Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thought For The Day

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli


Update on Bella Boo


Nadia Bolalek:
Bella Boo is the BESTEST!! We love love love her and she has been an amazing help to our senior BT Xenie who I know was deeply saddened when our Emmy went to the Rainbow we all were...Love all what NEBTR stands for and we will surely work with you again - you are all amazing!!! Best wishes!!!!

Thought For The Day

Gizmo is Adopted




Hi everyone,
Gizmo was adopted by David and Jill Frank of Long Island, NY on Friday. He is already checking out his new home and trying to sleep in bed with his new brother, Jack, a 12 y/o deaf Jack Russell.
This was an awesome match and I think Gizmo and the Franks will be an amazing family!
Raelynn & Teasha


Special thanks to Raelynn and Teasha for fostering this beautiful boy and for finding the perfect forever home for him!  They all look very happy.  Thank you for the great job you have both
done with Gizmo.

Friday, August 9, 2013

No Wonder She's Smiling!

Happy 10th Birthday Wilbur



Guess who turned 10 years old today! He may have a lot of grey but he still has the freaking energy of a puppy (god help me!). Happy Birthday to Da' Wilbs!


Jodi Groff

Rocky II is Adopted








Meet Rocky! He is our foster dog through Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue.

Rocky was our foster for the summer after he was surrendered by his owner of seven years.  He was the first vegetarian dog I have ever met!  Rocky's owner went through tough times and Rocky acted out.  Maria in CT was so kind to take him into her home and care for him.  When my former foster Jack Flash was adopted, Rocky was transported from CT to Philly and he stayed with my husband and I for the summer since we don't have a dog and Rock is no-dogs. 

Rocky seemed very anxious at first so we just "let him be" for awhile and stuck to the schedule that Maria had created for him.  I spent hours playing ball with him every morning and night since he had a lot of pent-up anxiety and lots of energy.   Each week we could see the layers peel back as Rocky became a calm, relaxed, playful, obedient, and affectionate dog.  My husband and I agreed a long time ago that we wouldn't let a dog sleep in our bed, but one morning we woke up and Rocky was at the foot of the bed UNDER the covers - and got there without waking us up!  We cracked up and that was that - Rocky was there to stay.  He trained us as much as we trained him :)  He gave us a lot of good laughs over the past few months with his funny personality and little quirks. 

We absolutely love Rocky and he was adopted into a wonderful home. They promised me multiple times that they would give Rocky the best home.  We will miss him, but we feel that he is exactly where he belongs.  They already texted me a photo of him and said that they are playing ball.  Sounds like Rocky is settling in already.

Thank you to Maria for caring for him and giving me so much support with Rocky! And thank you Lisa for transporting Rocky!! 

He is a funny dog with a big personality. We have loved our time with him and will miss him greatly.


Erin Fay


Erin, what a beautiful update.  I am sure you miss Rocky terribly but what an amazing thing you did for this little guy.  He sure is an gorgeous little Boston too.  Thanks for sharing this heartfelt story.  Thank you for caring for him and finding his furever family.  He is going to have a great life thanks to you!

Oh Happy Day

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Bea Celebrates Shark Week



It's shark week so Bea is celebrating in the best way. After parading around the house, she will curl up and fall asleep in her costume. She also needed a drink after a rough day. :)

Raelynn Zappulla

Update on Daisy


Here is daisy in her foster home. Charlene sent me a quick update to report she is doing well, and is VERY well loved. She is even getting better with her separation anxiety!

Thanks all!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Sad Reality

Helen Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Helen, formerly Darla,  was a grand old lady that came into foster care with Carolyn McCarthy in 2010. 





She was known as Darla then, but was very fortunate to be adopted by Maureen Rostad, where she lived out the rest of her life with love and caring. 


Maureen wrote us,

I'd like to let you know that we had to put Helen to sleep today due
to advanced kidney failure.  She was a great dog and she will be very
much missed.


Our sympathy goes out to you, and thank you for making her last years the best she ever knew.

Porter is Adopted

Porter had a very big day recently.  It was his 9th Birthday!! It is also his Meet & Greet with his potential Adopter.

Oh meeting a potential adopter on your birthday - SCORE!



What a Happy Birthday for Porter, he got a new Dad, Joseph Levinson!! He is off to live in NYC and take a ferry to work every day. He will be the new office Mascot. Everyone is so excited to meet him!

