Saturday, June 18, 2016

This is How I Watch a Parade...

You Want Me to Do What? Wake Up?

Make What Bed?

River and Oz

Freddy Mayonnaise in His Natural Habitat

Bosco Goes on a Boat Ride

Ruby, Rascal and Bentley at Doggie Day

Update on Vanessa

New Foster Sweet Pea

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thank You from Dink

Angela, James and Dink

Happy Second Gotcha Day Cooper

June 9 will be 2nd anniversary of my adopting Cooper, who is a wonderful dog and I'm so thankful to have him.  One week ago today Cooper had surgery to remove two small mast cell tumors.  Received the good news yesterday that one was a very low-grade number 1 and the other a number 2, both removed with clean margins.  Good news!  Cooper is recovering well - one week to go and sutures will be removed.

Again, Cooper has blessed my life more than I can say and I'm so grateful and privileged to have adopted him.  Am thankful for the good work that NEBTR does!


Obie's Third Annniversary

Thank you for the e-card.  Obie is doing wonderfully, it's hard to believe we have only had him for 3 years, we feel like he has always been a part of the family.  Obie is such a love bug and he likes to make us happy.  Obie competed in the International Weight Pull Association's championships last month in Grand Rapids, Michigan and took home the gold medal.  We couldn't be more proud of him.  Attached are a few pictures from his big win.  We are moving into our new home this month after spending the last few years in apartments and Obie looks forward to rolling in the fresh grasses in his back yard and enjoying the country life with his brothers.
Thank you for bringing Obie into our lives!

Courtney and Eric Markson

Thanks to Brooke and Carol

GREAT BOOTH!   This is the NEBTR booth at Petapalooza.
Thanks for doing this for NEBTR,  Brooke & Carol!

A Milestone for Finn

Hi everyone,

As I have mentioned before Finn is really fearful of new things. Over the last 2 weeks he has made amazing progress.
He is still young enough at 1.5 years he is still young enough I believe to overcome his past. He is so eager to please. He wants to play so bad. Having 2 other pups under a year in the house he found the puppy play heaven.
Yesterday we wanted to go for a walk. With Finn being afraid of new things I didn't want to push it. But he seems to get so excited when the leashes came out. Since my husband was going with us walking we found him a harness and suited up.
We brought his 2 girlfriends and of to the park.

Now as you can imagine having 3 BT puppies and 1 English bulldog on a walk you get stopped a lot.
This of course was my fear for Finn. I didn't want him to be afraid at all. But guess what he did amazing. People would stop us to pet Livi and Vivi. Finn would just step back, none reactive and watch. He wouldn't approach and engage but he wasn't afraid either.

He had a great time and after a 2 mile walk the kids slept for 15 min before resuming puppy daycare. 😜