in Cold Brook, NY. They report he is doing great and appears very happy and content. He has full run of a 12 room home in a pretty rural setting and they are enjoying truly enjoying his company. He is being spoiled and treated like the king he is with their constant companionship. This is a great match! I am so happy for him!!!

-- Jami Gonyea

Here's what Oliver said about himself before being adopted:

I find myself in rescue because my former owner is relocating out of the country. I grew up a city kid in NYC but I was able to fit right in up here in rural Central NY without skipping a beat.. I'm a pretty darn handsome guy (wait until you see my smile- it's what I'm known for) and according to my foster mom, I'm an endearing little soul. I'm affectionate and oh boy do I adore belly rubs! I'm a good mixture of energetic and laid back. I love to play with toys and promise you'll find my silly antics entertaining. I'll happily go at it all by myself but would be thrilled to have you join in my play. I like walking, hiking, wandering about in the yard and car rides. Especially to that place that gives you the cold, white stuff in a bowl with a dog biscuit on top. My foster mom gets hers in a cone but she says mine is called a "Doggie Dish"- love it I do! Nothing high maintainance here though- I also enjoy lounging about and will curl up on the couch next to you, in one of my dog beds, or in a nice, sunny spot and nap the day away.

I get along fine with other dogs- I don't really play with them but their company is nice. I also have no problem being an only dog as my focus is truly on you and I like yours on me. Cats don't seem to phase me. I am a good watchdog with a convincing bark if need be and will keep an eye on the door for you.

I am fully vetted, healthy, and in great physical shape. I consider myself an athlete- if they gave medals for skipping the steps and jumping up on the deck, I know I would take home the gold. My only health issue is cataracts. My vision is limited but it doesn't limit me. Except for the blueish color of my eyes , you would hardly even notice as I get around great and adapt well to new surroundings, I currently have eye drops which bring down the inflamation and I sit like a good boy for them. No one ever guesses my age correctly when looking at me and my foster mom says if she didn't have my birth records she would think I was much younger. I just turned 10 on May 31st- but they say that 10 is the new 5 folks.

I mind exceptionally well and am completely housetrained/no accidents. No separation issues. One request though- No small children, please- the loud, screechy voices, flailing limbs and lack of predictability make me super nervous and visibly uncomfortable- I prefer to just stay away from them. I like all adults, well behaved older children, and teens that I have met though and I am happy to interact with them.