Porter immediately took to his new Owner and of course, it was love at first sight, as Porter is so very handsome.
Porter did a great job, demonstrating all his skills & tricks: he went into his Sherpa bag, crate, harness, and even went on a walk. No anxiety at all. Jumped right into the car, got in his crate and off they drove...
Despite the mischief this little guy caused us the last 2+, my partner & our daughter are sobbing our eyes out...
Jenn  Hanly
Thank you, Jenn for all that you and your family have done for Porter!!

Mandy’s Adventure


Hi all,

Mandy had her first hike through the woods yesterday.  She has gone on paved/gravel trails but this was something new and she seemed to really enjoy it!  She kept moving right along over logs through creeks.  She still gets scared when we see someone but she's doing great!  She even walked willingly with me down to the basement, out to garage, and hopped in the car!  She's gettin the hang of this!



Wonderful news Leslie. She looks quite relaxed. You are doing wonders with her.
Awesome job!!

Happy Shark Week


NEBTR at the BT Specialty Show


We were at a dog show on Saturday and Sunday in Exton, PA.  Cynthia Musselman was there with her famous wine jellies.
We had quite a few Boston Terrier items on a table for silent auction. It was very successful we made $610.00.
Thanks to Cynthia and her jellies and the silent auction.

Sheryl Trent and myself got to  meet, Lisa Vaughan, Dawn Stone and Robyn Seely and her husband. Craig Musselman was also there with "Roxy" their new foster.  It was great to see Terri Anderson again.

I want to thank all who came to pitch in and help.
You’re all simply the best.

Victoria Carter

Update on Fosters Pablo and Chicki





Hi everyone,

An update on Pablo and Chicki and the gang.

General Hospital has nothing on us!

Papi gets three different eyedrops morning and evening, and two different eyedrops in the afternoon, plus high blood pressure medicine for his eyes at night.

Pablo has yeast in his ears, and gets oral medication twice a day, plus his ears cleaned and ear drops twice a day.

Pablo and Chicki are both being treated for intestinal worms, so they get a pill in the morning and at night, plus powder in their food in the evening.

Tara is her usual low-maintenance self.

Papi is the king of the rollover ("rub my belly), and you'll see that Pablo has been an astute student of Papi's ways...

Photos of Pablo and Chicki attached....

Deb Dolan

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What A Big Baby.....

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Update on Baby, now Bebe




Thanks so much for remembering our "anniversary." Baby--we call her Bebe--continues to be the light of our life. She is the sweetest soul, gets along with our three complicated cats and every person who walks through the door (she's not a watch dog, for sure). Every night when I come home she greets me, tail wagging, with a soggy toy on her mouth.  That same soggy toy goes on walks with us and she has become  famous in the neighborhood for striding down the street, stuffed bone in mouth. When my father was in hospice she sat on his bed day after day, a huge comfort to us all. Her eyes are still bad--I don't know how much she sees--but she accepts her medications patiently.

It's hard to imagine life without Bebe. Thanks you so much for bringing us together.


Ridgely Ochs  

Jax Makes Progress


Oh my. My husband just told me he was a "dog savant"! Seriously? He has pizza crust in his hand....
What's really cool about this pic is that foster Jax ( left) is sitting that close to his sisters and food is around. This is very new.... This is very good....


Monday, August 5, 2013

Leash Organizer from Walmart


Modeling our new leash/collar organizer is Otis. Please note this fashionable doggy accessory organizer can be found at the local Walmart for $9 and was mislabeled as an "over the door shoe organizer". The lovely mesh front allows the humans to know exactly which items are stored in the pockets. It is also convenient for storing spare bandanas and refuse containment receptacles or as we like to call them - poop bags!

This is a lovely and cheap alternative to products specifically marketed toward "pets" and particularly households with several fashion conscious dogs who require multiple wardrobe options (Scout I'm talking to you).
We would love to see how you organized your pets accessories!
Sarah et al

Improve Your Life

Lovable Mickey Would Like His Own Family

Mickey age 6 is one of our sweetest rescues ever! He must leave our home soon, my entire family is falling in LOVE! We have way too many paws already, he enjoys dogs, ignores the cats and children 10 or older preferred.

Thank you, Maria Pastuszak, for providing a loving foster home for Mickey.

Jack Chilling

fritz chilling

Denise Clayton:


Our boy Jack (Fritz) chillin with our girl Ellie

Update on Buster

Buster Day two with Maggie May
Buster Mag and Nikki
Buster wants in

I love my little Buster Boy and he loves me. He gets along with all my dogs and is having lots of fun.
See some pictures above.

Janet Hassell
They are all so cute together Janet!!
What a great life Buster has now!



Hi everyone, I am feeling pretty bummed today because my Foster Frito is sick. I found this photo, and it made me laugh, so I thought I would pass it along. This is my personal dog, The Baron Von Howitzer, Lord Derpington, "Howie" my deaf Boston. He loves visiting the dog park and doggy play dates :) just look at his face.

Have a great day everyone!
Erin Sullivan

Where Is He?

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good Training Advice

The Dog Will Always Pay. 

It is the most loving, rose-coloured glasses owners who one day, can tolerate their monsters no more. They will have ignored all the warning signs, dismissed all training advise, and then when they find themselves in hot water, will have their dog turfed from their home lickety split. 

That dog has now had years rehearsing bad habits, will have no life skills that are needed in a new home, and will somewhere along the way develop separation anxiety as he gets bounced from placement to placement. His life will get way worse once he is turfed. 

So I ask, please, please look at your dog. Honestly see what you are creating, and if you are raising a baby monster, please go to training classes and do your homework. Listen to the warnings that your trainer gives you, and listen to the warnings that your dog gives you too. 

Just because your dog has only ever growled or snarled does not mean that they will not bite. It only means that they have not bitten YET. They will increase. This isn't a 'maybe', it is a guarantee. If you keep doing what you have always done, your dog WILL increase.

Avoiding situations is fixing nothing except allowing your dog to mature and get emotionally stronger. 

Please don't make your dog pay for your lack of guidelines and tolerance. Monstrous Behaviour (aggression towards family members and the like) is never okay. Even though you might not mind it today, you might despise him for it this time next year. You owe him training, now, before you emotionally disengage from him.

Give your dog the time and effort that he deserves. Even if you decide you don't want to keep him, train him so that somebody else can have a chance to love him, and so that he can have a chance to live the remainder of his days out in his next home, rather than being bounced.

Monique Anstee
Victoria, BC

Caring For Your Handicapped Dog

How to Take Care of a Handicapped Dog

— by Deborah Braconnier, Demand Media
    Whether your dog is approaching his senior years and facing health complications, was in an accident or was born with a disability, caring for a handicapped dog requires special considerations, additional patience and lots of love. With a few adaptations and quality care, a handicapped dog can lead a healthy and happy life.
Attend regular vet checkups with your dog to evaluate his disability and check on general health. Follow vet recommendations and administer medications daily as directed. If your dog requires specific adaptive equipment, your vet will be able to assist in finding the necessary items.
Go through your home to make sure it's safe for your dog. For example, blind dogs are unable to see possible dangers in their path. If you have a stairway in your home, use dog or baby gates to block the stairs and avoid possible accidents. If your dog has paralysis or leg weakness, getting up or walking on tile or hardwood floors may be difficult. Place random throw rugs or fit your dog with non-slip socks to provide traction. If your dog requires adaptive equipment, such as a wheelchair, look through your house to ensure your dog can move with his chair.
Check your dog’s body for injuries on a daily basis. This is especially true in dogs with paralysis. Loss of feeling means they might not know when they're injured. Immobility or incontinence can lead to sores. Seek veterinary care if you see sores or injuries. To help prevent injuries, keep your dog’s living area free of objects that can cause accidents. For dogs who drag their hind legs, consider covering the area with bandages or dog clothes to reduce skin damage.
Provide assistance when needed. Blind dogs may need help finding their food at mealtime. Dogs with leg weakness may need assistance getting up and walking. Use a sling or other adaptive device to assist them.
Keep your dog’s surroundings as familiar as possible. Try to avoid moving furniture or food and water bowls to avoid confusion or complications for your pup.
Use dog diapers for dogs that have bladder and bowel control issues. Change diapers frequently. Clean any urine or feces off your dog immediately to reduce risk of infection. If accidents occur, clean and disinfect surfaces.
Help your dog live as normal a life as possible. Regardless of the disability, regular exercise is necessary for optimal health and weight management. Talk to your veterinarian about the best possible forms of exercise for your dog. Adapt playtime to his disability.


When her back is not turned this is our stubborn but incredibly loving girl, she gives kisses all day long!

When Maya does not want to listen, this is what she does! It reminds me of my teenager daughter! They have so much in common, she is a special girl ready for a forever home, no children, dogs or cats!

Thank you, Maria Pastuszak, for fostering Maya and so many other Boston Terriers until they find the perfect families and new homes.